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20twelve: 13lbs down + picture perfect

i bet you anything that as much as you think i’m transparent and honest on my blog, i truly am only as open as i can be while maintaining a teensy eensy bit of self pride. which is why that when i cracked open my 20twelve fitbook to the ‘before measurements’ page, i knew that i hadn’t shared them with you. yes of course i’d blogged that i’d been dealing with stress and hormone issues that had my body fat hovering a bit (read: lot)  higher than i’d like. and while i’m on facebook encouraging y’all to take before pictures because you’ll have something to look back on and be proud of, do you think i snapped one? see, i’m just like you. moreso than you think. which is exactly why we started 20twelve. if you recall, i told you just about 3 months ago that we were launching this 12 week program so we could do this together. never do i want any fitbookers to ever think that we toss out recipes, workouts, and nutrition programs and say “here, good luck!”, rather it’s important that you know that the head honcho here (yours truly) is a living breathing example of someone who knows your struggles and lives them too. it’s rather difficult at times to have my only “professional” fitness photo be that of me at 25 years old rocking a 6-pack and have that be the image that everyone has of me in their mind. because not only is that not attainable for most people, but it’s not who i am right now. so each day i hold myself to that standard and measure myself against something so trivial. rather than look at myself and see the accomplishments, blessings, and talent that God’s given me, am i really so shallow that my worth is based on a photo snapped seven years ago?

at the beginning of 20twelve, as you knew, i was struggling with even feeling well – and thank the LORD i’ve got my pep back and am feeling like my zesty little self again. and while i’m working to get my cortisol and hormone levels worked out, i’m proud that i’ve been focused more on my health than the number on the scale. what amazed me was that as my focus shifted, so did that number!  here’s my before and after 20twelve measurements:

                BEFORE     AFTER
weight     128lbs        115lbs
body fat   28%           24%
chest       36″             34″
waist       29 1/2″       28″
hips         36″             35″

yes, i’m proud of myself and i’m not downplaying my success at all, but here is the most important part for you to take away from this! PLEASE pay attention. (PLEASE)  if all you do is pay attention to my weight you think WOW she lost 13lbs which seems like a lot, right? but honestly, notice how high my body fat still is. again, i’m working on that, but the important thing to note here is even though i lost quite a few pounds, i only went down 1 jean size…and i’m 5’2″!  so this is a lesson in the importance of body composition. i’m ALWAYS preaching how it’s more important to lose FAT and not pounds…watch the body fat calipers, and not the scale quite so closely because that is where you see true results. that said, because my hormones and adrenals were so out of whack, my body wouldn’t shed fat like i was used to. i definitely had the pounds to lose and NOW i can focus on lowering the body fat. and what i’m excited to show fitbookers and 20twelvers NOW is HOW to keep your body weight almost exactly the same and just change that body composition. i have no desire to go much below 115 – but i’m aiming to get my body fat between 15-20%. so watch for my next blog as i share my next 12 week goal!

driving me to reach this goal was all of you – all the 20twelvers who were losing inches, gaining self-esteem, and adding years to your life.  and at the end of 20twelve, coincedentally there just so happened to be the photo shoot for our new website which is launching early next month. of course i can’t share my hot new photos quite yet, but this pic here is just a peek at a happy me, the way i am now. there’s a 6-pack-in progress under there somewhere, but it doesn’t define me. 

so i encourage you to look at yourself – your life and how you just might be too hard on YOURself.  so many things we fret over + focus on come to define us and yet they are trivial matters in the whole scheme of life.  remember that being a size 2 will not make you happy – nor will getting a 6-pack or a promotion.  what i hope to instill in you is a desire to live a healthy, happy life so you can do just that – live it! 

yours truly,


20twelve [wk12]: my fave fitbooker *exclusive interview*

i wanted to share with you a story near + dear to my heart…a story about my daddy. this man raised me, inspired me, and has always been an example of a hard-working entrepreneur and God-loving man who would do anything for his family. and obviously i’m daddy’s little girl (even at 32!).  and this past march we had a health scare with him that rocked our family’s (mostly) peaceful little world. and blessed as we seem to always be, he is fine and recovered from surgery on what was thought to be lung cancer and later to be identified as a large cyst where they had to remove 1/3 of his lung. and the trooper that he is, he’s back to work, smiling as always.  so here’s a little peek into my conversation with him pre-surgery about his journey using fitbook to drop 2 jean sizes, how he handled days when he opted to plop on the couch – and days he prevailed. this heart-to-heart makes me smile because knowing fitbook helps people every day warms my heart…but seeing it work in the life of someone you love is well, priceless.


angela:  so, obviously i created the fitbook daddy, was that the reason you started using it?  or tell me what was the reason that you thought you’d give it a try? do you remember when or why that was?
daddy:  well, of course i’m proud of you sweetie, but the real reason i started using it was because i didn’t feel good. i was sluggish and tired all the time, not to mention i was at least 30lbs overweight. the real “wake up call” for me was when i went to my doctor and he told me that, according to my BMI, i was “obese”. i knew i had to get serious and needed some way to track my food intake and my exercise.

a:  hmm…if there were ONLY a way! *laughs*
d: yeah, i know…fitbook!

a: anyway, you’re a hard worker – i’ve always admired that about you. so obviously that made it hard for you trying to fit workouts in when i know you were working 10 hour days. did the fitbook help at all with planning or did you just take it day by day?
d: i’m a scheduling person. if i try to just fit my workouts in “whenever” they would never happen. i used the fitbook just like you taught me – to plan my weeks out ahead of time and then schedule my workouts. there were days when i just didn’t feel like it but seeing it written out so clearly in ink just motivated me to do it anyway – it seemed easier than admitting i’d let myself down by not following through on my plan.

a: i know – you were dedicated…often waking up VERY early! i know you tried quite a few different workouts, including going for long walks in the spring/fall, riding bikes with mom in the summer, skiing in the winter and going to the gym, but you found one thing that clicked for you. can you share what that was and why you liked it so much?  why did it work for you?
d: i am pretty active most of the time…but once again, i needed a schedule. fitbook gave me a way to plan out my week and stick to it. sure i would ride the bike pretty religiously, skiied every weekend during the winter and walked pretty consistently, but by writing it down i noticed that my eating was out of control. that is when i began to focus on eating healthy also. i could track my meals and snacks and “oops” times. (yes, i slip up from time to time!) my favorite workout that i love is by bodylastics (NOTE: dad is not paid to say this, he honestly truly loves it…he talks about this like these guys are his personal trainers!). it is live online resistance band / weight training total body workouts every week that i can stream for free on my laptop in my basement.  once i added resistance training to my weekly workouts,  i started feeling better about myself and saw the numbers on the scale drop.

a: when you finally came to me and said you were serious about losing weight i helped you tweak a few things on your nutrition – and now you amaze me with your knowledge. kinda like teaching your little girl all you know and watching your grow before your eyes!  what was the biggest change you saw in your nutrition when you started writing down your food?
d: well, i realized a little bit of the “wrong” foods does a lot of harm and a lot of the “right” foods does a lot of good so it’s just consistently making good choices.  i still slip up and splurge but i’ve learned to enjoy them now  because i also realized that when you get your body on a regular exercise routine and metabolism is on your side those “splurges” aren’t as big of a deal anymore.
a: yes – good point! it’s like training your body to be an incinerator so you can enjoy all things (in moderation).  on that note: i’m always open and honest that there will be tough days. can you talk about days that you turned the other way from writing in your fitbook or did a u-turn on the way to the gym?  what was it that kept you going on the days you wanted to give up?
d: many, many, many days i would come home from work and argue with myself that “i worked hard and deserved to sit down on the couch and take it easy.”  then i would make the arguement with myself that “it’s only 45 minutes out of your day for a healthy life!”.  but that didn’t always work. there were days the lazy me would win and sit on the couch. what also worked was moving my workouts (resistance training) to early mornings before work.  once i get it done in the morning, it is done for the day and i start the day off on a positive note. more often now, the “healthy me” wins and now i’m seeing the results.
a: you (and mom) have been my biggest fans since day one with fitlosophy – so what was it like to finally use the actual product and see such success with it?
d: amazing…yes it is my little girls’ business, but it really works as a motivator. you see the results and after a year i lost 18lbs and 9 1/2″. i’ve gone down 2 jean sizes and want to continue. results are contagious.

a: i love you…you are such an inspiration to ME and it makes me smile to know that fitbook has helped you reach your goals. anything else before we wrap up daddy-o?
d: nope punkin’ – i’m just proud of my little girl.


20twelve [wk11]: sacrifice

we all have to sacrifice something every single day. my challenge to you is this: are you sacrificing your success and happiness because of small changes that you’re unwilling to make?  whether it’s phsyical, spiritual, or relational, we must all make sacrifices – and so often we push back against making the choices that we know are good for us out of sheer selfishness or not wanting to change.  so what it comes down to is this: how bad do you really want it?

case in point: as we head into week 11 (yes i’ve been m.i.a. on the b.l.o.g.) i’m 3 weeks out (THREE!) from a photo shoot for new images for our website. now i realize i’m now 5 years older and don’t necessarily need to rock a 6-pack in the photos – maybe a bit more professional photos are in order, but it’s a challenge to me to want to look and feel my best.  so with this challenge ahead of me it really made me think – what am i willing sacrifice to reach my goal?  because in all honesty – i’ve been sacrificing all along. in not being my best ME i can be,  i sacrifice self confidence, i sacrifice feeling like a fake, and i sacrifice my health. (sidenote: i have to give myself somewhat of a break after my health issues i’ve had lately – but i’m feeling better so i’m back at it!)  so yes, i can continue on my current path and do what i’m doing and get what i’ve always got. or i can sacrafice enjoying my morning paper & coffee and go back to early morning workouts and get ready AT the gym…i can sacrifice watching re-runs of friends and pack my work clothes and breakfast the night before so i’m ready to go.  i know what makes me tick – i know when i’m my best me. it’s when i work out in the mornings, start my day off right and get to work early.  but for the past year after breaking my tailbone it’s taken me awhile to literally get my swagger back.

so what are you sacrificing right now?  you’re going to give up something anyway – it might as well be something that gets you closer to your goal.  share with me 1 thing you’re going to sacrifice…something that you think you must have in your life, but it’s standing in the way of you and your goals? a few of mine:

obstacle i love: eating breakfast while  reading my wall street journal
*problem: it keeps me from going to the gym if i wake up late + then i get to work late
*sacrifice: workout +  get ready at the gym in the morning and go straight to work…read the paper when i go home to eat lunch + take out the dog!

obstacle i love: real heavy cream in my coffee….5 one-thousand count to be exact! (hey…better than fake creamers!)
*problem: um, i’ve never measured how much i put in because i don’t want to know but it’s not pretty
*sacrifice: for 3 weeks at least i will cut down to just 2 one-thousand count…ya never know, i might get used to it & easily save 50-80 cals per day!

obstacle i love: golden spoon, wine, chocolate…it’s my triple threat!
*problem: i see no problem (do you?)…ok, moderation is key.
*sacrifice: for 3 weeks i’m committed to mini size golden spoon no toppings, 1 glass of wine & i’m usually really good about small amounts (1oz) of chocolate because i eat 85% dark (rich!).

so as we head into week 11, think about what you’re willing to put into these last 2 weeks of 20twelve. are you sacrificing your happiness, your self-confidence, your health, and even your relationships because you’re not willing to be uncomfortable? push yourself.  go a little bit further and you might find that you just might impress yourself.

confidently yours,


20twelve [wk5-7]: stress kills

stressed!?!? who, me? no. never. now, please don’t mistake this as a woe-is-me blog post. quite the contrary. but humor me for a few. to say i’ve had a lot going on in my life for quite awhile now is an understatement and the past few months it’s really started to take a toll on my lil’ bod. here’s a briefing…

  • started fitlosophy just over 4 yrs ago but have seen crazy growth in the past year with revenue doubling and number of employees tripling – this means long hours, sleepless nights…in a way its (almost) as tough as having a newborn. it’s literally my baby. (please moms, don’t hate me for comparing – God has a sense of humor and i’m sure i’ll be put in my place eventually and eat these words!)
  • the same year i started the company and as my career was takong off, my personal life took a nosedive (to say the least) , often times fitlosophy being the only thing that would get me out of bed each day. with that, my eating disorder which i thought id kicked to the curb nearly 7 years before came back with a vengeance. 
  • my weight has fluctuated from 112 10% body fat (competition) all the way up to 130 and 28% at certain points , all the while being very vocal, open and honest aboutt my struggles while running a company where the first thing people do is look me up and down to see if i practice what i preach.
  • just a year ago this month i stupidly busted my tailbone and was forced to sit the bench for a total of 6 months, with workouts suffering for another 3-4 after that….nearly dreadful for someone like me (most of you can relate). 
  • so why the sob story? through all this, i’ve been strong, powered through and took life by the reins, often turning to help only when i had no choice.

so ask me (please) how i never figured this out, but what a blessing that we launched 20twelve program..or i never may have reached out for help. over the past 6 weeks i’ve dialed in, cleaned it up, hit the gym hard, so it was a bit of a concern why not only was i not losing weight but i was slowly gaining! oy. those are not things i typically would blog. why would you follow my plan when i can’t even see success myself? that’s like being motivated by the spin instructor who can’t keep up with the class!  so, when you can’t do, teach! so i blog.

what finally drove me to reach out was when my quality of life hit a wall. for about the past 2-3 months it progessively got worse. i couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings, even after 6-7 hours sleep.  then once i did make it out of bed, i’d drag myself to the gym for less-than-intense workouts that used to be the norm for me.  then i’d go home, eat breakfast and literally fall back in bed.  it was hard for me to make it to work on time – and then on the weekends, little miss to-do list, go-go-go, would sleep all day on the couch. 

now many might describe me (or what they think of me) as the picture of health. ah, but this is the danger of only judging your health based on your outside appearance. thank goodness i workout, because i know know how my body should respond to exercise.  and when i was seeing the opposite, i knew something was wrong. i felt so horrible that i honestly didn’t care about what i looked like (ok, i did)..but not as much as knew i had to feel better.  how am i supposed to keep up with this growing little company, traveling often 2-3 times a month and needing to put in long days, if i can’t make it to the office before 10am? 

so off to the doctor for blood tests and a trip to (what i endearingly call) my “voo-doo” doctor, steve, who is a naturopath and also has his masters in nutrition, along with all these other fancy credentials. he came highly recommended and honestly all i cared was that he would tell me what was going on with my body.  after many tests, i wasn’t surprised when both him and my doctor confirmed what i should have known all along.  every single thing that came back was the results of: stress. 

i think we underestimate the (negative) power stress can have on our lives.  i, for one, don’t like to complain about stress because it’s a sign of weakness. and most of my stress (lately) any way is self-induced and i actually enjoy the things in my life that cause me stress.  i love traveling to close deals….i thrive on working late nights so i can feel caught up….i like waking up and working out early to fit it in my day, often sacrificing sleep.  but it looks like it may have caught up with me.  here’s what we found:

*levels of cortisol were extremely high:  this is a stress hormone found in your body, which is often correlated to storing body fat usually around your tummy.  this was one reason i was concerned about my weight gain. usually a few extra pounds settles in around my booty and thighs (mama’s got curves!) but never ever did i carry weight in my tummy! 

*underactive thyroid: so again, stress is the most common factor to causing thyroid disfunction…and this would be why i was experiencing fatique, wacky hormones, weight gain, and the one that surprised me the most: a slow metabolism. ME!  steve said my metabolism was much lower than it should be, obviously a result of the thyroid issues and a key reason why my body wouldn’t respond to exercise.

* adrenal fatigue: so apparently stress can wreak havoc on your adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing certain levels of cortisol and hormones…and when your levels of epinephrine are off in your body, this is a sign of adrenal fatique.  this is what would have been causing my moodiness (yes me!), again contributing to the weight gain, and basically having no energy whatsoever.

so all these things combined, it wasn’t a surprise to my docs that i had no energy. so, wonderful…what to do?  i am taking  a boat-load of (natural) pills to get my body back on track.  we’re loading me up with b-vitamins, drinking green-tea extract (to boost my metabolism), as well as a bunch of other pills that frankly i just don’t even know what they’re doing, but i’ve done it for almost 2 weeks and can see a difference.  i’m also following a specific meal plan.  why? well, apparently your body’s energy (the little that i have right now) goes to  digesting my food.  so i’ve done a lot of research on it and everything steve said made sense. and i was hesitant to even share it on my blog because i’m all about enjoying all things in moderation and not cutting out any one thing. but when you don’t feel well, you’ll try anything!  so here’s what i’ve been doing the past few weeks:

  • eating as much RAW food as possible:  from sushi, raw veggies, raw nuts and seeds, and steak cooked medium rare.  i’d heard about the raw food craze but didn’t know much about it…but i’m convinced.  apparently, this will help my body heal because eating raw takes up a LOT less energy because raw foods are easier to digest. so it saves my energy for other things, like living life!
  • no grains for a month: grains – whether whole or not – take a lot more energy to digest, so steve wants me to avoid all grains just for a month to let my body restore energy and also get the inflammation down. when i do reintroduce grains he said his top picks (in order) are: buckwheat, whole oats, and quinoa. (love!)
  • no dairy except raw, aged cheese:for a month…  not really sure why, except for he did say there are a lot of hormones in pasteurized dairy so he just wants me to avoid any dairy that’s not raw. except he did let me keep my cream in my coffee!
  • water out the wazoo: i knew this would be part of it, and i immediately saw an improvement.  minimum of 3 liters per day if i only have 1 cup of coffee and an extra liter if i have 2. so i nixed my 2nd cup of coffee.
  • only meat + fish: raw is preferred, but not necessary and for a month he wants me pretty much only eating meat (grass-fed beef, bison) and fish.  he’s not a fan of turkey (i need to find out why…i used to eat this in mass) and he’s okay with organic chicken, but again prefers beef and fish over poultry. 
  • healthy fats!: so aside from a ton of veggies, fruits, fish and meat, he wants me eating a lot of healthy fats coming from raw nuts and seeds, avocado, eggs, oils (olive, sesame, flax, coconut), and butter – like real butter.  of course you have to eat fats in moderation but i’ve seen a decrease in appetite after increasing my fats and (surprise!) a significant decline in sugar cravings!

ok so now that i’m done boring you, i just thought it was all so interesting…and what’s MORE interesting is that it’s working. so if you see my random facebook postings of RAW food…this would be why. more than anything i wanted to share just in case someone else out there might be powering through, stressing themselves out, and actually hurting versus helping their health.  usually when people say their gaining weight and they don’t know why, it’s because they’re consuming more than their working off.  so i must say, my lil’ fitbook has been a bit of a lifesaver in a way because it did reveal that i was eating clean and very lean, getting in my workouts….and something had to explain my new friend we’ll call the muffin top and my extreme levels of fatique.  so all complaining aside, i feel: grateful!  it may take time to be back to the new peppy lil’ me, but i assure you i’m well on my way.  hence the 2-day workcation to get caught up on work, but also relax and recharge!

anyone out there share a simliar experience? give me your tips: i’m all ears!
stressfully yours,


20twelve [wk4]: baby steps

um, have i mentioned how much i love blogging when i haven’t had such a stellar week? oh it’s joyful.  there’s nothing more fun than going through the process of recounting the days in your fitbook that you gladly turned, never to see again. but then to revisit those and put out there on the internet for all eyes to see, it’s such fun.  why, you might ask, do i do it then? for you. (whoever you are reading this).  now, while i admit i love writing, i could just as well write that i had a fabulous, out-of-the-ballpark week and you’d never know the difference.  but i don’t and i won’t. why then, do i put myself through this?  well, for starters, it’s therapeutic for me to get my thoughts out…to zone out amidst the tippity tappity of the keyboard, and just reflect.  but really, i do it for you. i want you to relate.  to know that everyone has ups and downs and in-between days.  that no one is perfect.  and that we still don’t give up.  it’s monday, and we’re back at it again.  because that’s what we do!

just think about how much you’d accomplish in life if you gave up every time you failed.  you’d never get anywhere.  i always think about a little baby trying to take first steps.  aren’t they the cutest things ever?  they have all odds against them: short, stubby, little muscle-less legs, bottom-heavy diaper bums, and with those round little tummies, absolutely no core muscles to give them much-needed balance.  and so they try.  they stumble and fall, often times bump their head, but they don’t give up.  they get up again.  and again.  until one day, they master one, two, three (yay!) steps, and then *boom*, on their heiny again.  and again, up they go, only to persevere after trying many (many) times.

so where are you right now?  i feel like weeks 1-3 i was rockin’ my first steps like a pro, and then i guess i lost some steam and in week 4, *bam*…on my bum. (well, not literally – that would be silly to fall on your bum, now wouldn’t it?!).  i still got in all my workouts, yes.  so what am i complaining about?  um, i broke about all the 20twelve rules. *shhh*  don’t tell anyone!  (i made them!).  i think i may have drank over the entire week the amount of h20 i’m supposed to consume in one DAY!  and then, i think i drank in one day the amount of (skinny) margaritas i’m supposed to consume in one WEEK!  so, not good.  oh and then one day this week, it’s 8pm at the office, i’m happily wrapping up ready to go home and make a healthy dinner and then – computer el crasho. all the work i’d done for the past few hours: gone.  so, after a few bad words (sorry grams) and a few tears, i was determined to finish the doc before i left for the night!   (actually it was the 20twelve pre- and post-workout fuel guide…see the things i do for you!?)  so 10pm rolls along before i get out of here and sit down to a cup of my homemade turkey chili at *gasp* 10:30pm.  again, no bueno.  (note: i’d still rather you eat something than nothing…your metabolism will shut down if you go to bed after not eating that long!).

but when i say it wasn’t a great week, it was more of a mental thing and making tiny choices that aren’t focused and intentional.  you know, those moments when you just eat food because you’re so hungry that you don’t really know what or how much you consumed til after the fact? lucky for me, i really only eat healthy food (um, for the most part).  but no matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is if you eat 2-3 servings. go figure!  here’s where i slip up: an extra handful of pistachios because i’m bored…or slipping my hand into the shredded cheese just a few extra times because apparently my omelette will be sad if it doesn’t have enough cheese…or spreading my 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on my whole grain piece of toast and accidentally dipping my knife in 1 (or 2, or 3) times before tightening the lid…or happening to look the other way and getting distracted while pouring cream into my coffee and my 3-one-thousand count becomes 5…or promising myself i’ll only have 3 bites of dessert and then i lose count.  can you relate?

so now: for me, it’s time to dial-it-in.  get serious!  what does this mean?

  • back to the scale: (food scale, that is)…and measuring cups….and measuring spoons.  i apparently can no longer be trusted to eyeball serving sizes and i think that this is really keeping me from reaching my goals.  all those extra little calories add up throughout the day and just 100-200 more can make all the difference!
  • plan it out: you know i’m serious to reach a goal when i decide to do this – plan out my meals ahead of time.  i do this for a few reasons. #1: i ensure that i make more logical choices and eat based on nutritional needs, not hunger pains.  and #2: it makes me more mindful and less anxious….sometimes, “some people” (um, not me!) get anxious thinking about the next meal and it can start to consume you. the best way to avoid this: plan it out ahead of time.  plus, if you’re type-a like me: you’ll follow the plan because you’d rather eat what’s written than scribble in your fitbook!
  • make it known: i don’t d*** (that’s a 4-letter word that rhymes with riot).  but there are times i buckle down. and telling those around you to help hold you accountable helps.  now, please don’t be one of those annoying people that proudly orders the salad at dinner and then announces their new healthy eating plan while friends are ordering cheeseburgers. yeah, don’t be that person.  but tell your girlfriend: “hey i’m trying to eat dessert only once a week…can you hold me to that?”  or tell your significant other: “i really want to not eat after 8:30pm because i tend to snack at night….will you maybe cough loudly or something when i head for the fridge at night, baby?” 🙂

so that’s where i’m at. now that i’m baring it all: tell me, how are you doing? what are your plans as we head into week 5 of 20twelve?  i must say that i’m excited to switch up the workout plan a bit: keep things fresh!

talk to me people.


20twelve [wk3]: triggers that trip me up!

seriously, we’re 3 weeks in already? um…i’d totally be lying if i said everything is just going perfectly.  horrible? nah.  but perfect – not quite.  *gasp* wow, i’m just like you – go figure!  here’s the thing: week one, i’m gung ho! what was the title of my first week’s blog? “i so got this!“.  and i even preach to everyone not to go to crazy in week one, because you’ll wear out…but yet, i think in the excitement of it all – it’s just natural.  so then week 2: reality check.  that’s when life happens (i.e. traveling, dinners out, happy hours, late night working).  and so , that leads us straight into week 3 that leaves you feeling like you’re either going to bail or buckle down.  while in week 1, we set those big goals, come around week three it’s time to reevaluate (check out this vid) – and then analyze what are those little things that keep tripping you up?

i’ll share mine:

  • trip-up #1: skipped or blah workouts
    between traveling and working late during the week, sometimes my workouts don’t necessarily get missed…but they take a backseat.  meaning, if i plan a morning workout and i accidentally hit snooze, my workout gets shortened by that much and i don’t get in that “killer” workout i’d planned.  or if i’m traveling, yes i hit the hotel fitness center, but it’s usually at 8:30pm when i’m exhausted resulting in a less-than-stellar sweat session.  and heaven forbid i plan to workout after work and come 7pm i still can’t get away – so one voice in my head is saying “go home, you need rest, you know you want to!” and the voice that (usually) wins is saying “just go to the gym – you’ll feel better!”.
    my trick: honestly, the only thing i found to beat this trap is (yes, you know it) – the fitbook.  if i don’t plan my workouts ahead of time on sunday, with exact times and locations, the odds of them happening are very slim.  so…i sit down with my fitbook and my outlook calendar, and pencil-in my workouts, even to the level of detail that if i’m traveling i look at flight times so i know if i need to workout before my flight or when i get to my destination that night. if the day of travel is too tight to fit it in, well that automatically becomes my off day and i just try to get in a stroll at the airport!  i truly believe this: “fail to plan, plan to fail.
  • trip-up #2: the weekends
    this SHOULD be the easiest time to fit in workouts, make healthy food, prep…yadda, yadda, yadda. (in an ideal world).  but in my life, i go-go-go all week and yes, i absolutely fit in my workout on saturday morning, but if i get to sunday and i have a day like this past weekend, i’m lucky if my hiney ever leaves the couch.  after 5-6 days of going to the gym and working long days, the last thing i want to do is, well, move.  so this complicates my healthy grocery store shopping, idea to hit the hills for a nice long hike, and prep my food for the week.  i’d say most weekends (3 out of 4) are a success, but when i have these lazy bum days, i just try to accept that it’s my body’s way of telling  me i need to slow down.  but here’s the problem: that’s when i should be moving the most! meaning, what days do i enjoy a glass of wine, or golden spoon, or a piece of bread with dinner? the weekend!
    my trick:  well, knowing that i’m a lazy bum on sundays, i plan my off-day to be sunday.  but in the event that i miss a workout during the week, i then need to find the energy to do a workout that day.  the last place i want to be on a sunday: the gym.  so i will plan to hit the gym saturday morning (or do a beach workout which i love) and then schedule an active workout date with a friend for sunday so i have someone holding me accountable.  as far as food goes on the weekends, everyone, including me struggles with this one.  here are my tricks: ALWAYS eat breakfast (this is easy because it’s my fave meal of the day) and then i will actually plan out my meals that morning in my fitbook so that i stick to it.  then, say my cheat meal for the weekend is saturday night or sunday brunch, i leave that space open in my fitbook so i can fill it in later!  this usually ensures that i get in my healthy meals (without stressin’) and then it allows me to enjoy that cheat meal without guilt.  and remember: going out for a night with drinks, promise yourself two things: sip water in between each beverage and NO eating after 8:30pm. (yes, i know how those midnight munchies hit after a few glasses of wine!).
  • trip-up #3: triggerfoods
    this topic is so near + dear to my heart that i even  made a video about it!  so watch this to get insight into my triggers (peanut butter!) and my tips to trick ’em.
    my trick:  (um, the video below) + this tips to trick your triggers download…i swear by these tips!  download, print + keep on your fridge. (i do!)

so those are my traps! here’s my tip as we head into week four: identify ONE trap that trips you up (say that a few times fast!) and make it a goal to conquer it this week.  here’s mine: absolutely NO eating after 8:30 (no, nope, not gonna do it) ’cause that’s when my triggers get tripped….and i’m going to schedule an active outing for sunday (right now) so i have saturday and sunday workouts planned…that way i can enjoy a day off during the week when my body really needs it.

so what’s your trigger trickin’ plan?  share your tips with other fitbookers + 20twelvers.  you all inspire me…so please, do tell!
trickily yours,


20twelve [wk2]: reality check.

raise your hand if you watched the 20twelve launch video (above) and had even the tiniest little thought run through your head that sounded  something like this: “really? really…those 3 little size-2 skinny minis think they need to lose weight?”.  i only ask because i had about 5 people tell me that after watching the video! now, know that we at fitlosophy have only the best of intentions….we want to do this together, with our fitbookers.  but the last thing we want to do is create an illusion that 1) 20twelve is only for the (already) fit or 2) that we think we need to lose a lot of weight!  however, in defense of my super-sweet team (and myself): no matter what your size, whether it’s 2 or 20…everyone has goals.  everyone knows what it’s like to be their best self. and no mattter where you are in life, whether it be in your career, your health, or personal life, shouldn’t we always strive to be better?

my goal is always to open and honest – those who read this blog know this.  the reality is this: just like you, i just finished week two of 20twelve.  and the reality is that after week 1, my enthusiasm starts to fade a bit.  and then life happens.  and being the all-or-nothing person that i am, i swear the moment that i can’t keep exactly to my plan, i so want to toss my fitbook and get a new one.  secretly wanna know my main goal for 20twelve? complete my fitbook and don’t stress about x’s through pages i had to miss or messed up handwriting. (ah, there are moments i just love my little ocd tendencies).  that’s my reality.  and even given this past week, i’m still truckin’ into week 3 gung ho.

last week started off fantastic – perfect really, getting in all my workouts, pushing myself hard, and eating clean as can be.  and knowing i was traveling to colorado thursday through sunday, i set my goals accordingly.  i wanted to workout monday through wednesday, knowing full well that with traveling from 5:30am on thursday morning, having meetings all day, and finally getting to my parents house around 6pm that night…i didn’t exactly want to say “hi mom…dad….love you…headed to the gym!”.  c’mon.  that ain’t right!  so i planned for thursday to be my off day…those days are easy to record in my fitbook…check!  but again, traveling wreaks havoc on the eating so i went prepared with my trail mix.  the day went pretty well, ya know after i almost missed my flight, but we had enough time to enjoy a quick lunch at panera (which coincidentally i was prepared with the handy eating out guide i’d just finished up the night before!).  and then: dinner at a little mexican restaurant. somehow, don’t ask me how, i didn’t have any chips (actually yes, my tip is to chew gum)…and then i had a whole wheat tortilla with grilled chicken, fajita veggies and avocado (also on the eating out guide!).  and a beer. what can i say? i love a cold fat tire – but i did share with daddy!  why, might you ask, am i telling you what i ate, detail by detail? well, because of this: sometimes when we lose control over where we’re eating or what’s on the menu, it’s easier to throw in the towel and say “to heck with it!”.  i guess i was just proud that i made a conscious choice to skip the chips but enjoy a beer – and be okay in the gray area and not being black or white, perfect or chaos.

so a weekend with the family meant waking up bright and early to hit the gym if i really want to fit it in. friday: check. lower body + stepmill, bam. done.  saturday: oops, i missed it.  after a late night friday night with friends, which included a home-cooked meal of meat, potatoes, corn and beers…and getting in around midnight, i missed my window to go workout saturday morning and i had to choose between doing that and spending time with my family.  i chose family.  but i managed to still get in about 3 hours of walking with my mom – the trick with her is just go to the mall and it’s a workout just keeping up with her!  was it a hardcore upper body workout like i’d planned?  no. but did i still fit in something? yes.  then saturday night meant a big home-cooked family dinner with the most fabulous lebanese food (and lots of it) made by my sister-in-law.   i was a bit bummed going in because i really did want to get a workout in so i could justify the food i knew i was going to want to eat.   but nevertheless, i filled up first on her fatoush (lebanese salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, and spices).  i’d recently read research showing that if you eat a large (healthy, not doused in dressing) salad before your meal, you consume approximately 12% fewer calories during your main meal.  so i munched like a rabbit!  then i grazed on pita & hummus (healthy, yes), sajuk (which is a red sauce with sausage…but a tiny portion, probably not so healthy), a small piece of roast and a bites of potatoes & carrots…and maybe 2 glasses of wine.   and then dessert.  dessert! my weakness.   my sister-in-law makes homemade baklava that seriously melts in your mouth, is absolutely in no way, shape or form healthy, and it begs to be eaten.  i single-handedly blame its yumminess on at least 5 of the 15lbs i gained after my competition a few years ago!  so she makes baklava.  and then my dear mom…she made my absolute most favorite chocolate cake from when i was little. and we’re talkin’ this thing doesn’t get made but every 2 years.  so that in itself was cause to celebrate.  so what’s a girl to do?  well, in my little head a knew i’d go easy on the dinner…and made my mind up that i’d only have 1 small piece of baklava and 1 piece of chocolate cake.  mind you: mom’s chocolate cake pieces dwarf in comparison to cake pieces these days.  this is probably why she’s still a size 4/6! moderation.  ok so lebanese meal extravaganza wrap-up: yum and holy-cow-i-need-to-workout. but honestly, i didn’t overdo it.  and even better: i wasn’t mad at myself.

sunday morning: i hit the pavement!  yes, running at 7am in the bitter cold for about 30 minutes, including 10 minutes of sprints.  it felt so good!  again, one of those moments where i so did NOT want to do it.  do you know how cold colorado gets in the winter…at 7am?  cold.

so after a weekend with the fam and a slight (but ever so slight!) dent in my perfect plans, i’m slowly learning how to get slightly derailed and not have the train go veering for the ditch.  look at my picture on facebook or my website, or heck any of the pictures on my blog and you may think i’m crazy.  “what’s she struggle with?”  tell me this: why else would someone create fitbook?  because i get it. why do you think i haven’t posted pics in awhile? maybe just maybe i’m not that size 0, six-pack rockin’ girl.  even i look at that pic and wanna be that!  and i will be.  anyone can be – just depends on how bad you want it.  i promise you this: you WILL mess up.  you SHOULD make choices to enjoy life and not be all-or-nothing.  and you CAN still reach your goals.  just choose to make good choices about 80-90% of the time, control what you can, and then  don’t be hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned.

so as i head into week three of twenty twelve my goal is to keep up the good work. i’m feeling really optimistic and love watching all the positive things happening for other fitbookers out there. facebook and twitter are aflutter with inches being lost, goals being met, and scales budging. THESE are the things that keep me motivated.

i unselfishly created 20twelve to help fitbookers and selfishly am getting more out of it from you than i’d ever intended.
so in closing, thank YOU.


p.s. feedback on 20twelve – do tell!  and don’t be surprised when you see your question answered or request granted in an upcoming email!

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