20twelve [wk1]: i so got this.

ok, raise your hands if you have an insane amount of motivation any time you start a new program?  me…me…me!  that’s how i felt starting this 20twelve program that we kicked off just this week. so what, you might ask, is different this time than any other 12-weeks that i’ve attempted (sometimes succeeded, sometimes not-so-much)? i’m not in it alone.  the greatest part about this program is that

my inspiration for the week (what's yours?)

(selfishly) i designed it to be a team effort so that i (and you) don’t have to go it alone. i’ve got both tianna + anne marie (my girls of fitlosophy) on-board, along with our 5 fab fitbookers who you’ll meet over the next 12 weeks (including my daddy!), not to mention all the fitbookers on twitter + facebook on the 20twelve bandwagon.  this has absolutely nothing to do with me creating programs, meal plans, recipes, and all that FOR you….it’s my way of bribing all 1000 of you enrolled to do this with me!

why am i in this? well…let me be honest:  um over the past few months my skinny jeans are on the (ultra) snug side with the remnants of a little roll coming out over the top (yes, it’s true)….i used to be able to knock out 50 push-ups and 20 are a challenge for me right now…my energy level is low on most days…and frankly, i just don’t like how i feel.  can you relate?  after ever-so-brilliantly busting my tailbone, finally letting it heal, only to fall again – my body fat crept from about 14% to where it’s at now at 21%. i was so happy i hadn’t gained any weight (just a shift in composition which was inevitable) while my injury healed…and then (da da dunnnn…) : the holidays.  here’s a neat fact: you can’t enjoy those once a year treats, few extra glasses of wine, and mediocre workouts for a week when you don’t have as much muscle!  my little body used to be like an incinerator, so i could enjoy those things every now + then.  well, let me be the first to tell you that when you don’t have as much muscle, no bueno on the el food-o. so holidays, new years, and then a birthday soon after left me standing in my closet trying to decide whether i go shopping for new clothes or resort to an entire wardrobe of black stretchy legging pants (hey, they’re in style!).

on top of all that (please, feel free to interrupt at any time and tell me to stop with the excuses!)…fortunately fitlosophy has been doing very well (thank you Lord!), but unfortunately that means this chief fitlosopher has went from a gym rat to a desk jockey, working well into the night, sleeping very little, traveling multiple times a month, and some days taking in all coffee, no water, and surviving on hand fulls of nuts when i get a chance to breath! (ok, no one feels sorry for me. all my friends with kids are rolling their eyes as they read this.)  why do i tell you all this? because: i get it.  i get skipping workouts.  i get eating a bowl of cereal at 11pm because you’re up working til 2.  i get not feeling like cooking when you get home late.  and i get that doing all those things just add up and leave you feeling like a failure and so the cycle continues.

hence, 20twelve.

so week one, i must proudly report: i so got this.  was it easy, no.  i’ve found the only difference between my success and not reaching my goals is making those teeny tiny hard decisions.  i try to look at it this way: everything i have in my life, i worked very very hard for.  and so why would this be any different.  yes, i preach about enjoying things in moderation (which you should), and living a healthy, balanced life (that too)…but sometimes, you have to get to the point where you want something bad enough that you go all in.

case in point: monday + tuesday, rocked my workouts…it’s easy when you’re on fire.  wednesday, somehow found the willpower to wake up for 5:30am before my flight. thursday, meetings all day and with the east cost time difference a 6am workout wasn’t an option…but i still fit in a long walk on the treadmill and upper body workout in the saddest hotel workout room you’ve ever seen.  so you can imagine how excited i was to then wake up and do it again the next morning.  i literally walked in there, walked back out and just stared at the darn door as though it was taunting me.  and honestly, the only reason i turned right back around was because of you…because i don’t want to preach and not do.  i didn’t want to make an excuse like “i didn’t feel like it” (because i didn’t).  i told myself: just 20 min.  and low & behold, somehow i got the treadmill moving and did my 20 minutes of sprints and my lower body workout.  those are the days that i think you truly build character: when you make a small choice that defines how you want to do life. are you in or are you going to wimp out?

so i reached one of my weekly goals just by working out all 3 days i was traveling (check!).  then, exhausted from traveling, i totally missed spin class saturday morning! all i really wanted to do saturday was spin. but, rather than getting frustrated, i headed to the beach with my ultra-competitive boyfriend. and so what was intended to be a nice little stroll on the beach resulted in hill sprints, stair runs, and me gasping (gasping!) for air.  proud of myself, i still wanted to spin because i’d written in my fitbook i’d get in a spin class (love my spin)…so i rearranged my weekend to go to church saturday so i could hit spin sunday.  extreme? maybe. but i know what happens when i make one exception: i fall off.  so spin it was at 9:30am at the new equinox in irvine, thanks to their little ‘bring a friend for free’ during valentine’s.  fab class – and exactly what i needed to reach all my goals for the week.

eating wise: spot on. well, mostly. given that i was traveling, i did good: packing my tuna, oatmeal, trail mix, and even carrying on veggies & hummus.  i must admit (don’t laugh) that literally writing everything down in my fitbook helped me stay on track while i was traveling. yes, i use it all the time – but sometimes when i travel i get off-track…so another goal i met this week: writing in my fitbook every day.    my reward for the week: going shopping with my gift card at nordstrom’s rack! (now, just to find the time…hmm, lunch break tomorrow perhaps?)

it feels so good to be on track and honestly, i haven’t weighed for the week (i’m not big on it really)…but i can tell you this: reaching my goals (for me) is more about how i feel inside than how i look on the outside.  of course i wanna squeeze a little bit more comfortably into my skinny jeans.  and i will.  but i can guarantee for sure that just getting back in the routine and feeling good about myself will get me there a lot faster than any diet or workout program any day.

i wanna know how you fitbookers are doing too – i’ll share my progress with you week-by-week on my blog. all the recipes, workouts and all that fun stuff will come to your inbox on sundays and check out the 20twelve page for all the downloads.  and if you haven’t joined, do…we’re only on week 2!  but if you wanna know what’s going on in my little world throughout this process, you’ll find out more than you want to know here on my blog and randomly on facebook and twitter.

now: off to prep my food + plan my week! oh wait, that’s already done with the 20twelve workouts. i kinda like this being told what to do each week thing…even if i helped design it.  (go download everything: promise, they’re handy + pretty too!)

very sorely (muscle, that is) yours,


1 Response to “20twelve [wk1]: i so got this.”

  1. 1 Kim
    02.13.12 at 2:13 pm

    Yes THANK you for this program!! It was exactly the right timing for me as well and I’m finding myself doing much better with diet and exercise choices without the stress I felt before. I did weigh in and lost almost five lbs this week. That’s a big number, but it was relatively easy – I stuck to my no pop (or soda depending on where you are from!) rule, ate out WAY less for lunch than I had been, and drank tons of water while sticking to my exercise plan of 5 days last week. Sometimes I get amazed at how easy it can really be to be healthy – all it takes is a conscious effort and a little planning ahead.

    I am prepped for this week, will be posting on the blog in a day or two some recipes that I made based on your meal planning sheet and am really excited. I feel great and feel like this is actually for the first time in a very very long time that I can actually not only lose weight, but not be completely miserable while doing it 🙂

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