rut buster: shock the system

i hate ruts….all kinds of ruts. 

when i was about 8 i was tooling along on my honda 50 motorcycle through a corn field and my tire slipped into a tractor tire rut and flipped my motorcyle.

then when i was about 13 my mom and i were learning how to rollerblade in the parking lot of my grandpa’s used car lot and as soon as we got the hang of it and the wind was blowing in our hair, we hit a rut in the pavement and it sent us skidding onto our bums that left us bruised for days.

and aside from physical ruts, there are life ruts and i hate those too.  whether it be in a dead-end job, a dead-beat relationship, or a dead-as-a-doornail workout routine, ruts can suck the life out of you.  and herein lies the truth: you can let the rut get the best of you – or you can (wo)man up and do something about it.  sometimes all you need is change – trust me, it does wonders for your soul.  structure can be good until it becomes paralyzing.  so – where am i going with this?

i, yes me, have found myself in a bit of  a rut lately – and i’m not crying woe-is-me here…i have a pretty darn blessed life.  but i’m taking it upon myself to shake things up a bit and breathe some life into my routines in order get more out of this life that we’re given.  for example: lately i’ve found myself just going through the motions at the gym – i’m more excited to train my personal training clients and see their progress than i am to work toward and see my own.  i was recently challenged by a few girlfriends to a pull-up challenge and any challenge lights a fire under me – but lately my mental state has me defeated even before we’ve done the challenge.  

so rather than seriously depress you with my rut – i’m setting out to seriously bust it. today. like, right now.  this isn’t going to be a little oh-let’s-set-a-12-week-goal-and-break-it-down-into-more-achievable-goals session.  i mean business, here people. this calls for some serious shock-factor.  i’m sick of getting mediocre results – and if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.  the thing is – after doing the competition and knowing what it feels like to be at my best and completely dialed in, i crave having that strength physically (and mentally) again.  let me clarify: i do not want to compete again – being 10% body fat is a whole other lifestyle, but i can put my heart back into it so i get results rather than just going through the motions.

so here’s my spring-body-shocking-master-plan:
(please feel free to play along)

  • p90x: while i’ve done a few of the workouts, i must admit i’ve never followed p90x for the full 12 weeks. (sorry, tony!)  so here’s the thing: i like the gym – and i don’t want to give up going to gym and do my workouts at home so i’m going to follow in the footsteps of one of my friends (and best personal trainers i know) mr. jeff norcross and do the videos when i’m home and on the days i’m hitting gym, jot them down in my fitbook and knock ’em out at the gym!  i’m committing to do p90x 5 days a week, not the recommended 6, because i’ll sub in my pilates at coreathletica instead of the yoga dvd (not a big yogi).
  • train for a 1/2 marathon: ok this may seem aggressive along with p90x but i’ve already committed to a half-marathon on may 1st, so i may as well get in shape for it!  so i’ll be hitting the pavement (or the beach, treadmill, etc.) for 3 short runs (3-4mi) a week and 1 long run (5-10mi), then add in a day of my maybe stepmill or elliptical just one day and i can’t give up my spin class (gotta do what you love.)  i’m tired just typing this.
  • juicing: i recently did the 3-day ritual cleanse which was amazing and i realized that i can still get the benefits of juicing every day without doing an all-out cleanse.  i’m blessed to have an amazing juicer that is tucked away in the far-back corner in my kitchen, and once you’ve juiced you can  understand why these cleanses are so expensive.  it’s time consuming and messy.  but i want to put the time in and i enjoy it when i do it.  so for 1 week i’m committing to juicing every morning for my breakfast instead of my usual oatmeal just to shock my system a little bit.  then my goal is for the next 12 weeks to get in at least 1 juice a day, whether it be a ritual cleanse juice (they deliver), a homemade concoction, or one from a juice bar. 
  • bye-bye processed foods: i had coffee with one of my favorite people, miss cassie piasecki, last week and she gave up processed foods for lent.  now, this girl eats clean – like super clean, but she wanted to take it to the next level and give up her wheat thins, frozen yogurt – everything processed for lent. my thought “i can’t do that”.  what a self-defeating thought right?  so i turned that on myself and challenged myself to do just that.  12-weeks.  i can do anything.  here’s the rule: no processed foods for 12-weeks (crap, i’m not sure if i know what i’m getting myself into right now as thoughts of my new obsession chip-ins are flittering through my head) – 1 exception to keep my sanity.  anybody wanna guess?  yep: my golden spoon.  but here’s the catch: it has to be post-workout when my body can use the sugar anyway to restore glycogen stores (not post-work-i-just-wanna-flop-on-my-hiney-and-indulge-with-a-chick-flick) and it has to be a mini size no toppings, and still just once a week.  this is moderation – but trust me, this is sacrafice!  some day i shall challenge myself to give up golden spoon for 12 weeks but i’m not in an emotional state to attempt that right now. 🙂  what’s your ONE weakness – identify it, whittle it down, and enjoy once a week.

so there is my 12-week rut-busting, system-shocking plan. my hypothesis is this: if i make these radical changes to shake up my workouts and nutrition, i’m guessing that the positive affects will flow over into other areas of my life. 
the bonus will be : a rockin’ bikini bod come summer!

now – i must go shop for 20lbs of veggies & fruit to juice, crack open a new fitbook and plan our my week ahead, and get tony horton cued up and ready to go for my monday morning workout bright & early.

tell me what rut you’re in – guarantee i’ll so bust it for you.



5 Responses to “rut buster: shock the system”

  1. 03.14.11 at 12:55 am

    Wow Angela, that is aggressive! That poor rut doesn’t know what it has coming!

    And thanks for the inspiration. I am down for a 12 week go at stomping out some physical ruts and go for looking like Mr. Norcross.

    Don’t ask me what I am committed to doing though. I might be embarrassed compared to your plan. 🙂


  2. 03.14.11 at 6:20 am

    Wish I could do that.. If only.. It’s just that I am.. I don’t have the time or the..

    Reading down page here is making me quit all my excuses, you always seem to make things so..possible! (Oh, besides from the Marathon and the Pull Ups..) But I know I can make changes in my routines (and life) – Thank You Angela!

  3. 08.17.12 at 7:57 pm

    Angela, I love this! I’ve been struggling with a two month (if not longer) plateau that is kicking my… you know… I use my Fitbook and love it! I HATE tracking calories and think that the Fitbook is pretty much the perfect tool for me to keep track of what I am eating without the obsession that comes from tracking calories. I am dying trying to bust this plateau. I had a baby just over a year ago. I just finished breastfeeding and think that my body is in slow-motion mode of weight loss. I gained the minimum amount of weight that my doctor told me to during pregnancy (25 pounds) but still find myself 15 pounds higher than where I want to be. I eat good. I workout like a fiend (I am currently doing the Turbo Fire program), I rarely sit (okay, okay, I have 4 kids, sitting isn’t much of an option lol!) but DANG! Any suggestions???

  4. 4 Gloria
    08.18.12 at 4:43 pm

    I LOVED this blog Angela!! I’ve been going through ruts this entire year, and just last week I was at the gym on auto-pilot and decided to add a mile run to the end of every workout just to change things up. I always do the eliptical and stair mill for about 5 miles, but the run has really kicked my booty!! But I agree about the P90x…. I’ve done several workouts, but never the entire system because I love the gym, but I love the idea of doing the workouts at the gym…. thanks!

    You are and always have been an inspiration!!! Good luck in your journey 🙂 Luv ya!

  5. 08.18.12 at 7:08 pm

    amber – you’ve got a LOT going on with 4 kids and your body is probably still adjusting to having your last baby so don’t be TOO hard on yourself. you might need to really change up your workouts to bust through a plateau. turbofire is AWESOME, but maybe do that a few days a week, hit the gym and add in some strength training (and don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights – it builds muscle which burns FAT!), and get in intense cardio. with kids it’s tough i’m sure, so make sure and do things that FIT in your lifestyle – otherwise it’s not sustainable. from an eating perspective (which is SO important) i’d need to know what you mean by “eating good”…the marketing out there for what is “healthy” really confuses people. when i’m looking to lean down i increase protein and healthy fats, along with tons of veggies…then decrease grains (whole) and fruits. BUT don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then or you’re fall off the wagon. does this help at all? i’m going to start blogging again more regularly so hopefully something i say will help! 🙂 also, if you want to kickstart your bod (and you’re not still nursing), try doing a juice cleanse – but make sure and read my blog this sunday on how i do it without STARVING. you can check out the cleanse at http://www.ritualcleanse.com and code “fitbook” will save you 20% off through 08/31. it really kickstarts your energy – and mind!

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