3-day ritual cleanse: day #1

i must say this is the best i’ve ever felt doing a cleanse. energy, high…focus, high (for me, anyway)…and cravings super-low. this pic shows my day o’ juicing in full, plus my workout (because it takes both!). seriously, energy through the roof for me to be able to put in 40m lifting at the gym, a 45m run AND a 1-hour walk. ok, so the walk is not-so-vigorous since it includes my girlfriend and her two precious little ones. we start the walk on a mission, fast-paced and focused, but as it progresses it gets increasingly interesting and usually ends up with the 3-year-old dawdeling along behind, the 8-month old lil’ guy in one of our arms, and the other one pushing the empty stroller. highly entertaining? yes. killer workout? not so much. (but, oh so worth it)

so nearing about 3 hours of physical activity operating on juices (and egg whites + black beans!) alone is quite impressive. this little body usually needs a 1/2 dark, 1/2 vanilla coffee (with real cream, thank you very much) to power me through the morning, let alone a whole day! most of the day went as planned with 1 egg, 2 egg whites + avocado for breakfast, juice #1 around 10am, #2 around noon, then my black beans and avocado around 1pm, juice #3 around 3:30 before my “power walk” and then downed juice #4 pre-workout right before 6pm. then, not so good. working out from 6-8pm resulted in missing juice #5 and by the time i was headed home i just skipped to the best juice anyway: yummy cashew. if i was hungry i would have gone ahead and had #5, but the one thing about cleansing is that it teaches you to really listen to your body instead of eat out of habit or cravings. so, as promised i’m blogging my day and then headed to bed so i can get up again and do it tomorrow! (plus, i don’t want to stay up in case my dark chocolate starts calling my name)  any questions, struggles, or confusion on cleansing? ask away and i’ll do my best to answer!



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