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healthy twist on frothy holiday sips

so i’m at the 6-week mark of my current fitbook, which if you recall was an effort to bid adieu to my souvenir pounds i brought back from italy. but you probably don’t recall because since undergoing this all-out endeavor i’ve blogged a whopping 4 times. [whoa, slow down there chica.]  so, one might ask, how is it going? well that’s a fabulous question.  i have hit the gym like no other with crazy good workouts, often waking up 3-4 times per week to get a morning run in and then lifting in the evening.  and yet, this time of year, regardless of how diligent you try to be, it’s tough to make progress, let alone maintain.  i have made progress (yay me) but with the holidays in full swing, i have 3 choices:

  • go hard core, all-out eating clean + hitting the gym (of course)
  • make healthy choices but enjoy the holidays + hitting the gym (yes)
  • let myself go…it’s the holidays, enjoy! (um, no)

see the gym is the easy part for me. i love it.  workouts keep me sane and focused and a much-needed relief from a stressful day. but italian thanksgiving with grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie, a wine tasting weekend, christmas sunday fundays, holiday parties + fa la la festivities can take a toll.  no matter how hard you hit the gym, you cannot out-train those extra bites, sips + sweets.  i thought i’d share some of my health(ier) holiday sips from a recent gathering that are tastebud pleasers without being waistband expanders. just a few tweaks on a few warm holidays sips!

[my tip for making all these fab frothy beverages is my aeroccino milk frother, but you can also get the lower-budget one my brother swears by…either way, frothy is key!]

  • (somewhat) healthier eggnog latte: froth 1/2c organic lowfat eggnog from horizon + 1/4c unsweetened vanilla almond milk, then add either 1/4c brewed coffeehealthy holiday sips or 2 shots espresso…sprinkle with nutmeg!
    note: eggnog is HIGH calorie, HIGH sugar…so this is the healthier option with only 140cals + 3g fat per 1/2c compared to ~200cals + 10g fat…but beware, it still packs in 22g sugar!
  • minty coco-cocoa: froth 3/4c SO delicious mint chocolate coconut milk + 1/4c unsweetened chocolate almond milk…then top with a sprig o’ mint if you’re feelin’ fancy.
    note: this stuff might be too good to be true at only 50cals, 2.5g fat, and (get this) only 6g sugar per 1/2c!  i add the chocolate almond milk to keep it from being too sweet. plus, it’s gluten-free + non-GMO verified.
  • homemade hot chocolate: in a small sauce pan, melt 1oz 70% dark chocolate and then add 1/2c nonfat milk (yes, moo milk) + 1/2c unsweetened chocolate almond milk…top with dark chocolate shavings or a few mini marshmallows.
    note: unless you’re lactose intolerant or just have a personal issue with milk, it’s chock-full-o-vitamins, minerals, and bone-building protein…plus, this little concoction is the perfect post-workout winter sip!
  • frothy caramel apple cider: heat up 3/4c treetop reduced-sugar apple juice in the microwave, mix in 1/4tsp each of allspice + cinnamon, and add a few drops natural caramel extract.  top with 1/4c frothed nonfat milk and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon!
    note: apple juice is sugary, no way around that…but this all-natural option has only 8.5g sugar + 45cals per 1/2c – with no added artificial sweeteners.

remember: making healthy choices is important – and so is enjoying the holiday season. only YOU know the right balance for you!  it seems at the holidays everyone seems it’s their business what you eat or don’t eat. remember to choose what works for you.  not budging from your clean-eating-action-plan? yay you! be prepared to get flack from those with less willpower.  usually eat healthy and decide to sneak some treats? be ready to be called out by someone that was just waiting to prove that you’re not perfect.  repeat after me:  “i appreciate you’re so concerned with my dietary intake and i assure you i’ve got this under control.”  if you can’t tell, more than one holiday haggle has resulted from this topic of conversation!  [for more tips, here’s my holiday survival guide]

now i’m off to get a workout in – the “absolute must” in this holiday moderation equation. sneak a treat? fine. but don’t forget to sneak in those workouts first!

sweetly yours,

p.s. have a healthy twist on any of these or another one to add to the list? share!

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