day 27/28 of 28: the end (and new beginnings)

all good things must come to an end. hopefully some of you joined me on on this 28-day crossfit program to kickstart your health.  if you did, well then you got a little glimpse into the crossfit world to see that while it’s intense, it’s not impossible – and it will get you in shape….fast.  i, for one, will still be integrating these type of workouts into my weekly plan because they most definitely shock your body – and also challenge your mind just as intensely.

the holidays are upon us, with candy corns & bite-size snickers invading the workplace (and making a home in your tummy). soon the pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes and turkey lurkeys will be here and before you know it, there will be candy canes, egg nog, and holiday parties galore!  so you have two choices here: 1) sit back and accept that you’re going to enjoy adding 7lbs on between now and new years (this is the average, really!) or 2) make a plan to rock a hot bod under the disco ball come january 1st, 2012. 10 weeks – just TEN WEEKS til then. perfect timing to get our rears in gear!  the wonderful news is that you can still enjoy the holidays & be healthy at the same time.

as the saying goes:“when one door closes, another one opens.” but what this saying doesn’t clarify is that the doors don’t always open by themselves. you have to keep knockin’, turnin’ handles, and be actively seeking opportunities.  while it’s easy to plop on the couch on a sunday night and do nothing, odds are that you’ll be more successful this week if you make an effort, do something different, and set yourself up for success.  crack open your fitbook, or heck grab a blank notebook or even a new note in your iphone…whatever. sit down and thing long and hard about what you want your life to look like come 2012.  i promise you this, that time will go by and you’ll arrive at the new year no matter what.  but if you set out with a plan, odds are you’re going to be exactly where you want to be – or at the very least, a little bit closer.  here are some ideas as you seek new opportunities to create your best self:

  • commit to prepping your proteins (chicken, fish, turkey, etc.) and grains (quinoa, brown/wild rice) each sunday night when you’re already making dinner – that way you’ve got healthy ingredients  ready to grab and go!
  • enjoy the seasonal veggies that are available and make a goal to try a new one each week for the next 10 weeks. i’m trying roasted acorn & butternut squash tonight – found the recipe from seasons52 that i LOVE! next week i’ll take a stab at actually cooking pumpkin vs. using the can opener!
  • take initiative at the holiday parties to take a healthy option and nosh on your own treat like fresh fruit skewers, popcorn, a veggie tray with hummus, or healthy sweet potatoes!  then mentally make note of how many not-so-healthy treats you will (keyword) ENJOY sans guilt – and then stick to it!
  • make a goal for ten weeks to get your workouts in EARLY – you’re 75% more likely to stick to your routine.  plan it in your schedule and get at least 4-5 days a week in. with holiday parties, school functions for kiddos & family time galore, odds are your workout will get skipped if it’s after work. try it…10 weeks, make that your goal!

see look at that – a whole LIST of goals that have NOTHING (absolutely nothing) to do with calories, losing weight, or depriving yourself.  so enjoy yourself as we head into the holiday season – and take the time to actively make choices every day to ring in the new year as the best YOU yet. don’t be part of a statistic and wait til january 1st to getting healthy. why wait? start now. NOW!  think of it this way: would you rather maintain your weight over the next 10 weeks and start the new year off right – or head into it already frustrated with 7lbs more to lose?

so thank you trainer jeff norcross for putting together this KILLER crossfit kickstart program that has literally lit a fire under my backside.  i am now going to up the level of intensity of ALL my workouts because now i know what i’m capable of.  it’s amazing how sometimes you see an obstacle before you – whether it be a workout, a job opportunity, a relationship, or even your not-so-angelic two-year-old…and it seems like too much.  but something that i’ve learned over the past few years is this: you WILL get through it and often times you’re a better person because of it.  there were days when i literally looked at these workouts and didn’t think i could do it…or jeff will confirm hearing me say that i wanted to quit.  but i didn’t. 

some may say that endings are bad, but i beg to differ – sometimes it’s a positive.  killer workouts, silly arguments, tough projects at work, and even temper tantrums come to an end (thankfully) – and new beginnings  lie ahead.

so what lies ahead?
stay tuned.

the end.


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