12 weeks til’ 2011: my goals

does anyone recall why i started my blog?  it was about a year-and-a half ago in february when i decided to embark on and blog my way through preparing for and competing in my first figure competition.  i look back at my first blogs and realize how i poured my little heart into each post.  partly because, well that’s just the way i am, but also because while prepping for that was physically exhausting, it was much more emotionally draining than anything i’ve ever done before.  so then i look at my blog posts now and i realize that while i dabble here and there with sharing workout programs, recipes, and nutrition tips, and update you on my overly-enthusiastic updates on fitlosophy, what i’ve lost in all this is the personal aspect.  which is what makes this different from any other blog right?   me.  you can get fitness tips anywhere, recipes are a dime a dozen, and unless you’re one of my dear friends or my proud momma, my news on fitlosophy may not be as exciting to you as it is for me.  so here’s what i promise:  i’m gonna open up (again), not just because you deserve for me to be open and honest (and entertaining), but for me too. 

so where have i been? well let’s back-track as to why i possibly haven’t been blogging about my rockin’ workouts and super-strict, clean eating.  if you followed me for long after the competition, i went through what i called “post-traumatic competition syndrome“. [read that blog post to understand why – very in-depth about the emotions of it all!]   yeah, i was so not prepared for the “after”.  so that was a little over a year ago and i found myself actually 15lb heavier than i was even before i started the competition.  i knew i just had to do it the right way to lose the weight, but just like everyone else it is a daily choice.  so for the past year i have been working my butt off – literally, trying to eat as healthy as possible, but like you having good days and tough days too.  i’m an emotional eater, sometimes a stress eater, and while i’m probably one of the healthiest people you might know, after 9 o’clock is my ‘danger zone’.  i know a lot of people can relate to this.  so – this means that some days, while i would have kicked butt in the gym, i would have a little bowl of cereal that i didn’t need, because after all who needs carbs for energy at night which is then just stored as fat!  so this was my struggle.  then add to it that i have fitlosophy: i (feel like i) am supposed to be this perfect role model of health and i felt like who was i to be giving tips when i couldn’t get my own weight under control.  you may think: 15lbs…you poor thing (sarcastically).  try going from 10% body fat with poppin’ 6-pack abs to having an uncomfortable roll over the top of your jeans that you can barely squeeze your booty in.  not only was i dealing with the actual physical weight but there was a definite case of body dysmorphia going on there too.  so my goals for the past 3 fitbooks: to regain self-confidence, to rock my sports bra at the gym (not for other’s eyeballs, but for me), and to have the same confidence as the girl on my website.  so opening up and blogging was something that i couldn’t do when i couldn’t even face my own reality at times, hence my absence from talking about anything very personal at all.  all i can explain is sometimes feeling like a fake…like i would say one thing, and do another.  and the only thing that kept me going on some days was you….the fitbookers that would email me, or make a comment on facebook about how something i said or how fitbook had changed their day or life.  i knew that i had to push through this, not just for me, but so i could continue positively influencing others.

how’s that for opening up?  so: i want to take this opportunity to update you on where i’m at and ask you to join me as we finish out 2010 with 12 weeks to go.  i am very proud of myself, having finally lost 10 of the 15lbs.  and honestly, i’m kinda happy where i’m at.  prior to my competition, i had a minor-slash-okay-major trauma in my life that lead to me losing about 7 lbs in a matter of 2 weeks…that’s not healthy.  so i’m really not using the scale to determine whether or not i’m where i want to be.  but i will say that i’m happily back in my size 26 jeans (with no love handle) and my abs are poppin’ (on good days) – but of course nowhere near like they were when i was competing.  but that wasn’t sustainable and i know that now.  while i may be a few lbs heavier, the things i learned about myself through this entire process was entirely worth it’s weight in gold.  so what are my goals now?  i had a realization the other day:  i want my strength back.  i miss that so much!  when i was training i could bench press my body weight, knock out 50 push-ups, and do pull-ups and plank leg-raises like nobody’s business.  i want that back.  so instead of creating a goal based on weight or body fat, my goal is going to be focused on building my strength and i have a feeling the scale might just follow.  so i’m off to the gym today to take my measurements, then determine where i’m at now on the following exercises…then i’ll see how far i come in 12 weeks:

  • bench press goal:  115#
  • push-ups: 50
  • hanging plank leg-raises: 10
  • pull-ups: 3 (hey, they’re tough!)

even though i’m a trainer, i’m going to bribe a trainer friend of mine to bounce my ideas off of him so i create a plan to reach these goals.  [speaking of which: him and i are rolling out offerings in the next few weeks if you want custom plans…stay tuned!]  plus, telling someone else what your goals are also holds you ULTRA accountable to them – so tell a friend, or heck…blog about it, that’ll do it!  so there you have it.  that’s where i WILL be on january 1st, 2011 when my nth fitbook ends and i set yet another goal.  what i love about life is that it’s always a challenge.  just when you think you “get it”, something else challenges you, forces you to grow and change, and you find out that you’re better for it.   what are you going to do to change for the better?  i’m not saying you have to change your life completely – take baby steps.  break it down into achievable goals so you don’t overwhelm yourself:  decide where you want to be on january 1st and don’t wait until then to start living your life.  start now.  we only get one life and it’s up to us to live it to the fullest.  share your goals with me.  now that i’ve opened up with you, please….do the same!

with ALL my heart,

p.s.  follow @fitbook on twitter and join me on facebook – rumor has it i might be rolling out a special offer for fitbookers on october 12th!


23 Responses to “12 weeks til’ 2011: my goals”

  1. 1 Heidi
    10.11.10 at 10:48 pm

    Wow! Such amazing insight and sharing. Thank you for being personable and touching on areas that I can totally relate to. I like the idea of using your exercises/strength as a goal and not your weight or body fat. I agree, working your butt off to achieve your goals will probably achieve your (secret) weight and body fat goals as well. And pull-ups ARE tough! I can barely do one so good for you for setting your sites on 3!! 🙂

  2. 10.11.10 at 11:15 pm

    wow, someone in size 26 jeans feels like a fake? that makes me feel a little better, that we all struggle with feeling a bit down in the mouth (and the workouts!). this is my first time to your blog. think i might just hang around from now on!

  3. 3 Cristal
    10.11.10 at 11:56 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing Angela. The fact that you face struggles too doesn’t make you a fake – it makes you human. As much as we all may want to practice what we preach 100% of the time – it doesn’t always work that way. That’s why we need our handy dandy little fitbook to keep us accountable and honest! It’s hard enough for me sometimes to make myself write down my food intake on not-so-good days and here you are putting it all out there for the world to see. That takes courage and it IS setting a good example and being a good role model. You keep at it girl – you are doing an awesome job!

    My goals for the next 12 weeks are to complete a workout rotation challenging myself with heavier weights (heavy enough to leave you grimacing as you walk up the stairs to your office the next day 🙂 !) and surviving the holidays by ENJOYING, but not overdoing it with all the yummy food around. I love your idea of not waiting until 1-1-11 to repair the damage but rather finishing off 2010 strong!

  4. 4 Tina
    10.12.10 at 12:31 am

    My goal is to log my food every day and today was day 1. I want to be consistent and first goal is ’til end of year, everyday. Would LOVE a fitbook for this!!!

  5. 10.12.10 at 10:42 am

    Awesome post, Angela. You are so inspiring. So, a hanging plank leg raise, what the ___ is that? Sounds complicated. Once I find out what that is, sign me up for 15. I also love your idea about finishing off 2010 strong and focusing on strength goals. Great job, thank you for for all you share and do~

  6. 6 Jenn
    10.12.10 at 11:08 am

    First, I have to say that this post was so inspiring! I can completely relate. Even coaches, trainers, and instructors struggle with keeping everything in balance. That’s what I love so much about the Fitbook, it helps bring focus to the upcoming 12 weeks but also helps break that big goal down into small achievable daily acts/committments. You keep motivating me to do more. I am such a Fitbook fan, I recommend it to everyone.

    My 12 week goals: complete a TRX 40/40 Atomic Pushup, Low Row challenge, lower my cholesterol through exercise and clean eating (it’s ok but, genetics keeps me monitoring it closely) and to maintain my current weight through the holidays by keeping up with my fitbook tracking (I’m under no illusions…)

    Keep rockin’ it!

  7. 7 Deena
    10.12.10 at 11:47 am

    My goal is to finally get below the 5lbs I’ve been yoyoing in all summer (I had lost 20 lbs in the few months before that) and get back on track to feel better. Taking off more weight will be great too!

  8. 8 Lori
    10.12.10 at 3:07 pm

    Everyone has goals — while some may seem greater or more intimidating than others, they all require work and dedication. And whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 100, you have to start with that first pound.

    My goal is to run a 5k. Run the entire thing, no walk breaks. I’ve recently started running, and it’s been hard but great. I was inspired to start running to lose weight, but for another reason, too. For a couple of years I had recurring dreams where I was trying to run — had to, to escape from something. And I couldn’t. It was like I was running in waist-high quicksand. That kind of scared me, so I started running to prove I can — to myself.

  9. 9 Sandra
    10.12.10 at 3:18 pm

    My 12 week goal is to lose at least 30 of the 50 pounds I want to be done with. I have a SAFE, physician monitored program in place; I’m planning menus a week in advance, preparing foods in advance, PLANNING eating excursions because LIFE still just happens some days, and working out with 45 minute walks several days per week and 2 days workouts for strength training. I log my foods each day – actually logging in my prepared menu in the morning, and then making any adjustments if I do not stick to the plan exactly. And I’m taking my husband along for the ride! We started September 25, and I have lost 10 pounds while he posted a 20 pound loss just this morning. We HAVE to do this for our health. Full Steam Ahead! We’re taking a Caribbean cruise in January celebrating 15 years of marriage – what a nice carrot to keep us motivated for the first leg of our journey!!

  10. 10 Michelle Gloudemans
    10.12.10 at 5:43 pm

    Who would have thought we would motivate you???? You are a motivator! Seriously, I know I can lose the last 10-15 pounds with the help of your blogs and Fitbook (and my workout partner).

    Keep us posted on the workouts, recipes and tips though. I know you said they “are a dime a dozen”. You’re right, but they don’t have the comfort and trust factor for me. I rather use workouts, recipes and tips from someone who I respect and look up as a fitness/health authority!

    Thanks for all your time and efforts you put into motivating and helping others be successful!

  11. 11 Anna Claire
    10.12.10 at 6:21 pm

    I am now in my 12th week of my first fitbook and can not wait to see my final numbers in everything from body weight to the weight im lifting in the gym. While I am still more focused on the numbers from the scale than mostly anything else, I am starting to appreciate the other accomplishments I have come across with these first 12 weeks. So while I am winding up these first 12 weeks I am also thinking about the next 12 week goals and here they are…
    – Drop 13 lbs.
    – Down another pant size
    – Lose 3-5% of body fat
    – Lift another 10-20 lbs depending on what machine it is.
    – Get my aerobic fitness to the ‘excellent’ category (according to my microfit test)
    – Get my flexibilty to the ‘fair’ category
    I am so excited to see what my ending accomplishments for my first 12 weeks and also to see what is in store for me for my next 12 weeks. Reaching my goals each week in my fitbook has shown me that I can do this because I am not focused on losing 70 lbs. Instead I am focused on eating all the veggies and fruits I need for that week and drink my 8 glasses of water. The losing weight just comes along with meeting my other goals and that is what I love about fitbook.

  12. 10.12.10 at 7:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing. You should publish a book! Turn your blog into a book! You’re awesome. You’re my inspiration.

  13. 13 Aly
    10.12.10 at 10:55 pm

    Having gone through something very similar, saying I can relate is an understatement. 6 months have gone by and I am still struggling with a post 20 pound weight gain. Although I have been working my butt off, it wont seem to budge a hair. My goal is to have it all off by January 1.

    Wish me luck ! Aly

  14. 10.12.10 at 11:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing your story!
    I struggled with my weight all my life until I decided to do something about it. I started journaling and did DVD’s at home, then started going to the gym. I lost 20 lbs! I loved how I felt and started to train to become a fitness instructor, I’ve taken some classes and have done my written exams but unfortunately I injured my pelvis a month and a half ago and my training had to be put on hold. I am 15 lbs away from my goal weight and hope to train for a half marathon as well as finish my group fitness practical exam but this injury has put everything on hold. Talk about frustrating! My athletic therapist says that I’m healing nicely and has given me clearance to do cardio on the elliptical or the recumbent bike at the gym, however, I still feel like I’ve taken a few steps back and will have to start my fitness regime from the beginning and work my way up to where I was up to before the injury. I’m not giving up though, with the right diet and combination of low impact exercises I know I can make it to my goal weight and then some within the next 12 weeks, I will do my practical exams and start teaching as soon as I get cleared to do cardio kickboxing and Zumba again!
    Your post has inspired me to get past the pain and get going again! (With my athletic therapist’s permission of course!)

  15. 15 Ashley
    10.13.10 at 12:34 am

    My 12 wk goals
    1. Run my first marathon
    2. Lose 17 pounds
    3. Be able to do 50 push ups wo stopping
    4. Workout a minimum of 30 lunch breaks

  16. 16 Jeannette McIntyre
    10.13.10 at 1:10 am

    I don’t have a huge goal, because I’m just starting out with losing weight and have a total of 100lbs to loose. My 12 week goal is to loose at least 12lbs and jog for at least a 1/2 to a mile straight!
    I’ve very glad that I just found your blog. Your last post is very inspirational to know that I’m not the only one to feel that way!!

  17. 17 Chailee
    10.13.10 at 1:25 am

    My goals:
    1. To lift to failure, and not waste a set
    2. To hit my calorie targets as often as I can each week
    3. To work hard on my high intensity cardio sessions
    4. To “Not look down”. Keep my head up and don’t look where I am…just keep looking at the goal on the horizon, it will be here before I know it!!

    It will take me 5 Fitbooks…and I’m getting there this time, it’s my TIME. 🙂

  18. 18 Caylie
    10.13.10 at 3:45 am

    Wow amazing! I have always wanted to do a fitness competition and my best friend recently completed her first! My one year goal is to train and compete in a competition– getting on that stage is my end goal.

    My 12 week goals are:
    to increase my weight training and focus on gaining muscle
    to challenge my running from a 5k (accomplished) to a 10k
    to lose the LAST 10lbs!

    I am commited! Writing it down was a big step! Here we go!

  19. 10.13.10 at 4:07 am

    I love that you shared your goals with all of us! Being strong (especially as a woman) is SUCH a great thing. I love it when people look at me and think, Oh, thin girl, she’s not going to be very strong at all, and then I’m able to lift way more than they thought or I can do exercises they wouldn’t have believed I could pull off, etc. It’s a very empowering thing.

    My goals are…
    -to make my legs look good! Gah, my legs are SUCH a trouble spot for me, and I’m currently using a program that is helping but they’re not there yet.
    -to eat healthy 90% of the time. Right now I’m at about 80%. I really do enjoy eating healthy and never have a problem sticking to that when I’m at home. It’s when I go out, eat at restaurants, go to parties, etc., and am presented with all this good food that I usually don’t have around me, that I sometimes falter. It’s something I’m definitely going to work on, and I think fitbook will help me a lot!
    -to get down to a size 4 in pants. This goes along with making my legs look good. I know that my body would not allow me to go below a 4, but I think that if I got to this I would look awesome.

    So there you have it! I’m currently working on all of those. 🙂

  20. 10.13.10 at 9:50 pm

    wanted to let you know that YOU are the selected winner….and i’ll be announcing on a follow-up post! please email me at angela@getfitbook.com and we’ll have your new fitbook on its way to you! i’ll explain in my post WHY you won! 🙂 thanks for playing!

  21. 10.16.10 at 8:45 pm

    Came back to read your post again..I really need to set a new goal myself..
    I did the One Hundred Pushups plan last year – I did quit at 72. Now I struggle with 10..
    Let’s take it back, our strength!

  22. 22 Marcy
    10.21.10 at 5:54 pm

    Very inspiring Angela!
    Thanks so much for your honest words…..I really makes alot of us feel “normal” for feeling like we aren’t alone. I face some of the same things you mentioned in your blog post – sometimes hard to find constructive ways to deal with them and stay positive to!

    Thanks again!
    My 12week goals…..
    Learn a new clean eating recipe each week
    Up my level of strength training by benching 10# more than now
    Get back to running consistently
    Keep plugging away towards my CPT certification and Health Coach program!


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