20twelve [wk3]: triggers that trip me up!

seriously, we’re 3 weeks in already? um…i’d totally be lying if i said everything is just going perfectly.  horrible? nah.  but perfect – not quite.  *gasp* wow, i’m just like you – go figure!  here’s the thing: week one, i’m gung ho! what was the title of my first week’s blog? “i so got this!“.  and i even preach to everyone not to go to crazy in week one, because you’ll wear out…but yet, i think in the excitement of it all – it’s just natural.  so then week 2: reality check.  that’s when life happens (i.e. traveling, dinners out, happy hours, late night working).  and so , that leads us straight into week 3 that leaves you feeling like you’re either going to bail or buckle down.  while in week 1, we set those big goals, come around week three it’s time to reevaluate (check out this vid) – and then analyze what are those little things that keep tripping you up?

i’ll share mine:

  • trip-up #1: skipped or blah workouts
    between traveling and working late during the week, sometimes my workouts don’t necessarily get missed…but they take a backseat.  meaning, if i plan a morning workout and i accidentally hit snooze, my workout gets shortened by that much and i don’t get in that “killer” workout i’d planned.  or if i’m traveling, yes i hit the hotel fitness center, but it’s usually at 8:30pm when i’m exhausted resulting in a less-than-stellar sweat session.  and heaven forbid i plan to workout after work and come 7pm i still can’t get away – so one voice in my head is saying “go home, you need rest, you know you want to!” and the voice that (usually) wins is saying “just go to the gym – you’ll feel better!”.
    my trick: honestly, the only thing i found to beat this trap is (yes, you know it) – the fitbook.  if i don’t plan my workouts ahead of time on sunday, with exact times and locations, the odds of them happening are very slim.  so…i sit down with my fitbook and my outlook calendar, and pencil-in my workouts, even to the level of detail that if i’m traveling i look at flight times so i know if i need to workout before my flight or when i get to my destination that night. if the day of travel is too tight to fit it in, well that automatically becomes my off day and i just try to get in a stroll at the airport!  i truly believe this: “fail to plan, plan to fail.
  • trip-up #2: the weekends
    this SHOULD be the easiest time to fit in workouts, make healthy food, prep…yadda, yadda, yadda. (in an ideal world).  but in my life, i go-go-go all week and yes, i absolutely fit in my workout on saturday morning, but if i get to sunday and i have a day like this past weekend, i’m lucky if my hiney ever leaves the couch.  after 5-6 days of going to the gym and working long days, the last thing i want to do is, well, move.  so this complicates my healthy grocery store shopping, idea to hit the hills for a nice long hike, and prep my food for the week.  i’d say most weekends (3 out of 4) are a success, but when i have these lazy bum days, i just try to accept that it’s my body’s way of telling  me i need to slow down.  but here’s the problem: that’s when i should be moving the most! meaning, what days do i enjoy a glass of wine, or golden spoon, or a piece of bread with dinner? the weekend!
    my trick:  well, knowing that i’m a lazy bum on sundays, i plan my off-day to be sunday.  but in the event that i miss a workout during the week, i then need to find the energy to do a workout that day.  the last place i want to be on a sunday: the gym.  so i will plan to hit the gym saturday morning (or do a beach workout which i love) and then schedule an active workout date with a friend for sunday so i have someone holding me accountable.  as far as food goes on the weekends, everyone, including me struggles with this one.  here are my tricks: ALWAYS eat breakfast (this is easy because it’s my fave meal of the day) and then i will actually plan out my meals that morning in my fitbook so that i stick to it.  then, say my cheat meal for the weekend is saturday night or sunday brunch, i leave that space open in my fitbook so i can fill it in later!  this usually ensures that i get in my healthy meals (without stressin’) and then it allows me to enjoy that cheat meal without guilt.  and remember: going out for a night with drinks, promise yourself two things: sip water in between each beverage and NO eating after 8:30pm. (yes, i know how those midnight munchies hit after a few glasses of wine!).
  • trip-up #3: triggerfoods
    this topic is so near + dear to my heart that i even  made a video about it!  so watch this to get insight into my triggers (peanut butter!) and my tips to trick ’em.
    my trick:  (um, the video below) + this tips to trick your triggers download…i swear by these tips!  download, print + keep on your fridge. (i do!)

so those are my traps! here’s my tip as we head into week four: identify ONE trap that trips you up (say that a few times fast!) and make it a goal to conquer it this week.  here’s mine: absolutely NO eating after 8:30 (no, nope, not gonna do it) ’cause that’s when my triggers get tripped….and i’m going to schedule an active outing for sunday (right now) so i have saturday and sunday workouts planned…that way i can enjoy a day off during the week when my body really needs it.

so what’s your trigger trickin’ plan?  share your tips with other fitbookers + 20twelvers.  you all inspire me…so please, do tell!
trickily yours,


1 Response to “20twelve [wk3]: triggers that trip me up!”

  1. 1 April
    02.28.12 at 6:25 am

    I have been really identifying with your blog and then the Golden Spoon just nailed it. 😉 Seriously great tips. I am behind (been receiving the 20twelve emails but kept putting it off until the “perfect” time). Although I am only on week one, I am picking up some great tips for now and future weeks. Thanks for all you do!

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