bloggin’ my heart out (again!)

it’s with great joy that i am back and bloggin’ for a cause for the american heart association as we kick off the 2nd annual BLOG YOUR HEART OUT initiative!  this award-winning (yeah, that’s right!) passion project is back again and better than ever.  here’s why i’m so stoked about BYHO 2011:

  • i love marketing, themes…anything that i can create a campaign out of and i’m a happy camper.  this year the AHA’s main mission is to get each woman to go red and in the process, tell another 5 women.  numbers…oooo…they are great for themes!  hence, the creation of our 5-themed campaign to support the AHA:  5 bloggers. 5 weeks.  tell 5 – save lives.  (sweet, right?)
  • while heart disease is the #1 killer of all women, higher percentages of hispanic and african american women are affected by this silent but deadly disease.  it’s with great joy that we welcome shay sorrells (from nbc’s the biggest loser) and ana cabán (with her line of best-selling dvd’s and creator of ‘la buena life’) to the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT team of bloggers.  they join BYHO alumni miss joanna sutter from fitness & spice and sahar aker from fatfighterTV who were pivotal in making BYHO 2010 a huge success!  and yours truly rounds out the team of 5 bloggers that kick off BYHO 2011 on february 1st.
  • as i already may have mentioned (ok, yes – bragged about) above – the BYHO campaign caught the attention of the american heart association at the national level last year and we were given an award for our efforts.  this sets the bar even higher to exceed our numbers last year, tell even more women, and get even MORE bloggers on board for BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day on february 11th!  here’s our benchmark (from last year) – remember, it’s all about setting goals right?
    • we blogged our way through 12 weeks of betterU reaching over 40,000 thousand people reading the BYHO blogs (3389 daily avg blog views)  
    • approximately 2517 joined the GO RED movement
    • the BYHO team of 5 bloggers tallied 1726  blog views on the official BYHO blogs on the first ever BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day!  in addition 19 other bloggers joined in and our combined efforts resulted in over 458 people joining the GO RED movement in one day.
    • for more in-depth stats on the program, check out the press

so before my blog gets too long (which you know it always does) – i want to make note of a few important things…and then ask that you join us in making noise for the next 5 weeks about heart disease:

  • red is the best color in the world.  (trust me).  so wear it loud and proud this FRIDAY, february 4th for national wear red day in support of the american heart association.  me – i’m going to be donning my red patent stilettos that santa brought me for christmas and sporting those with a chic red top, topped off with cherry red lipstick.  head-to-toe.  yeah, that’s gonna be me.
  • speaking of stilettos… if you live in los angeles, consider yourself a lucky one. macy’s and the american heart association are holding the first ever stiletto strut at the glendale galleria on thursday, february 3rd at 11am. rumor has it there will be prizes for highest heels, sexiest strut, and even best male strutter! 
  • mark your calendars! attention all bloggers, blogger wannabees, and anyone that’s, well – human. don’t even know what a blog is? great time to start one!  plan to BLOG YOUR HEART OUT with us on friday, february 11th (next week) on BLOG YOUR HEART OUT DAY.  it’s easy: blog about heart disease, how it has affected you or someone you love, or heck, just blog about why you love the color red.  i don’t care: just do it! want more info? click here for details.

so here goes a fab five weeks that will give you and hopefully many others some insight into how together we can fight heart disease. from recipes and workouts to just stories about how it’s affected my life, i promise to give you some good stuff.  only thing i ask from you: tell 5 other women!

with all my heart,


1 Response to “bloggin’ my heart out (again!)”

  1. 02.05.11 at 7:18 am

    wow, never heard of this fitbook…very cool! Glad I am reading about it, I’d like to share info with my readers! I think they’d find motivation through this product! COOL 🙂

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