4 weeks to sPoOkY FIT: join me, won’t you?

so here’s a SCARY fact: it’s exactly 12-weeks (yes, one fitbook) til 2013!  boy, how time flies! and what’sImage scary about that isn’t that it brings another year, but yet again will i greet another year wondering what i accomplished in the previous year? it’s so easy this time of year to decide to just “enjoy” the holidays and by enjoy, i mean: plowing through candy dishes with a beer in the other hand….plopping down for endless football games noshing away…taking in enough food at thanksgiving to calorically fuel a week’s workouts…and finding yourself a merry 5lbs heavier as you ring in the new year. “i’ll decide to get fit at new years”, you say. um, no. no bueno. not a good idea.  let me put it to you this way: unless you’re training for something spectacular, or you’re superhuman, i wouldn’t plan to LOSE weight through the holidays. maintaining would be good. but i promise you, if you play the aforementioned free-for-all game from now through december 31st, it’s gonna be hard work to just get back where you are NOW!  so, join me won’t you on a little 4-week extravaganza.  we’ve got 4-weeks til the holidays kick into high gear – and that means we have 4-weeks to get SPOOKY fit before we maintain our way through the holiday hooplah.  capisco?

returning from a few weeks in italy, i returned with a fresh new perspective on my health. now, granted, i probably choose health(ier) foods than some when traveling, even in italy. no cream sauces, steer clear of anything fried (ever), never drink calories except in the form of wine or coffee, protein with every meal, and so on…these aren’t hard and fast rules, but what i’ve found makes me feel good.  that said, oh boy did i ever enjoy fresh homemade pastas…the best gelato i’ve ever tasted…vino vino vino….and can you say bread? culturally, italians eat very different than americans…breakfast is only a croissant, brioche, or small biscotti with a coffee.  lunch is often a panini with not a veggie in sight.  and dinner is a starter serving (read: small) of fresh pasta, then meat and veggies with vino, then a sorbetto and cafe.  mangia!!  pretty much the opposite of how i eat here – and definitely a LOT more carbs (and not the whole grain kind).  that said – after a few weeks of eating like that, i think i may have gained a whoppin’ 2 lbs. why only 2, you might ask?  it was pretty clear to me: they don’t eat on the run (you can’t GET a coffee to go), most if not all meals are prepared at home with natural ingredients, they eat slow and enjoy their meal, and portion sizes are much smaller.  so let’s take a tip from the italians shall we, as we embark on our 4-week trek to super-fit!

this week’s SPOOKtacular TIPs:

  • prep it + pack it:  get your chicken, ground turkey, quinoa, and all your other staples prepped, including slicing fruits and dicing veggies.  like, now…or you won’t have what you need to make quick (healthy) lunches & dinners.  and your car will inadvertantly veer toward the drive-thru. (no.) then, vow to brown-bag-it to work every day this week. it won’t kill you, i promise. just make extra at dinner the night before, pack your lunch, bada bing.
  • pumpkin protein-on-the-go: make a batch of these perfectly portioned pre/post workout treats, a fave of mine from fitness & spice.  my tip: make ’em into muffins and freeze – then grab each morning to toss in your lunch bag, zap for 30s, and eat 30m before your workout!
  • down it: (i so don’t practice this one, but i shall continue to preach…in hopes i improve). in your weekly nutrition goal in your fitbook write the following: “drink 8oz water before each meal (curbs cravings) and another 8oz before your next meal.”  if you’re eating 6 meals a day, that gets you to 96oz…bam!  need enticing? buy a new waterbottle.
  • work. it. out. this week you’re motivated. you’re on fire. you’re ready to rock it. so take advantage of that motivation and seriously get a bit crazy with your workouts!  let’s do 4 days of lifting (lower body, chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders/abs), 4 days cardio (2 days steady-state or class for 30-45m + 2 days HIIT/intervals for 20m), and 1 day do-anywhere total body bootcamp (note: travel much? print this out and toss in with a jump rope and resistance band).  love dvd’s? do those! hate the gym? that’s ok. whether it’s workout dvds or (free) FitTV, your local gym or rec center, or the great outdoors – do what works for you!  key word: DO.
  • treat! i promised a treat and a treat you shall get. one, that is. (singular).  this “enjoy all things in moderation” concept is effective, but sometimes we misread that to mean “enjoy anything i want when i want it.” not so much.  so here’s the rule for this week: eat dinner at least by 7 or 7:30 each night and then enjoy your treat (singular) by 8.  choose your treat, but i’m going with 1 square of my fave dark chocolate bar.  yep, every night.  keep your treat to <100 calories and keep it REAL. that means no splenda-loaded fake ice creams or processed packaged stuff. grab an indulgent piece of real cheese….a 3oz glass of vino….a serving of homemade popcorn. whatever it is: keep it real and by 8pm.  close the kitchen (as in no meandering in the cupboards) by 8.
  • weekend warrior: if you haven’t already, read up on your homework to trick yourself outta (unnecessary) treats to get through the weekend without setting yourself back!

each week i’ll blog what to focus on or tweak for the week – then stay tuned via facebook as i post tips, tricks, recipes, and workouts along the way.  this isn’t some fancy schmancy plan i’ve created – it’s just me, sharing with you, what i do when i dial it in. follow along, make it your own, and i’m here each step of the way!

let’s get a little sPoOkY fit – tis’ the season for change!


2 Responses to “4 weeks to sPoOkY FIT: join me, won’t you?”

  1. 1 Julie
    10.08.12 at 6:33 am

    Let’s do this!

  2. 10.08.12 at 12:49 pm

    Awesome Awesome Awesome post! 😀 You have certainly revved me up to get in gear for the holiday season! :^) Thanx so much Angela ! 😀

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