lights, camera…fitbook action!

my advance apologies if this blog post is a bit bOuNcY (as in all-over-the-place) because i’m literally so excited that i haven’t stopped doing the happy dance for days!  i shall calm myself momentarily to share the good news.  brace yourself.  are you ready for this? 

fitbook is going to be on TV! 

oh and it gets better.  not just once, but twice.  yeah.  good news came a few weeks back that a show picked up my pitch on a network-i-can’t-disclose (yet), but i’ve been back and forth scheduling filming dates for the past few weeks.  it’s still a bit surreal, and even before the dust had settled i received word from THE andrea metcalf (i.e. healthy living correspondant on the today show and oprah.com, to name a few) that she had featured the fitbook on her weekly fitness segment of BetterTV (as in better homes & garden).  the segment focuses on the tools she recommends to get in shape, and lo’ and behold the fitbook was one of them!  i haven’t heard yet when the air date is, but you can be sure i will share the good news.

why, you might ask, am i blogging just to toot fitbook’s horn?  because this is a perfect example of the importance of writing down goals.  of course i ramble on and on about then when i’m talking about fitbook, because that is the very core of what fitbook is all about.  but this applies to more than just your health and fitness – it applies to your life. 

write it down – make it happen.

when i started fitlosophy a little over 2 years ago i made a list of all the things i wanted to do with the company, aside from changing the shape of america (literally) – which now, by the way has been revised to WORLD.  (hey – i dream big.)  two of my secret personal goals when i started the company was to 1) be on oprah and 2) sell fitbook in 24 hour fitness.  one down, one to go – but i assure you i’ve added to that list.  i even used this fact when i pitched 24 hour fitness on selling fitbook, telling them that selling at their clubs was a primary goal of mine.  quite possibly they gave me a shot because they loved my honesty and forthrightness (or just didn’t want to hurt my feelings!) and now it’s the #1 selling accessory on mystore.24hourfitness.com after the bodybugg.   

now the countdown begins.  i’ve got 1 year and 51 days until oprah’s final show – and i’m not just writing this down on a little piece of paper, i’m sharing this with you in hopes that broadcasting it somehow sends bigger vibes oprah’s way!  now, there’s a little part of me that got excited when andrea metcalf contacted me, knowing that she writes for oprah.com, thinking this was my big oprah break.  then i got to thinking i should have been more specific (the S in writing SMART goals right!) when i wrote down my goal.  i just wrote “be on oprah”.  don’t think for a moment that i don’t believe 100% in my heart that i could be on the show, for what reason i’m not sure, but i believe it!  however,  if my debut on oprah happens to be on oprah.com, well then i will happily check that box on that goal and be grateful for whatever blessings come my way.  but i guarantee that this little lesson for me has solidified for me how crucial it is to put pen to paper (more effective than font-to-screen or thought-to-brain) and write out my future rather than leave it to chance.  of course i have to work my butt off to reach those goals, but the act of physically writing it down makes it that much more real.

those are just 2 little tidbits of all the fitbook action going on around here. i would love to ramble on about all the (latest hungry girl plug, 24 hour fitness expansion, an exciting new retailer coming soon, and upcoming magazine features) – but i’ll spare you.  you read this blog to be inspired.  hopefully through my child-like excitement about starting this little company from a seedling and seeing it now start to blossom, you are somewhat inspired by possibility, that anything can happen, and that if you work hard enough you can be what you want to be.  what did i want to be when i grew up?  from the age of 7 i knew: an entrepreneur.  i had no clue what that looked like or where it would take me (or quite possibly how to even pronounce the word at that age), but here i am.  what’s your passion?  what do you want to be when you grow up?

write it down. make it happen.


5 Responses to “lights, camera…fitbook action!”

  1. 07.23.10 at 12:42 am

    You are proof that hard work, a great product, and goal setting is THE perfect recipe for success…in business and in the gym!

    Congratulations on your success! Watch out Oprah here you come!

  2. 07.23.10 at 5:54 am

    I’m with Joanna here – CONGRATS!

  3. 07.23.10 at 7:17 am

    Yay! I love the progress. Fun to reminisce the beginning days and all the steps made. Love all the great things happening. You deserve it and I love being a part of “changing the shape of America!”

  4. 08.03.10 at 4:57 pm

    Hey Angela-

    Congratulations…TV & more?? Way to go fitbook &

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