3-day ritual cleanse: day #3 [smiling]

cleanse day 3: piece o’ cake. the third day really is the best because energy is through the roof. just ask anyone that saw me at the equinox event tonight. you woulda swore i was dippin’ into the juices spiked with vodka, but i wasn’t. natural energy, baby. here’s a snapshot of my day (to the right). almost identical to the past 2 days obviously because that’s the idea, but i had my last juice WAY too late tonight. i have a good excuse, but i’ll get to that momentarily.

brilliantly, i planned to do an event at equinox during my 3-day cleanse, which featured a live dj, snacks, ritual cleanse, and (yes) ritual “mixers”. that is a fancy term for a yummy ritual cleanse juice spiked with vodka. true to my word, i opted to stick to the virgin juices (ok, til 8pm at least!) and tried some of their yummy new flavors. seriously, their cucumber jalapeno juice tastes just like a margarita! it’s just alkaline water with cucumber, jalapeno, agave, and lime. no tequila (although that’s technically agave right?)…and you’d swear you were drinking a margarita. that is what i call the epitome of a skinny (skinny) margarita! my energy for the day was through the roof (sans alcohol), so much so that i didn’t even get to my own workout until 8:30pm!

no rest for the weary.

i’m type a. i plan, i do. and for me to be spontaneous is often planned sponteneity, if there is such a thing. i make a plan, to make a plan. but tonight i threw caution to the wind and completely skipped my 25-minute-arm workout-followed-by-30-minutes-stepmill plan and did something totally off the wall: hip-hop dance class. yes, that’s right. me, the little gabachita (white girl) who hasn’t really taken a choreographed dance class since highschool cheerleading. this was no hip-hop-dance-class-at-the-gym. no, it was at a dance studio. like when you walk in there were ballerinas in leotards doing twirls and jumps and stretches that shouldn’t be humanly possible. i was feeling pretty confident, lured to the class being told it’s a “beginner”, only to find out upon arrival that it was intermediate. it did help that i had a partner in crime that quite possibly cares less about what anyone else thinks than i do, which is good for me. i’m the type of person that always wants everything to be perfect. i only do things i’m good at. and if i try something new, i like to go in knowing that the odds of me being good or at least mediocre are fairly high. not only does that limit life experiences, but what i found tonight, is that i’ve completely forgot how much i love to laugh. i laugh at myself all the time, don’t get me wrong, i’m a funny girl. but to do something where i really wasn’t that good, couldn’t really catch on, but just purely had fun? it’s good for the soul.

so what does this have to do with juicing? nothing. so as i type this i’m happily sipping juice #6, my cashew yumminess, and while i’m exhausted, i’m smiling. somehow along the way i think i forgot how much i love life…love to laugh…and enjoy the little things. and then sometimes God brings someone or something into your life that reminds you. and you smile.

g’night juicers….cheers to cleansing your body and refreshing your zest for life!

p.s. if you decide to try a cleanse, order by 08/31 and get 20% off with promo code “fitbook”!


1 Response to “3-day ritual cleanse: day #3 [smiling]”

  1. 09.07.12 at 8:11 pm

    Angela, you crack me up! I am so much a type a it isn’t even funny. I guess I have to push off my type a-ishness with calorie counting. I have come so close to a eating disorder through counting calories, your Fitbook has been a lifesaver and yes, I have spread the word on SparkPeople via my own blog there. I loved what you said about only being spontaneous by planned spontaneity. Sooooo true for me, too!! Thus the reason I will only Zumba in the privacy of my own home… how were the final results of your cleanse?

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