summer bod week #12: power through!

one. week. left.  that’s right.  so now’s the time to dig deep and decide how bad you want it (a nice lean summer bod, that is).  whether you’ve been following me through the last 11 weeks or not, i promise you that this week’s workout will rock your body into next week!  don’t think a week can make a difference? i beg to differ.  3500: that’s the calorie deficit you need to have to lose 1 lb.  let me break it down for you.  want to lose 2lbs this week?  it may not sound like a lot but it’s enough to squeeze that sexy booty into those skinny jeans or to make that lean mean set of pecs pop a little bit more as you strut your stuff poolside.  so 2lbs = 7000 calories.  in one week (7 days) that means you need to have a calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day.  don’t starve yourself or go nutso for 2 hours on the cardio – it’s quite easy: eat 500 fewer calories and burn 500 more calories.  not a big calorie counter?  me neither.  just get an idea of what a 1700 calorie diet looks like (from my competition) which would work for most guys trying to lean our – and a 1500 calorie plan which would work for the ladies (don’t go below 1200 ever!).  of course this all depending on your height, weight, etc. so check out these online calculators if you really wanna go crazy on the numbers.  point is this: it’s doable, so hunker down and join me won’t you?

for one week – just ONE WEEK, commit right now to:

  • choose to eat clean at every meal: not just some, ALL.
  • eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day: don’t try skipping meals, trust me it’s worse for you.
  • write down every single morsel that you put in your mouth: little bites here and there add up.
  • spend time this sunday prepping your food for the week: you’ll have no excuses to grab unhealthy grub.
  • forgo alcohol completely: unnecessary calories and it alters the way your body metabolizes food.
  • plan out your workouts ahead of time – the entire week: once you’ve written it down, you won’t want to miss it.
  • schedule time into each day: make it a priority to work out!
  • push yourself hard during your workouts – seriously to the point of exhaustion:

[disclaimer: author is not liable for any resulting physical impairment and/or nausea that may result from the workout listed below, so please proceed at your own risk!]

weekly fitness challenge:  circuits, sand + seriously insane intervals
hopefully you’ve been working your way up to this point – because if you haven’t, you’re in for a lil surprise!  last week was incredibly tough with 50m circuits and some massive cardio sessions.  this is the last week, so we’re going to take it up one more notch, switch things up, get outside a bit, and shock the body one more time.  same split schedule as last week (3 days circuits + 3 days cardio) but the circuit sessions vary a bit with location, duration, and exercise and the cardio varies in intensity.  you should be doubled-over in pain at the end of these workouts so that when you truly earn that “killer” rating.  get yourself geared up this weekend and download some brand-spanking-new music to get you through.  then, you know the drill: 1) crank up the tunes, 2) give 110% the entire time, and 3) torch some massive calories. here’s your week #12 plan:

monday: (sandy*) circuit #13
tuesday:  30 minute jog/run + 20m sprint-walks (preferrably outside; sprint for 30s as fast as you can then turn around and walk back quickly the same distance which should take about 1m and 30s – repeat 10 times. go. all. out!  note: this is after a 30m run so you will be dead. promise!)
wednesday: (gym) circuit #14
thursday: tabata treadmill intervals (for your warm-up!) + row-machine (15m) + stepmill (15m)
friday: (sandy*) circuit #15
saturday: cardio intervals (40-45m) OR spinning class (or other intense class)
sunday: active rest day (beach volleyball, swim, bike, hike, walk, dance…play!!)…and recover!

circuit notes: 
perform exercises #1-10 as a circuit for the 45 minutes, repeating as necessary for the entire time. then do ab exercises #11-12 and cool-down. so for example, you should be able to get through the circuit almost 4 times in 45m…then do abs.  lift moderate weight so you can endure!

*sandy circuit is just that: sandy.  whether it’s a beach, a nearby park, your kid’s sandbox, or an elementary school playground, find a sandy location where you can knock out this workout, but also have access to either cement or grass.  exercises that are intended to be in the sand will be indicated in each workout.  this will provide a new form of resistance and will challenge your muscles and heart rate in a crazy new way.  note: remember to take a resistance band and jump rope!!

(sandy) circuit #13:
only exercises marked with a * are to be done in the sand – all others should be done either on grass or a hard surface…otherwise you’ll be a sandy (and exhausted) mess!

  1. squat thrust (burpee) with push-up* (15)
  2. lateral push-up (15) 
    [start in push-up position then walk your hands to the right and do a push-up, then walk hand back to the left and do a push-up, so go side-to-side working each side of your chest]
  3. bicep curl w/resistance band (15)
  4. walking lunges* (15)
  5. squat thrust (burpee) with push-up* (15)
  6. front raise w/resistance band (15)
  7. jump rope (80s)
  8. tricep dips on either park bench or staircase (15)
  9. sand sprint* – all out! (30s)
  10. bent-over row w/resistance band (15)
  11. plank (3 times, 90s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

(gym) circuit #14:

  1. jump rope (80s)
  2. squat (15)
  3. dumbbell overhead press (15)
  4. jumping jack (15)
  5. lateral push-up (15)
  6. clean & press squat thrust (15)
  7. lateral bench hop-overs (15)
  8. dumbbell curls (15)
  9. jump rope (80s)
  10. dumbbell kickback (15)
  11. crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 25)
  12. side crunches on ab ball (3 sets of 25)

(sandy) circuit #15:
only exercises marked with a * are to be done in the sand.

  1. jump rope (80s) 
  2. lateral push-up (15) 
  3. side raise w/resistance band (15)
  4. squat thrust (burpee) with push-up* (15)
  5. bicep curl w/resistance band (15)
  6. walking lunges* (15)
  7. tricep dips on either park bench or staircase (15)
  8.  sand sprint* – all out! (30s)
  9. row w/resistance band (15) [loop around a pole or post and then sit back into it to work your back with a rowing motion] 
  10. squat thrust (burpee) with push-up* (15)
  11. plank (3 times, 90s each)
  12. side plank (3 times, 60s each side)

[gotta give credit to me here…i came up with the sandy workouts all by myself(!), however credit goes to celebrity trainer t.r. goodman for inspiring it with his killer circuit program from men’s fitness!]

weekly nutrition challenge:  pre- and post-workout fuel
quite possibly the 2 most important meals of the day are those you consume right before and right after your workout.  your pre-workout snack/meal is key to giving you just enough energy to get through it, but not so much that you’re full.  i workout in the morning, so your timing may be different, but here’s what i recommend.  if you’re doing a cardio-only workout, my preference is to workout on an empty stomach which i learned from my girl kim when training for the competition.  when you do cardio on an empty stomach, your body has nothing to burn – so it taps right into those fat stores and starts incinerating fat immediately.  need a little something to boost your energy?  my latest obsession is EBOOST which seriously gives you crazy energy (for only 5 calories) without the crash after, and it packs in vitamin c (which is key to blocking stress hormones/cortisol which turns into fat!) and all kinds of other good stuff.  check them out for more info but all i know is that’s the only way i get through 6am spin on fridays!  ok but if you’re doing any type of strength training you need to feed those muscles before you workout.  an ideal pre-workout meal is low in fat, and a balance of low-glycemic (slow-digesting) carbs and protein.  here are some examples:  protein shake + fruit, protein shake + brown rice cake, greek yogurt + apple, protein pudding + 1/2 banana, sweet potato + cottage cheese.  just to give you a few ideas!  try to keep the calories around 150 but no more than 200 or you’ll feel sick.  try and get this down 30-45m prior to your workout but i admit i’m guilty of downing my protein shake on the way to the gym. [my new love EBOOST has found it’s way into my protein shake and i have a surprise little recipe for you in this month’s e-newsletter coming out next week so make sure you’re on my list to get the low-down].  ok so that’s your pre-workout…

now: your post-workout meal. SUPER important because after a killer workout you have to restore those glycogen stores and feed those muscles so that all the hard work in the gym leads to lean, mean muscles [note: ladies – you will not bulk up. i repeat: you will not bulk up. please review my blog and check out my competition pics to see proof that a chick will NOT bulk up when lifting weights and swigging back protein shakes].  the most important part of your post-workout meal is the protein to feed those muscles – which is why protein shakes are the “whey” to go (ha!).  then you want to add in some complex carbs like whole grains and while i’m not a huge proponent of taking in sugar, now’s the one-time during the day you can add in some fast-digesting (read: sugars) carbs.  i’m not promoting this, but IF you must ever have your little treat-o-fro-yo (i.e. golden spoon – sorry shay, i mean yogurtland!), post-workout would be the best time to indulge (moderately, of course).  the most effective post-workout beverage (research based): non-fat chocolate milk!  supposedly it’s the “perfect” ratio of protein and carbs to refuel your body after a workout.  the important thing: find something that works for you.  but here’s what i have: protein shake with 1/2 banana + oats blended in (try it – it’s good!), oatmeal made with non-fat milk + fruit, egg-white omelette with veggies + whole grain toast, or greek yogurt topped with berries and oats.  the list goes on!   some people swig back a quick protein shake, but like i said i time my meals so that breakfast IS my post-workout meal.  workout in the evening?  plan to have your pre-workout meal about a half-hour to hour before when you’re winding things down at work, hit the gym and then your post-workout meal can be dinner: lean protein + veggies + brown rice or even an egg-white omelette (love me some breakfast for dinner!).  just remember: don’t skip these 2 meals…they are vital to reaching your goals!

so that’s that!  questions? please comment and i’ll be happy to respond!  get ready to power through this next week and finish off this 12-week program with a bang.  i’m right here with you every step of the way.  i’m only a few weeks away from a vacay de mexico so talk about focused!  yeah – i am.  100%. all. in. have a fantastic week…and remember to wipe the sand off your hands before swiping the sweat off your forehead.  rooky mistake.

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  1. 06.19.10 at 9:55 pm

    One week..? Guess I fell off the wagon..but you’re still givin’ me that boost to keep up the good work!

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