excuse #3: “my [fill-in-the-blank] kids/spouse/family need my time!”

excuse busted:

  • family comes first: but remember that you’ll be a better spouse/momma/daddy if you’re also taking care of you which means exercising (regularly), eating healthy (most of the time), and getting enough sleep.  if you’re happy and healthy you’ll get more “quality” time which is better than cranky “quantity” time.
  • be (active) TOGETHER!  download this free pdf with ideas to get active and healthy as a family,  help your kids (and you!) set SMART goals, tips on using fitbook junior and fitbook together to make being healthy a family affair.
  • depending on your kiddo’s age(s), here are some get-fit ideas to keep kids healthy and get you in gear too:
    •  if you have little ones, push the stroller and go for walks which burns 30% more calories than walking without pushing a stroller.
    • plan your week with the kids to do 3 fun active things together so they look forward to it – and hold you accountable (you know how kids are). ideas: tuesday is bike-riding after school, thursday you’ll go to the park (play tag and move with them!), and sunday the family will go on a hike.
    • other fun ideas: rollerblading, swimming, walking to the store instead of driving, playing frisbee, tossing the football around, playing tag, having pushup competitions…all these are fun for kids, sets a good example and will hold you accountable.
  • needing QT with the spouse or girl/guy-friends?  schedule a walking/talking date, get together to hit golf balls at the range, or plan a hike & romantic picnic.  revolve your social time around something active and fit in workouts without sacrificing time with loved ones.

[have more ideas on creative ways to bust this excuse – share with fellow fitbookers and comment below]

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have an excuse we missed? do tell and we’ll bust it!

your sharp shooter,


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