day 15 of 28: nancy schmancy

after a much-needed weekend of rest (well, for my body anyway), i was ready to hit the gym today full-force. luckily my motivation (aka trainer jeff) was there.  i push myself hard, but there’s something about having him stand right by me, watching me sprint…i just keep upping the speed!  now, nevermind the fact that my heart is about to jump out of my chest and i feel like i’m two breaths away from my lungs giving out, but oh no…up the speed goes!  not very many people make me push this hard – and yes, even trainers have trainers. whether it be a personal trainer or even a friend that you’re slighly competitive with….having someone there is surefire way to step it up!

ok so nancy….nancy, nancy, nancy.  as i mentioned yesterday, this workout was 5 sets of circuiting a 400m run with 15 overhead squats.  sprint 1…cake (7.0)…overhead squats with 45# barbell, 15…bam! second set (upped speed to 7.5)…15 squats, i so got this.  ok, third sprint i was feeling confident (read: competitive) so the speed hit 8.0.  mind you, i’m 5’2″ so i have like miniature legs!   i probably looked like my little yorkie mylo trying to keep up with me on a walk.  3rd set of overhead squats, definitely feeling it.  and sprints 4 & 5 had my heart rate through the roof with the speed at 8.5…sheesh!  i knocked out the last sets of overhead squats but they were a bit shaky toward the end and my shoulders were JUST as tired as my poor little 2″ long legs.  i booked it – and seriously was drenched after just 16 minutes (and 26 seconds) of this killer crossfit workout.  take that nancy! 

i don’t forget to eat meals…i just don’t.  like my little tummy is trained to growl at me at least every 3 hours.  my mom said when i was little i was the same way…i ate like a bird…but i was eating every few hours!  today was an exception though.  oh, i was hungry – just no time to stop and eat!  i don’t really like those days…i get cranky.  finally finding time to eat lunch around 3:30, with a workout at 4:30 i wasn’t in for eating a big lunch so i had a little cottage cheese & berries to fuel my workout and a post-workout pumpkin protein shake.  if you’ve never tried it before, it’s to die for: in a blender, mix together 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix…it’s loaded with sugar!), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and a dash of pumpkin pie spice.  blend well – then add in 4 or 5 ice cubes to get it to a nice milk-shakey consistency.  [word on the street that there may be another pumpkin shortage: STOCK UP!]  trying to get my nutrition back on track, i came home and made a conglomeratoin of ground turkey, asparagus, onion, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms with a little cheese.  frozen grapes with cottage cheese & walnuts for a little beddy-bye snack and i’m good to go!

i’m exhausted. mentally, physically…i’ve just been going non-stop for the past week with not much downtime at night or on weekends. this is life sometimes.  i’m starting to feel sniffly.  my little immune system is fighting like hell to keep me from getting sick.  i just need to get through wednesday…but i know at this rate i’m going to burn out. some people have told me before: just skip your workouts, and sleep instead.  there are days where i listen to my body and know that’s what i need to do.  but i’ve always said that the number one reason i workout (honestly) is because it helps me manage stress and deal with the craziness that life can throw your way.  on days like THIS it’s even more critical that i release my stress in a healthy way by taking it out on the barbell (versus, say at the bar!).  i choose to push myself because it makes me more effective the rest of the time.  there are times when i get to sleep til 8, take off early on fridays, and lay on the beach all weekend.  but not right now. sometimes you have to buckle down and power through.  shoot, if i can conquer nancy (and fran and the lumberjack 20!)…i can do just about anything.

seriously…has anybody tried any of these workouts?  join me in my pain please, won’t you?
get ready for tomorrow: 3 mile run.  i’ve never looked forward to a run more in my life…i can handle that. are you dialed in? today is exactly 12 weeks til 2012 – so crack open a new fitbook, set those goals, and plan to welcome 2012 fit + healthy!

tiredly yours,


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