day 16 of 28: sick…tired…and smiling!

rather than complain for the next 1657 words (you know i’m capable)…i will just say that the past few weeks have whooped me. we’re working on a game-changing project for fitlosophy and the head-honcho here is pooped. working nights and weekends too has caught up with me…and yes, i still love what i do.  we entrepreneurs, we’re kinda our own breed.  operating on little sleep, working long hours, and of course still fitting in (most of) my grueling crossfit workouts for the past 2 weeks: it’s taken a toll. sore throat, sniffly nose, and a headache….and all i keep thinking is “i can’t get sick!  like 3 more days and this is gonna be done, c’mon body – don’t fail me now!”.  i think the only reason i haven’t gotten full-blown sick is because i’m willing it away – and i have a very strong suspicion that when i finally stop long enough to rest, it’s gonna get me. so i’m loading up on zicam, vitamin c, water, and um, not so much sleep.  (do as i say, not as i do, right?) 

and why, you might ask, would one submit themselves to this?  well for me, it’s not torture – but a highly intense passion that drives me even whenever i’m exhausted. and if you have something you love as much as i love this little company, then you can relate.  i see fitlosophy maybe the way some people see their soul mates.  (stay with me here.)  i have wanted to be an entrepreneur since i was, well…born.  it’s part of who i am.  when i was little i thought i owned my dad’s business and was quite the little bigshot (or so i thought).  but then something happened once i left college and got a job: my mind was always turning with ideas. i wanted to own my own business, but what was i passionate about?  i knew from watching my parents how grueling it could be and had heard that you only want to do something you love – because there are some days you don’t like it.  so it took years for me to realize that what i was looking for was right in front of me.  so i “married” my passion for fitness with my desire to be an entrepreneur, and almost four years later…with a lot of blood, sweat & (lots of) tears: i’m still in love.

case in point: it’s all worth it for days like today that brought only good news, better news, and great news! 

  • target reported back to us that they are (quote) “excited about how well fitbook is doing over other products in its category!”  success is ranked on $PSPW (dollars per store per week) and then compared against similiar products.  so for our category, $5.30 is considered HIGH/GOOD.  yeah, my baby fitbook is averaging $5.78…well over the threshold!  our whole team was cheerin’ as fitbook is doing well at target stores nationwide after only 3 weeks….some stores reportedly sold out!
  • fitlosophy received our VERY first press coverage for the company in a local newspaper, the daily pilot.  fitbook has proudly been featured in mags like fitness, pregnancy, health, shape…but it’s always a quick blip…a recommended product (which we LOVE!).  but hello, 1/2 page feature on the company including pics!  not only that, but i love the message that was communicated – it truly encompassed what we’re trying to do.  meeting with the reporter, doing a little photo shoot…i must say i felt quite special and proud of all our team has accomplished. watch out entrepreneur magazine…i’ve SO got my eye on your 40 under 40 issue!
  • and finally, reminding me why i do what i do every day, i received a heartfelt email from a fitbooker who reached out to me asking if i’d coach/train with her over skype…she felt like she could relate to me, that i could understand her, and help her reach her goals.  the fact that she felt like she knew me…that she felt comfortable enough to reach out, means that i’m achieving the goal of creating a company and brand that is “real”.  this has been my goal all along. so while i don’t have time to sign each invoice with a “live life fit…love, angela!” in a red pen (yes i did this when i sent orders from my living room floor), we are still able to connect with our fitbookers and change lives.  and i will make time for her….because that’s why i do what i do.

so what does this have to do with crossfit? um, not much.  2 things: 1) i’m dying from the workout yesterday and 2) i’m gonna do everything in my power to not get sick so i can stick out the next 14 days. already seeing results in just this 16 days: i’m sold!

back to work…




7 Responses to “day 16 of 28: sick…tired…and smiling!”

  1. 2 Cristal
    10.05.11 at 2:58 am

    Congrats on all the recent success…you work hard and you deserve it. I think I got one of those invoices – I remember thinking that it was a nice touch although I didn’t “know you” at the time. I should have saved it – it’ll be worth major $ when you’re on the cover of Forbes! 🙂

  2. 10.05.11 at 3:14 am

    awww….you’ve been a fitbooker for that long! wow…i should do a survey and find all my first year fitbookers. that’s so special! and hey – if you want another invoice, i’ll send you one…just say the word. it may not be worth much now, but it would be sent with love!!

  3. 4 Monski1430
    10.05.11 at 6:02 am

    smiling ear to ear miss ya honey.

  4. 10.06.11 at 5:15 pm

    Yay! Cheers to hard work and making strides.

  5. 10.07.11 at 1:31 am

    Ang, I am so happy for you. I have never ever doubted who you are and what you can do. And as you know i can relate. I am in Pittsburgh hotel room 2 hours sleep after non-stop meetings with potential clients. I am dead tired but can’t sleep because of all the opportunities in front of me.

    My only question, who will get to entrepreneur magazine first?

  6. 10.07.11 at 3:34 am

    i agree ramon…completely! and as far as entrepreneur magazine goes, you may get there first…but odds are you won’t make the 40 under 40 list…just sayin’! 😉 think you passed that mark buddy! xoxo

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