my daddy: from flabby to fit!

it’s father’s day – and i miss my daddy…for a few reasons:

1)  even though we’re always close at heart, we’re 1700 miles apart. him in colorado, me in california.  so when everyone is celebrating father’s day with their dad, i’m sending his homemade card in advance (see this year’s card on the right!), calling 3 times that day just so he knows i love him, and sending at least one ecard.  sometimes when there are miles in between you literally have to go that extra mile…but then again, when you have a dad like mine – it’s worth it.

2) …and the second reason i miss my daddy especially this father’s day, is well, there’s literally less of him to love.  read on.

last december dad called me one day just to talk to me and tell me how frustrated he was with being a little overweight. and, like all people that i talk to of course i listen, try to provide guidance, but especially with family and friends you have to tread lightly.  people have to really want something for themselves – and while he’d talked to me before, i knew this time was different.  he got to that point that we all get to where he was just done feeling his belly overlap his jeans, tired of the shirt buttons being tight, and having no energy – not to mention his health.  the “wake up call” for him was that his doctor told him that according to his BMI he was “obese”.  you would have never looked at him and thought he was obese – maybe just 20lbs overweight, but according to his BMI – he was.

so just a few weeks later, santa brought dad a black ‘live life fit’ t-shirt (which, i need to send him a large now that the xl is too big!), a fitbook black, and a complete workout + nutrition plan. for his workouts plan i upped his cardio to burn more calories and then integrated strength training, which he wasn’t doing at all.  then every 4 weeks, we’d switch up the plan to keep him challenged mentally & physically.  for his nutrition plan, after extensive questioning on what foods he likes/dislikes, what his cravings are, and what worked with his schedule, i gave him a complete meal plan (plus a grocery shopping list for the momma).  and because my parents do eat out a lot, i gave him a complete list of all the places they eat out and 2 or 3 options of what and how to order at each restaurant.  we never muttered the word “calories”, but  instead focused on portion control, slowing down his eating (“no pre-loading the fork!”), and eating smaller meals more often.  his only requirement was he had to write down everything in his fitbook.  and while i spent about 4-6 hours with him while i was home for the holidays – after the plane left the runway, he was on his own.

over the next 6 months i’d help tweak his workouts, answer any questions he might have about nutrition, switch up his menu when he got bored – but really, he was solo.  i wasn’t there to make him workout.  i wasn’t there to watch what he ate.  once he completed a fitbook, he’d mail it to me…we’d walk through little tweaks he could make to see better results, and off he’d go.  he’d have rough days every now and then, like we all do – but what i saw this time was he was committed to this for the long-term, not just the quick results and give up if he didn’t get instant gratification.  

fast forward to the first weekend in june of this year. i flew home for my cousin’s wedding and when my dad got out of the car at the airport, i literally couldn’t believe my eyes.  he looked so amazing!  (here’s a photo of me with my handsome daddy at the wedding a few weeks ago)  over the next week that i spent with him, i quickly realize that this man had made complete lifestyle changes and that is why he was so successful.  here’s what i saw:

* usually when i go home my mom emails me to ask me what i need from the grocery store – “my food” as they call it because i eat so differently than my parents. they’re not unhealthy by any means but in their world, i take it to a new level.  i listed off what i needed and mom said they already have that stuff – that’s dad’s food now.  all i needed to special order was my “blue milk” as they jokingly refer to my skim milk – and i’ve proudly got them down to 2% from whole!  sure enough – i get home and the fridge is stocked with pre-bagged 4oz grilled chicken breasts, pre-cooked sweet potatoes, bags of spinach…it was heaven to see this change.

* when we had a family dinner at a nearby mexican restaurant, my dad ordered before me and all i had to say was “i’ll have what he’s having”…grilled chicken breast, fajita vegetables, light cheese, & avocado in a whole wheat tortilla.  it was like teaching someone all you know and sitting back watching them take flight!  he was making the good choices, on his own, and barely touching the tortilla chips.  who was this man?

* he’s been obsessed (yes obsessed) with his workouts.  they’re online, free, and they’re new everyday.  it’s called liveexercise.com and i’m in no way associated with them – but of course i find out later that dad sent them an email telling them about fitbook.  of course he did – he’s the man that taught me how to do business!  so this website is free new workouts each day using the bodylastics resistance band system.  so my dad doesn’t have a normal “door jam” in the basement where he works out. so as soon as i get home he wants to show off his rigged up bodylastics system which is some combination of a 2″x4″, metal hooks to anchor and clip his resistance bands, and then of course he tim-taylored the board against the ceiling so it’s solid…..*grunt grunt* (that’s tim taylor from tooltime if you’re not well-versed in this language that frequents communications in our family). 

those lifestyle changes are what need to happen to see results.  so speaking of results, here are the numbers behind my dad’s last 6 months of hard work:

  • lost 18lbs and 9 1/2″ (with 4″ of that coming off his belly – his “trouble” area)
  • went from a snug-fitting size 36 jeans to a lose-fitting size 34
  • lowered his cholesterol by 12 points
  • reduced his blood pressure from 110/78 to 102/64

am i braggin? yes, it’s my blog & i’ll brag if i want to.  i’m beyond proud of my daddy and what he’s accomplished.  he has more energy and is enjoying life more  – a byproduct of feeling your best and reaching goals that you set for yourself.  so of course my conversation with him before i left this last time was how he was going to reward himself – something that everyone seems to forget.  so momma’s taking him shopping this weekend to by him a snazzy new pair of seven jeans – in a size smaller of course.  and his father’s day gift from me: this cool new contraption that i found through my girl kim lyons – a little all-inclusive resistance band system that is inside this case that opens up and is a step so you can integrate cardio into your workout.  it’s called the journey gym and i want dad to have one so when he travels he can take his workout anywhere – much more portable than a 9′ long 2×4!  (p.s. dad – hopefully you receive this in the mail before you’re reading this!!)

so if anything – i hope my dad’s story can inspire you that anyone can reach their goals…you just have to commit to 100%.  don’t say you’re going to try and start eating healthy & working out.  as nike says, just do it.  wishing all you dads out there a happy father’s day – ‘specially mine.  love you daddy – i adore you.

(or as daddy calls me – punkin’)


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