falling flat on your a**: it happens.

literally.  so somehow, yours truly managed to injure herself doing p90x the other morning – you know, the workout that requires no equipment?  yeah, leave it to me. let me paint the picture:  well i was doing the plyo workout & when mr. horton said to grab a stool or chair to do the leg swing-overs back & forth, i looked around and all i saw in sight was a my high-back kitchen chairs (note: i’m 5’2″).  i could have done these with an imaginary chair, but no…i thought it would be more fun to see if i could swing my leg over an object 3/4 my height.  not so brilliant. 3 kicks went well – the 4th, not so much. my short little leg got high-centered on the middle of the chair and down i went landing flat on my arse on a wood floor with nothing to break my fall. fabulously entertaining & incredibly painful.  what was the first thing i did? (after, of course, i finished the workout because i’m no pansy)  called mom.  her response: “well, was there at least anyone around to enjoy it!”  yes, my family has sick sense of humor – but i knew she could relate because as i referenced (oddly enough…hmm, an omen?) in my last post – her and i both landed on our tushes while learning to rollerblade and ever since i lovingly blame my mom for our curvaceous back-sides which i am now convinced render me forever prone to grativational-force induced bum injuries.

so: after setting my agressive and oh-so-exciting new plan on monday, i SO got derailed.  or de-footed, however you want to look at it.  regardless. no bueno. i literally couldn’t sit and getting in and out of the car took my breath away.  however, my absolutely incredibly amazing chiropracter sean clark at newport coast medical (total plug because he’s crazy good) adjusted me and while my booty is still bruised, everything’s back in place and now i just walk like i have some massive junk in my trunk – more like a waddle, but i’m healing.  but now that i’ve entertained you with my pain, herein is the point: you will inevitably fall on your a** (g-rated here people), but we can’t control life right, so what’s important is to adjust, assess, and then re-plan your attack.   here’s a recent snippit from an article i wrote for one of our corporate wellness programs:

prepare for setbacks
Life is unpredictable, but if you plan for the best and prepare for setbacks, you’re more likely to reach your goals. Here’s the thing: if you don’t plan to workout at all, chances are – you won’t workout at all. If you plan to workout 4 days and “life happens” and you only workout 2 days – you’re still better off by a score of 2! The plan is a blueprint and the idea is to do your best – not make you feel bad if you don’t meet your goals all the time. The problem is not that we get bucked off the horse – it’s that we don’t get back on. So be prepared that you will inevitably have days where you will miss a workout even if you have the best of intentions – or you’ll succumb to emotional mindless eating and wonder who raided the bag of chips only to realize it was you. You’re human – give yourself a break, pick yourself up and get back on the horse. Giddy up!

so whether you get bucked off a kitchen chair like me, or your bucking bronco is a maybe traveling or social events where you have less control.  whatever it is, you have to be prepared that we can’t be in control 100% of the time.  let me give you an example of how my rut busting new 12-week plan got a little derailed, and how i’ve managed to adapt.  how can you apply some of these principles to your life?

rut-busting plan: do p90x 5 days a week + pilates + spin
busted-a** reality:  there was no way in you-know-what i was going to knock out a lower-body or a back workout this week being as tweaked as i was, but i so rocked the chest/back/abs monday, the injury-inducing ploy workout on tuesday, and then the arms/shoulder workout which i could do with no pain…so i managed to get 3 in.  but instead of just skipping my lower body workout i added in another day of the chest/back and another arms/shoulder day. not my plan at all, but it literally hurt to bend over slightly to do a tricep kickback so lower body was not happening.  i’m also traveling this week so i happily packed my p90x and resistance band thinking i could knock out those workouts in my hotel room – good intention, but not a reality.  i’m still hurting too much to do any kenpo and i’m certainly too scared to do plyo again – but luckily i have my workouts written in my fitbook and could hit the hotel gym.  pilates – spin? um, no.  see my cardio plan below.

rut-busting plan: run 3 days a week training for my 1/2 marathon
busted-a** reality: i woke up at 5:30am and had an awesome run monday morning – what a great start to my new plan!  but running now is not even an option.  any type of cardio is actually extremely painful.  so…i walk.  i’ve been walking excessively just to make sure i get some sort of cardio in and today was the first day i even ventured onto a treadmill because i was concerned if i tripped it would be excruciatingly painful to catch myself.  so walk walk walk.  since i came to san francisco for IHRSA, it was great-timing too…you do a ton of walking at these shows and of course i walk the city so while i can’t run, i’m active as much as possible.

rut-busting plan: juice every day! (like fresh veggie + fruit juice, not sugary smoothie yogurt stuff). 
busted-a** reality: monday through thursday – solid.  can’t even tell you how much energy they give me and i find myself craving them – no joke. (quick fave recipe: 1 apple, 2 carrots, 1 cucumber, bunch of kale, and a 1″ chunk of ginger…mmm)  i even woke up at 4:45am with 20m built-in to my pre-flight plan so i could juice at home. so worth it. then i thought: it’s san francisco – surely there’s some hip juice bar.  hmm…not so much.  jamba juice just launched a new “5 fruits + veggies juice” and the first ingredient in one is apple juice. no.  so i google from my hotel room “juice bar union square” and ta-da! a juice zone that offers fresh juices only 9 city blocks away.  sold – a brisk morning walk, see the city by foot, and get my greens.  so i trek all the way there and i kid you not there are wood slats across the doors and it’s closed down. major juice-buzz-kill.  so i saunter back to my hotel, swing in starbucks which always perks me up and opt instead for my short sumatra and perfect oatmeal with nuts & cinnamon (no splenda…remember, no processed foods for 12 weeks!).  note to self: next business might be a chic juice bar in san fran union square.  (ah, the brain of an entrepreneur)

rut-busting plan: no processed foods for 12-weeks
busted-a** reality: ok so i didn’t really struggle on this one. it’s pretty easy actually because being (or feeling) immobile or unable to get in a major sweat-drenched cardio workout leaves me extra careful about what i put into my body.  but just because i didn’t fall off the bandwagon doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bumpy ride.  traveling is tough and i practice what i preach about traveling healthy (read my no-excuses post): i packed almonds, i took apples & bananas, and packed my workout gear. good girl!  but when i got here thursday night i was starving and didn’t want to sit down to a sodium-packed meal since i got back to the hotel so late.  so instead i find out there’s a bristol farms in the mall about 3 blocks away and, while i was so hungry i could’ve eaten my arm, i meandered over there, and got an uber-healthy salad packed with veggies from their salad bar and headed back to my hotel room to nosh and then nod-off.  case-in-point: sometimes it’s more convenient to eat out – but sometimes it’s not necessary and you just need to be creative.  will i eat out while i’m here? of course, but not every meal.  3 days, eating out every day…regardless of how much money that saves (hello, it’s san francisco) – what’s more important is all the crud that you put in your body.  i’ll enjoy one nice meal out – grilled fish perhaps with veggies (hold the oil), and a glass of vino (mmm) and maybe a piece of dark chocolate for my night cap.  the key is being creative in situations where it’s not convenient, but being successful at anything isn’t always convenient, now is it?

what’s that saying? “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” i disagree – because, first of all, i’m not really on the whole “hell-journey” – not really the destination i’m going for. but good intentions are just that, “good”.  but intentions are only half the battle.  how about this instead:

“good intentions coupled with a solid plan of action lead to success.”
~angela manzanares

(yes, i just quoted myself….and made that up in the last 20 seconds)

case in point: my plan this week rocked. then i literally got knocked on my a** – but i looked at my goals, reassessed what was possible given my limitations of pain, movement, and also traveling this week, and created a plan to still reach those goals.  the point is – i may not reach the goal of 5 p90x workouts this week (or if i do my arms will be killing me!), and i may not juice every day, and doctor’s orders i can’t run – but i can walk, gosh darn it.  but it’s not the end of the world.  you gotta keep focused – keep your eye on the prize, because if you don’t you’ll get bucked off.  and this cowgirl can’t get bucked off that easy.

[mental image: me sauntering off into the sunset, full cowgirl get-up, with a painful booty waddle.]

go get em’!

5 Responses to “falling flat on your a**: it happens.”

  1. 03.19.11 at 3:56 am

    I’m glad to hear that your injuries are relatively minor. Thank you for the motivation… I fell on my a** figuratively in mid-January when I got the flu & a sinus infection and I never really got back up. I will get back on track. Maybe I’ll even order a fitbook to keep me on track. Thanks! 🙂

  2. 03.19.11 at 7:16 am

    Hopefully you will get back in the saddle in notime!

    I just started my new weight lifting routine, and so it happens that I cut my finger really bad (the d*rn veggies..) It’s still healing.

    I set my mind to a totally clean diet (inspired after your last post) but yesterday “someone” had the fridge filled with cheese and other no-no-goodies.

    New day. Back in the saddle. (And I’m training “around” my injury, hopefully you can do that too!)

  3. 3 Cristina silvestre
    03.19.11 at 8:49 pm

    Just what I needed to hear!
    Thanks Angela
    Ps. Hope your butt is on the mend

  4. 4 Billie Gardner
    03.20.11 at 3:11 pm

    Perfect timing…I hurt my knee the same day you hurt your back side. I have a fitbook and love it! I’m reaching my goals! So, instead of saying “I will sit on my butt all week” I decided to do upper body workouts and stomach, like you did. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not the only one who fell on their arse this week. Hope you heal quickly!

  5. 03.21.11 at 5:15 pm

    Love your quote. It is going to have to go in the next fitbook version 🙂

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