day 24 of 28: hamster wheel

ever had seasons in your life where you keep spinnin’ your wheels as hard as you can and you get nowhere? you’re putting everything you have into your work, your relationships, your workouts…everything, and yet it still seems like you are literally going nowhere.  ok, i’m so not in that place (right now). ha! you thought i was going to diverge into some soliloquy right?  you know me too well, but no. however this hamster wheel is exactly the experience i had this morning during my 30 minute workout: “chelsea”. 

i get bored easily. i’m distratcted by bright shiny objects and have a tendency to get off track when i’m not stimulated or challenged mentally.  as i stated yesterday, however, crossfit has challenged me probably just as much mentally as physically.  the workout today seemed simple enough: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats on the minute, every minute for 30 total minutes.  so 30 sets. but my thought was that i’d have rest time so this would be cake!  why i ever thought such a silly thing is beyond me. mind you, i had to do 10 pull-ups instead of 5 because you double when you “modify” – the modification in this case being assisted pull-ups.  as soon as i did set one i knew i was in for it.  time for set 1? 53 seconds. la-de-da, i got a glorious 7 second rest before having to hit the next set!  what? i so didn’t sign up for this. 

so i’d say about by set #12 i was so mentally fatiqued from repeating the  S A M E  D A R N  exercises over and OvEr and OVER!  i swear to you that all i could think of was those poor little hamsters that run their teeny tiny legs off, quickly, but go nowhere – nowhere at all.  i was getting mentally fatigued from the repetition – and well, physically fatigued for obvious reasons.  and that’s when the mental part of crossfit kicks in.  when you get to a point where you just can’t give anymore, you just push through and prove yourself wrong.  there’s a beautiful thing about being a crossfit newbie: you don’t fear some of the workouts because they seem harmless at first glance. my naivete has transformed into a very real respect and possibly a tad bit of fear knowing that every time i will be either psychologically challenged, physically beaten down, or – more often than not – both.

300 pull-ups
300 push-ups
450 squats

[in 30 minutes]


in the zone today (pun-intended), i made a killer post-workout breakfast: pumpkin protein pancakes (get the recipe – subscribe here before tomorrow!).  they were filling, scrumptious, and a perfect zone/block ensemble. the rest of the day included: coffee (of course), (oops i missed my first snack!), lunch with spinach, ground turkey, avocado, cucumber & tomato salad, an afternoon snack of greek yogurt, frozen pineapple and a handful of peanuts, and dinner was an egg-white omelette with black beans, veggies, cheese & 1 corn tortilla.  dessert as i blog? frozen grapes!

supposedly it’s 80 at the beach this weekend. so i’m zonin’ in on my nutrition the next few days so i can sleekly sport the bikini.  after, of course my friday 6am workout that jeff norcross described as “insane” (heaven help me) and 8am pilates on saturday. only 4 days left of the 28-day crossfit challenge. if you want to keep your trim summer bod that you worked so hard for, don’t start slackin’ once there’s a chill in the air and layers of clothes to hide under.  kick it in gear now! 

now pardon me while i retire to the couch to do absolutely nothing – this little hamster is wiped!


2 Responses to “day 24 of 28: hamster wheel”

  1. 10.21.11 at 7:56 pm

    Long time since last time I visited you blog..You’re going strong as always!
    I love a good Crossfit, I always carry a plan with several combos in my gymbag, always one that will fit in for the day!

  2. 10.21.11 at 11:42 pm

    Yikes. I did 100 BW squats yesterday and am limping today. So you go girl! I look forward to being able to go cross fit too!

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