motivating fitbookers: a must-read!

i must say one of my favorite things about fitlosophy is hearing from fitbookers (the name i lovingly call all those who are part of the fitbook family).  i love getting emails with success stories, hearing new ideas from our fans on facebook (we’ve got  fitbook macgyvers out there!), and receiving random twitter shout-outs from fitbook lovers.  one of the more touching parts of what i do is get really personal and heartfelt messages from people who have questions about their overweight child, their ongoing struggles with weight loss, or sometimes just fitbookers looking for motivation anywhere and everywhere.  so sit back and take it in as i list off some resources to help get (and keep) you motivated. 

NOTE: special thanks to laura w. for inspiring this post with her very relevant question: how do you keep people motivated and engaged in the fitbook for the entire 12 weeks? any suggestions?

before i provide you with some resources to motivate you, i would say that the #1 thing that determines success in using fitbook is to do the hard part up front: the 12-week goal setting.  it’s so much easier to dive in and jot down a few things on the weekly planning – “ok i’ll work out these days, i’ll eat healthy, blah blah blah – let me just track daily!”  there is value in tracking daily, no doubt.  but the fitbook is designed to push you to really put some thought into WHAT it is you want to accomplish and WHY.  here are the 3 elements of the 12-week goal-setting that i think are SO crucial to seeing success with fitbook:

1) set measurable, SMART goals (see below for more on this): where are you now and where do you want to be in 12 weeks.  if you really spend the time thinking about this, it makes you reflect on where you are now and what steps need to be taken to get you there.  don’t overlook this important step!  and likewise, set those weekly goals too.  don’t just skip over that page – there’s a reason that you don’t want to do it (and no, it’s not because you don’t have time): make yourself do the work.  you deserve it.

2) find your WHY.  the little cute red motivation box on the 12-week planning pages is quite possibly the most important.  don’t gloss over this one.  the best way to find your motivation is to ask yourself “why”.  here’s an example of a mental dialogue: “i want to lose 5lbs.” why? “i want to be able to fit in my cute skinny jeans.”  why? “because i want to feel more confident and sexy.” (this could go on forever)  but what you get to is that “WHY” – it’s not about the 5lbs, but taking care of yourself  by working out and eating healthy will together positively contribute to improved self confidence.

3) reward yourself people!  i could go on and on about this (and i do, here).  it’s so important that you really put some thought into an effective reward system that will keep you motivated weekly, and even daily, so that you are working for something.  don’t breeze over this section either.  whether it’s daily rewards (i’ll put $1 in a jar everytime i work out) or weekly rewards (when i reach my weekly goals i’m going to treat myself to a massage) it’s important that you use the weekly wrap-up each week to reward yourself for each little step in the right direction.  trouble using the reward system?  some fitbookers actually like using fitbook junior because of the stickers – hey, whatever it takes!

as promised, here is an article + podcast to motivate and inspire, from yours truly:

fitlosophyze your goals: a guest blog post i wrote for the oh-so-popular MizFit blog – and quite possibly my favorite article of mine on goal-setting and what it takes to reach your goals.  (but that’s just my little humble opinion – you be the judge!)

cafecito con me!: a 20m cafecito (coffee break) podcast with the one-and-only ana caban on setting goals, establishing effective rewards, and the science behind fitbook.

other ways that we at fitlosophy try to keep you motivated: connect with us on our (snazzy new + improved) facebook page, follow us on twitter, sign up for our newsletter, and of course read my blog.  MY goal is this: for you to be successful in reaching YOUR goals.  and be on the watch as we offer upcoming 1:1 fitness + nutrition consultations, for fitbookers only.  coming soon!

so now you know that i’m listening, reach out and tell me how i can motivate, inspire, and take you to where you want to go.  comment below, email me at angela@getfitbook.com, or reach out on facebook or twitter!  i’m listening.

live life fit…


5 Responses to “motivating fitbookers: a must-read!”

  1. 09.05.10 at 3:05 am

    Thank You Angela! Very inspiring!

  2. 09.05.10 at 4:15 pm

    ..as always, inspiring!

  3. 3 Cristal
    09.07.10 at 4:37 pm

    Love reading your blog. I can’t wait to hear about the fitness + nutrition consultations! Please tell me more! By the way, love the long sleeve t-shirt you girls were wearing at the IDEA expo (I have the tank and i love it). Any chance those will show up for sale on getfitbook.com?

  4. 09.07.10 at 4:44 pm

    thank you!! more info to come soon on the 1:1’s with me…make sure you’re a fan on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter! in regards to the long sleeve tees: we’re looking into getting those, as well as men’s t-shirts up on the site. stay tuned! SO glad you love your tanks…thanks for proudly sporting and promoting ‘live life fit’! all my best…

  5. 5 Cristal
    09.11.10 at 10:14 pm

    Yay can’t wait! Don’t worry, I’m subscribed to it all 🙂

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