losing focus: bright (red) shiny objects.

i’ve never been diagnosed, but i’m pretty sure i’m borderline ADD. focus: it’s a foreign concept to me, which i struggle to improve on every single day. read about successful people and you’ll find that they’ve learned to hone in on something and focus intently to achieve a certain goal.  a challenge for me on a daily basis, and yet, somehow i manage.  i’ve learned to operate amidst organized chaos and it works for me.

fitlosophy is my passion. it’s what i do and who i am. i literally bleed red and baby blue. and when i started this company nearly five years ago, i didn’t just create fitbook, but i aimed to start something that was so much bigger. and, as with any start-up, sometimes it takes longer than you expect to realize your bigger vision.  today we’re one step closer as we launch our newest line of products, fittools by fitlosophy.

my goal in starting fitlosophy was to provide people with inspiration, motivation, and products that get people to their goals, sans obsession. our culture is so laser-focused on an unhealthy image of what it means to be beautiful. and after experiencing first-hand how it can strip you of your self-worth, i was on a mission to change that. fitlosophy may not change the world, but i’ll-be-darned if i’m not intent on making a large dent in our cultural focus on thinness. repeat after me: “i am not a number on a scale!”  

today is one of those days where i’m entirely happy to be distracted by bright shiny (red) objects.  these are our (new) creations that not only communicate our mantra to live life fit, but they fulfill a need.

goal weight body scale: yes, this sweet red thang doesn’t show you your actual body weight in lbs/kg – it shows your your progress toward or away from your goal. what a concept: focus on a goal, not a #.
focus on this: weigh only once a week – what’s important is the trend, not daily weight. your weight can fluctuate 1-2lbs each day depending on time of day, how much water you’ve taken in, or (yes, TMI) if you just haven’t gone to the bathroom yet!   

food scale: this digital darling is the key to conquering portion distortion. a few extra ounces here and there might be what’s standing between you and your goals. instead of getting calorie-counting-obsessed get portion-focused.
focus on this: make it a habit to have your food scale handy when prepping food so you can pre-portion. it’s a great way to (re)educate yourself on how much you should be eating…which is why we include a bonus food portion guide with the scale!

fit tool kit: measure progress millimeter-by-millimeter, inch-by-inch with our snazzy red body fat calipers and body tape measure to get a true read on your health.
focus on this: your body weight and BMI aren’t actually very accurate indicators of your health, so it’s important you monitor your progress via body fat and inches. don’t know how to use ’em? we arm you with a measureUP! guide inside each fit tool kit.

how will you reach your goals if you don’t measure your progress?

so today i’m focused. intently. on these bright (red) shiny objects that make my heart skip a beat.  what was an idea awhile ago, is now here. i’m sending them out into the big world to do big things. to make a big difference. and that is my vision. my absolute focus. no matter how distracted i may get by new ideas or creative ways to market – the one thing i’ve always been dialed in on is our mission.

to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world – literally.

now, it’s your turn. what’s your focus?  what are you absolutely 100% committed to? identify that one thing. the one thing that you could do for hours and time flies. that’s your passion. find that and focus on it. like crazy. and i guarantee that you will watch the life you’ve always wanted unfold in front of you.

passionately yours,

p.s. here’s a video on why we created this new line of products!


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