excuse #6: “my [fill in the blank] is hurting and i don’t feel good.”

excuse busted:

  • we know – do it anyway.  ok, so don’t go against doctor’s orders or anything – but don’t be a pansy either.  ankles hurting you?  fine, do a killer upper body workout.  elbows aching? hit the lower-body with a vengeance.  headache? slam some water and push through some cardio. 
  • runny nose, coughing, sneezing, everybody-is-avoiding-your germy path? do everyone else a favor and stay home!  you can still go on a walk or pop in a workout dvd and get a workout in – given that you’re not on your death bed.
  • rule of thumb is if the symptoms are “above the neck” (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat) you can workout but you might just have to take it down a notch.  if you have a fever or symptoms are “below the neck” (stomach ache, chest congestion) then take a day off from workouts to rest and recover.

 [have more ideas on creative ways to bust this excuse – share with fellow fitbookers and comment below]

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have an excuse we missed? do tell and we’ll bust it!

your sharp shooter,

1 Response to “excuse #6: “my [fill in the blank] is hurting and i don’t feel good.””

  1. 01.06.11 at 9:34 pm

    You could always work out at home if you’re not feeling up to par. Good information. I enjoyed reading all of your posts. Thanks

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