#’s to make your heart skip a beat!

i don’t like #’s.  i’m more of a creative, marketing-minded idea person and numbers just aren’t my thing (ask my accountant!).  i’m not number-illiterate by any means, but give me the choice between looking over inventory and production numbers and creating our fun monthly newsletter and i’ll take the newsletter any day!  but because numbers are a key indicator to the health of my business, trust me i’ve learned to “love” (relative-term) them enough so that i can continue to do what i love.  ignore the numbers…and adios fitlosophy.

the same goes with our health. there are key numbers that we have to know, understand, and monitor – regardless of how mundane it might be.  so let’s look at these numbers as the “financial statements” of our body – they are the key indicators of our overall health.  know these heart-healthy numbers (fromheart.org) and keep them in check…and your ticker will be in tip-top shape to enjoy the things you love in life.  because at the end of the day, this whole “being healthy” thing isn’t about what size jeans your wear – it’s about living life…and being healthy allows you to do just that.  alright…sharpen your pencils and take note:

30: # of minutes of exercise you should get per day at least 5 days per week
5:  # of servings of fruits +  veggies you should munch on each day
1500: # of mg sodium you should limit your intake to daily
200: max # your TOTAL (LDL + HDL) cholesterol level should be

130: max # your LDL (bad) cholesterol level should be – even lower if you’re at risk for heart-disease
 lowest # your HDL (good) cholesterol level should be – the higher the better (men should aim for 40)
120/80: # indicating your blood pressure – lower is better
150: max # your triglyceride levels should be
18.5 – 25: # that indicates a “healthy” BMI (body mass index) – calculate yours!
1-2: # of alcoholic beverages you should limit yourself to daily…1 for ladies, 2 for the gentlemen
0: as in zero, zilcho, NADA tobacco products…cigarettes, cigars (yes, they’re just as bad), chew (ew!)…all of it – bad.

phew! consider yourself educated and if you DON’T know your numbers, sign up and GO RED and you can get a free heart health kit and take their heart check-up online!  so now that your math lesson is over…let me give you a few more numbers to noodle that i’m overly proud to share.  …….drumroll please……. HERE are the official results from the 2nd annual BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day on february 11th!

25: # of total bloggers who rallied to blog about heart disease on BYHO day (that we know about! didn’t email us? send your link!)
12,683: # of people who read about BLOG YOUR HEART OUT on BYHO day via one of the 25 blogs!
480: # of women who chose to GO RED on BYHO DAY who then told 2400 MORE women about heart disease via the tell 5, save lives initiative.
22,946: # of tweeps that heard about #BLOGYOURHEARTOUT via twitter from the team of 5 BYHO bloggers and the @american_heart team.  [this doesn’t include all of OUR followers retweets, so the number is FAR beyond this – love the power of viral social media for a good cause!]
95,653: # of facebook fans that heard about BLOG YOUR HEART OUT via facebook from our team of 5 (sweet) bloggers and the american heart association’s fan page.

[learn more about our fab 5 bloggers…must-follows for sure. and a BIG shout-out to our tiny but might team that turned out these impressive numbers, if i might say so my self!]

lastly…if it weren’t for YOU…for reading blogs, tweeting & retweeting away, and telling 5 of your closest friends and family about heart disesase…there would be no reason for us to put our hearts into this.  so we shall give back.  we’ve chosen 5 bloggers (aside from our fab 5 BYHO bloggers – sorry ladies, you’re part of the official team) who we felt really encompassed what BLOG YOUR HEART OUT was all about.  each of those 5 bloggers will receive a FREE fitbook to giveaway on their blog to YOU!  so…one more drumroll…..here are the blogs you need to follow NOW and watch closely over the next few weeks (and follow on facebook + twitter) so you can get a fitbook to get (and keep) that bod of yours fit!  the winners are….

kerri from kat does diets (@katdoesdiets on twitter)
erica from knocked-upfitness + coreathletica (@coreathletica on twitter – or @knockeduptfit if you’re a mommy to be!)
jody from truth 2 being fit
shanna from my favorite everything (@myfaveverything on twitter)
jennifer from tiny oranges (@tinyorangesoc on twitter) 

congrats ladies…YOU ROCK!  post your fitbook giveaway in the next week – and blog to your little heart’s content.

with that, my head is rattled from all these numbers so i really must move onto something creative…like finalizing edits for the new and improved fitbook junior going to press next week!  have i mentioned how much i love what i do?  be watching your inbox too for our monthly newsletter coming out next week, packed full of recipes, a 14-minute do-anywhere workout, and quite possibly a 14% off promo for YOU!

with all my heart,

p.s. i really intend these blog posts to be brief – how ever do i go on for so long? beats me!


2 Responses to “#’s to make your heart skip a beat!”

  1. 02.19.11 at 8:33 pm

    Great, informative post! Another tobacco people shouldn’t smoke: hookah! Tons of my friends smoke this and think that it’s not bad for them at all but I try to tell them, “You’re still inhaling smoke into your lungs. There’s still carcinogens in this.” I wish more people would understand that instead of thinking it was a “safe” alternative to smoking other things.

  2. 02.21.11 at 2:44 am

    I am so excited to help you spread this vital information. Thx for picking me!

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