20twelve [wk4]: baby steps

um, have i mentioned how much i love blogging when i haven’t had such a stellar week? oh it’s joyful.  there’s nothing more fun than going through the process of recounting the days in your fitbook that you gladly turned, never to see again. but then to revisit those and put out there on the internet for all eyes to see, it’s such fun.  why, you might ask, do i do it then? for you. (whoever you are reading this).  now, while i admit i love writing, i could just as well write that i had a fabulous, out-of-the-ballpark week and you’d never know the difference.  but i don’t and i won’t. why then, do i put myself through this?  well, for starters, it’s therapeutic for me to get my thoughts out…to zone out amidst the tippity tappity of the keyboard, and just reflect.  but really, i do it for you. i want you to relate.  to know that everyone has ups and downs and in-between days.  that no one is perfect.  and that we still don’t give up.  it’s monday, and we’re back at it again.  because that’s what we do!

just think about how much you’d accomplish in life if you gave up every time you failed.  you’d never get anywhere.  i always think about a little baby trying to take first steps.  aren’t they the cutest things ever?  they have all odds against them: short, stubby, little muscle-less legs, bottom-heavy diaper bums, and with those round little tummies, absolutely no core muscles to give them much-needed balance.  and so they try.  they stumble and fall, often times bump their head, but they don’t give up.  they get up again.  and again.  until one day, they master one, two, three (yay!) steps, and then *boom*, on their heiny again.  and again, up they go, only to persevere after trying many (many) times.

so where are you right now?  i feel like weeks 1-3 i was rockin’ my first steps like a pro, and then i guess i lost some steam and in week 4, *bam*…on my bum. (well, not literally – that would be silly to fall on your bum, now wouldn’t it?!).  i still got in all my workouts, yes.  so what am i complaining about?  um, i broke about all the 20twelve rules. *shhh*  don’t tell anyone!  (i made them!).  i think i may have drank over the entire week the amount of h20 i’m supposed to consume in one DAY!  and then, i think i drank in one day the amount of (skinny) margaritas i’m supposed to consume in one WEEK!  so, not good.  oh and then one day this week, it’s 8pm at the office, i’m happily wrapping up ready to go home and make a healthy dinner and then – computer el crasho. all the work i’d done for the past few hours: gone.  so, after a few bad words (sorry grams) and a few tears, i was determined to finish the doc before i left for the night!   (actually it was the 20twelve pre- and post-workout fuel guide…see the things i do for you!?)  so 10pm rolls along before i get out of here and sit down to a cup of my homemade turkey chili at *gasp* 10:30pm.  again, no bueno.  (note: i’d still rather you eat something than nothing…your metabolism will shut down if you go to bed after not eating that long!).

but when i say it wasn’t a great week, it was more of a mental thing and making tiny choices that aren’t focused and intentional.  you know, those moments when you just eat food because you’re so hungry that you don’t really know what or how much you consumed til after the fact? lucky for me, i really only eat healthy food (um, for the most part).  but no matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is if you eat 2-3 servings. go figure!  here’s where i slip up: an extra handful of pistachios because i’m bored…or slipping my hand into the shredded cheese just a few extra times because apparently my omelette will be sad if it doesn’t have enough cheese…or spreading my 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on my whole grain piece of toast and accidentally dipping my knife in 1 (or 2, or 3) times before tightening the lid…or happening to look the other way and getting distracted while pouring cream into my coffee and my 3-one-thousand count becomes 5…or promising myself i’ll only have 3 bites of dessert and then i lose count.  can you relate?

so now: for me, it’s time to dial-it-in.  get serious!  what does this mean?

  • back to the scale: (food scale, that is)…and measuring cups….and measuring spoons.  i apparently can no longer be trusted to eyeball serving sizes and i think that this is really keeping me from reaching my goals.  all those extra little calories add up throughout the day and just 100-200 more can make all the difference!
  • plan it out: you know i’m serious to reach a goal when i decide to do this – plan out my meals ahead of time.  i do this for a few reasons. #1: i ensure that i make more logical choices and eat based on nutritional needs, not hunger pains.  and #2: it makes me more mindful and less anxious….sometimes, “some people” (um, not me!) get anxious thinking about the next meal and it can start to consume you. the best way to avoid this: plan it out ahead of time.  plus, if you’re type-a like me: you’ll follow the plan because you’d rather eat what’s written than scribble in your fitbook!
  • make it known: i don’t d*** (that’s a 4-letter word that rhymes with riot).  but there are times i buckle down. and telling those around you to help hold you accountable helps.  now, please don’t be one of those annoying people that proudly orders the salad at dinner and then announces their new healthy eating plan while friends are ordering cheeseburgers. yeah, don’t be that person.  but tell your girlfriend: “hey i’m trying to eat dessert only once a week…can you hold me to that?”  or tell your significant other: “i really want to not eat after 8:30pm because i tend to snack at night….will you maybe cough loudly or something when i head for the fridge at night, baby?” 🙂

so that’s where i’m at. now that i’m baring it all: tell me, how are you doing? what are your plans as we head into week 5 of 20twelve?  i must say that i’m excited to switch up the workout plan a bit: keep things fresh!

talk to me people.


1 Response to “20twelve [wk4]: baby steps”

  1. 03.06.12 at 1:32 am

    Seriously Angela, do you tap into my head everytime you sit down to write a blog post? If your purpose is to have us relate – you got me! For me week 4 was pretty good on the nutrition/H20 side but I really wan’t feeling my workouts; I missed one entirely and I didn’t squeeze anytime for yoga as I planned. Today it’s Monday, I’ve had cravings all day, I’m tired, and I don’t want to work out. But I’m gonna do it because as always…you inspired me. Ok – off I go before I change my mind! 🙂

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