BIG news for lil’ junior’s 1st bday!

i’m not a mom (yet), but i sometimes feel as though i can relate to what it feels like to be momma.  take, for example, my two babies: fitbook and fitbook junior.  last year we had a little bash for fitbook to celebrate his 1st birthday: we had our whole team and friends of fitbook who made our first year possible, complete with a fitbook birthday cake, appetizers, and maybe just a little wine to celebrate.  i stayed up the night before making these insanely cute little party favor bookmarks that were red with blue ‘live life fit’ on one side and the timeline of fitbook’s 1st year on the other side.  just like a momma does, i wanted to make sure that fitbook’s first birthday was special to celebrate all the good that had happened in a short period of time, but also create memories for our little team!

fast forward one year.  it’s junior’s first birthday this month.  and the guilt has set in that i somehow neglected to throw junior as extravagant of a birthday party.  now, i know that you’re thinking that i’m crazy – it is JUST a little book that has no feelings.  well welcome to my world – fitbooks are my babies and somehow (i’m not sure how) both have taken on a male persona, which i’m hoping is not a reflection of my future offspring as i would not-so-secretly like to have a little girl to adorn with bows.  that’s neither here nor there.  anywho: just like a new mom somehow conjurs up the energy to throw the most elaborate and perfect 1st birthday ever for the first child, even amidst the sleepless nights, somehow by the second child she convinces herself that maybe they’re too young to know what’s going on anyway.  and then the guilt sets in.

lucky for me, my self-induced guilt trip subsided when we got the news that fitbook junior received the parent tested parent approved seal of approval!  here’s a snippet of WHY this is such big news:

fitbook junior™, the first-ever goal-oriented activity + nutrition journal for children, was among many entries from across North America competing to earn the Parent Tested Parent Approved™ Seal for the Fall 2010 campaign. Because independent parent volunteers evaluate these products in their own homes, PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience – not on commercial considerations. As a result, the Parent Tested Parent Approved™ Seal has quickly gained recognition as an international leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value.

and here’s what i had to say about it:

“We created fitbook junior to provide parents and teachers with a creative way to engage children and promote a healthy lifestyle, while providing a fun, interactive experience for the little ones. Being honored with the PTPA Seal of Approval is a sign that we’re making strides in changing the shape of our world by starting when they’re young,” states founder and chief fitlosopher, Angela Manzanares.

but THIS is why i’m so happy…because fitbook junior WORKS:

According to a research conducted by fitlosophy inc, 87% of parents reported seeing a “noticeable change” in their child’s awareness of eating healthier, choosing more nutritious food, and being more active on a daily basis when using fitbook junior.  “We are thrilled to report the majority of the kiddo’s surveyed described fitbook junior as ‘AWESOME’ and the majority of parents said it was an “educational and effective” tool, giving fitbook junior an ‘A’ when asked to give it a grade,” said Manzanares.

you can read the entire press release online – but i just had to share the highlights.  i have days where i feel like all i do is brag about the accomplishments of fitlosophy and fitbook.  but the reason i do is because, like children, i’m truly proud of the good things both my little ones are doing to change people’s lives.  and so if spreading the word about them helps more people, well then, i shall continue to brag away.

so while junior didn’t have a big bash because this tired momma was busy running the business, i’m fully confident that junior is feeling the love from his BIG win.  from here on out, it’s not just fitbook junior…it’s “award-winning” fitbook junior.  i like the sound of that!  one thing i know for sure: just like kids, the more energy, love, and devotion i give to this little company, it truly gives back ten times more than i could ever expect.

so happy birthday and congratulations little junior…we all at fitlosophy are proud!

with love,


2 Responses to “BIG news for lil’ junior’s 1st bday!”

  1. 08.25.10 at 11:42 pm

    Congratulations on your beautiful, award-winning baby! You should be very, very proud!


  2. 08.26.10 at 4:28 am

    This is amazing! You should be so proud, Mama.

    Looking forward to chatting you on Friday on http://www.CafecitoRadio.com.

    Ana Cabán

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