20twelve [wk11]: sacrifice

we all have to sacrifice something every single day. my challenge to you is this: are you sacrificing your success and happiness because of small changes that you’re unwilling to make?  whether it’s phsyical, spiritual, or relational, we must all make sacrifices – and so often we push back against making the choices that we know are good for us out of sheer selfishness or not wanting to change.  so what it comes down to is this: how bad do you really want it?

case in point: as we head into week 11 (yes i’ve been m.i.a. on the b.l.o.g.) i’m 3 weeks out (THREE!) from a photo shoot for new images for our website. now i realize i’m now 5 years older and don’t necessarily need to rock a 6-pack in the photos – maybe a bit more professional photos are in order, but it’s a challenge to me to want to look and feel my best.  so with this challenge ahead of me it really made me think – what am i willing sacrifice to reach my goal?  because in all honesty – i’ve been sacrificing all along. in not being my best ME i can be,  i sacrifice self confidence, i sacrifice feeling like a fake, and i sacrifice my health. (sidenote: i have to give myself somewhat of a break after my health issues i’ve had lately – but i’m feeling better so i’m back at it!)  so yes, i can continue on my current path and do what i’m doing and get what i’ve always got. or i can sacrafice enjoying my morning paper & coffee and go back to early morning workouts and get ready AT the gym…i can sacrifice watching re-runs of friends and pack my work clothes and breakfast the night before so i’m ready to go.  i know what makes me tick – i know when i’m my best me. it’s when i work out in the mornings, start my day off right and get to work early.  but for the past year after breaking my tailbone it’s taken me awhile to literally get my swagger back.

so what are you sacrificing right now?  you’re going to give up something anyway – it might as well be something that gets you closer to your goal.  share with me 1 thing you’re going to sacrifice…something that you think you must have in your life, but it’s standing in the way of you and your goals? a few of mine:

obstacle i love: eating breakfast while  reading my wall street journal
*problem: it keeps me from going to the gym if i wake up late + then i get to work late
*sacrifice: workout +  get ready at the gym in the morning and go straight to work…read the paper when i go home to eat lunch + take out the dog!

obstacle i love: real heavy cream in my coffee….5 one-thousand count to be exact! (hey…better than fake creamers!)
*problem: um, i’ve never measured how much i put in because i don’t want to know but it’s not pretty
*sacrifice: for 3 weeks at least i will cut down to just 2 one-thousand count…ya never know, i might get used to it & easily save 50-80 cals per day!

obstacle i love: golden spoon, wine, chocolate…it’s my triple threat!
*problem: i see no problem (do you?)…ok, moderation is key.
*sacrifice: for 3 weeks i’m committed to mini size golden spoon no toppings, 1 glass of wine & i’m usually really good about small amounts (1oz) of chocolate because i eat 85% dark (rich!).

so as we head into week 11, think about what you’re willing to put into these last 2 weeks of 20twelve. are you sacrificing your happiness, your self-confidence, your health, and even your relationships because you’re not willing to be uncomfortable? push yourself.  go a little bit further and you might find that you just might impress yourself.

confidently yours,


1 Response to “20twelve [wk11]: sacrifice”

  1. 04.17.12 at 10:19 am

    I just love your honesty, and you make me laugh at the same time, thanks Angela.
    My goal is to fit into my Derby hat, does that count?

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