excuse #5: “i’m busy – i don’t have time to workout.”

excuse busted:

  • make time! odds are you have time to catch the latest reality show, so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? according to the a.c. nielsen co., the average american watches more than 4 hours of TV each day. here are some ideas:
    • at the gym, start your strength training about a ½ hour before your favorite show and then hop on the treadmill to catch your show during your cardio session.
    • at home, do squats, pushups, crunches – anything – during commercials. with an average of 18m of commercials per hour, you’d get in a good 36 minute workout while watching your 2 hours of the tube.
    • want to take advantage of your time watching tv to relax? mute during commercial breaks and stretch for the first half-hour to loosen up and take a break from noise
    • interesting stats: calories burned watching tv for 2 hours (subtract points for noshing on your chips): 140; calories burned watching tv for 2 hours and adding in calisthenics during commercials: 245 (step it up to jump rope during commercial breaks: 518!)
  • rethink your lunch break. instead of taking an hour –long rendezvous to the local café, save some bucks (and calorie)s and brown-bag it for a half-hour. then slips on some sneakers to fit in a quick half-hour walk which will be a nice break in the day both physically and mentally.
  • spurts count. you don’t have to log 60m at the gym in order for a workout to “count”. maybe you wake up 20m early and fit in some jump rope and pushups, take an (aforementioned) walk at lunch, and then go for a 15m jog when you get home from work. working out in smaller, more intense intervals is actually more beneficial for you – and it fits in your busy lifestyle to boot!
  • schedule it in! that’s the whole idea behind the weekly plan in fitbook: you sit down on sunday, look at the week ahead, plan workouts (including day/time), and treat it like an appointment with yourself! make that mental shift from workouts being something you dread, to something you JUST DO (IT).

[have more ideas on creative ways to bust this excuse – share with fellow fitbookers and comment below]

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your sharp shooter,


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