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day 27/28 of 28: the end (and new beginnings)

all good things must come to an end. hopefully some of you joined me on on this 28-day crossfit program to kickstart your health.  if you did, well then you got a little glimpse into the crossfit world to see that while it’s intense, it’s not impossible – and it will get you in shape….fast.  i, for one, will still be integrating these type of workouts into my weekly plan because they most definitely shock your body – and also challenge your mind just as intensely.

the holidays are upon us, with candy corns & bite-size snickers invading the workplace (and making a home in your tummy). soon the pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes and turkey lurkeys will be here and before you know it, there will be candy canes, egg nog, and holiday parties galore!  so you have two choices here: 1) sit back and accept that you’re going to enjoy adding 7lbs on between now and new years (this is the average, really!) or 2) make a plan to rock a hot bod under the disco ball come january 1st, 2012. 10 weeks – just TEN WEEKS til then. perfect timing to get our rears in gear!  the wonderful news is that you can still enjoy the holidays & be healthy at the same time.

as the saying goes:“when one door closes, another one opens.” but what this saying doesn’t clarify is that the doors don’t always open by themselves. you have to keep knockin’, turnin’ handles, and be actively seeking opportunities.  while it’s easy to plop on the couch on a sunday night and do nothing, odds are that you’ll be more successful this week if you make an effort, do something different, and set yourself up for success.  crack open your fitbook, or heck grab a blank notebook or even a new note in your iphone…whatever. sit down and thing long and hard about what you want your life to look like come 2012.  i promise you this, that time will go by and you’ll arrive at the new year no matter what.  but if you set out with a plan, odds are you’re going to be exactly where you want to be – or at the very least, a little bit closer.  here are some ideas as you seek new opportunities to create your best self:

  • commit to prepping your proteins (chicken, fish, turkey, etc.) and grains (quinoa, brown/wild rice) each sunday night when you’re already making dinner – that way you’ve got healthy ingredients  ready to grab and go!
  • enjoy the seasonal veggies that are available and make a goal to try a new one each week for the next 10 weeks. i’m trying roasted acorn & butternut squash tonight – found the recipe from seasons52 that i LOVE! next week i’ll take a stab at actually cooking pumpkin vs. using the can opener!
  • take initiative at the holiday parties to take a healthy option and nosh on your own treat like fresh fruit skewers, popcorn, a veggie tray with hummus, or healthy sweet potatoes!  then mentally make note of how many not-so-healthy treats you will (keyword) ENJOY sans guilt – and then stick to it!
  • make a goal for ten weeks to get your workouts in EARLY – you’re 75% more likely to stick to your routine.  plan it in your schedule and get at least 4-5 days a week in. with holiday parties, school functions for kiddos & family time galore, odds are your workout will get skipped if it’s after work. try it…10 weeks, make that your goal!

see look at that – a whole LIST of goals that have NOTHING (absolutely nothing) to do with calories, losing weight, or depriving yourself.  so enjoy yourself as we head into the holiday season – and take the time to actively make choices every day to ring in the new year as the best YOU yet. don’t be part of a statistic and wait til january 1st to getting healthy. why wait? start now. NOW!  think of it this way: would you rather maintain your weight over the next 10 weeks and start the new year off right – or head into it already frustrated with 7lbs more to lose?

so thank you trainer jeff norcross for putting together this KILLER crossfit kickstart program that has literally lit a fire under my backside.  i am now going to up the level of intensity of ALL my workouts because now i know what i’m capable of.  it’s amazing how sometimes you see an obstacle before you – whether it be a workout, a job opportunity, a relationship, or even your not-so-angelic two-year-old…and it seems like too much.  but something that i’ve learned over the past few years is this: you WILL get through it and often times you’re a better person because of it.  there were days when i literally looked at these workouts and didn’t think i could do it…or jeff will confirm hearing me say that i wanted to quit.  but i didn’t. 

some may say that endings are bad, but i beg to differ – sometimes it’s a positive.  killer workouts, silly arguments, tough projects at work, and even temper tantrums come to an end (thankfully) – and new beginnings  lie ahead.

so what lies ahead?
stay tuned.

the end.


day 25/26 of 28: learning to listen

talking comes natural to me. as does writing novel-length blog posts. this can come in handy at times – and at other times, not so much. i cannot tell you how many times i’ve just thought to myself: “ugh…if your brain would only work just a little faster than your mouth moves you wouldn’t be in this predicament!”.  part of this i suppose is just my personality, and i’m learning that there are things you don’t love about yourself…and you just need to accept, learn to love (or tolerate) and spend more of your energy focusing on what you’re good at and what you do love. someone once told me that what you focus on, you create more of.

so what does this have to do with my 28-day crossfit challenge?  in life (and also my workouts) i tend to get my sights set on the end goal – where i’m headed.  and part of why i’ve been successful in certain areas of my life is because i’m tenacious and no one can stop me once i set my mind on something.  and yet, just like my ability to ramble at length, sometimes it doesn’t serve me so well.  when you’re always focused on the end goal or what you think you want, you miss out on what’s right in front of you.  many times i’ve been so focused on that end goal that i miss the opportunities, experiences, and moments that are directly in front of me. you know those people that take life one moment, one day at a time? that doesn’t tend to be me, however luckily we all have the opportunity to change. one choice at a time.

silly as it may sound, slowly i’ve started applying this concept to my health and my body.  taking a moment to step back from my “plan” to really think about how i feel: does my body feel up to a killer workout, have i gotten enough rest, what do i really feel like doing right now??  see these are things i never consider.  i don’t think, i just do.  until now, that is.  waking up friday morning, i literally could barely walk from my previous day’s butt-kicking.  i’ve been sore before, but this was brutal.  like i-need-a-massage brutal.  the “old” me wouldn’t have paid any attention to what my body was saying, push through, and probably overtrain which i’ve been known to do on many occasions.  this ultimately leads to burn-out and often injuries. i preach it all the time, however i rarely practice it.  until now.

so friday, operating on 5 hours sleep and being extremely sore, i opted to skip the gym and go for a jog instead.  i knew that the trade-off would be that i’d have to workout on sunday, which usually is my off day.  but it didn’t matter what my mind was saying, my body won. so yay me for listening to my body.  then saturday was thankfully an hour-long pilates session – a great workout with the stretching and lengthening component that my body was craving after torturing it with countless deadlifts, pull-ups, squats and push-ups all week.  now i feel refreshed to hit the gym bright and early tomorrow, knowing i made the right decision to (for the first time) listen to my body.  mind you: this is not a reason to SKIP workouts or justify being a lazy bum.  but most of you out there push yourselves hard enough.  it’s also important to know when enough is enough, take a break, recover and then get back at it.  so here’s what i have to look forward to at 7am on a sunday morning:

  • run 200 meters
  • 20 pull-ups
  • run 200 meters
  • 20 push-ups
  • run 200 meters
  • 20 sit-ups
  • run 200 meters
  • 20 squats
    (5 rounds for time)

so while you’re warm & cozy in your bed, think of me.  so as i bring this ramble to a close, here’s what i’ve learned.  (and yes, i realize i get rather deep for just writing about workouts)  there are a countless number of things we can choose to focus on that we don’t like about ourselves and our actions. whether it’s missing a workout, not being the jean size you want to be, eating a tad bit too much halloween candy, or whatever it might be right now at this moment. i guarantee you’ve got some negative thought lingering.  i challenge you to switch your focus, like now.  here’s an example:

* i didn’t go to the gym friday (negative)
* i listened to my body and still got a half-hour jog in! (positive)

* i splurged on a handful of halloween candies that i so did not need to eat (negative)
* i enjoyed some treats and won’t feel guilty about it – i’ll go for a walk instead (positive)

it’s this new thing i’m trying on for size called focusing on what you want.  i guarantee you that if you focus on the negative, you will only feel worse about yourself and you’ll spiral downward from there.  so shift your mindset (i dare you) and share with me your epiphanies!



day 24 of 28: hamster wheel

ever had seasons in your life where you keep spinnin’ your wheels as hard as you can and you get nowhere? you’re putting everything you have into your work, your relationships, your workouts…everything, and yet it still seems like you are literally going nowhere.  ok, i’m so not in that place (right now). ha! you thought i was going to diverge into some soliloquy right?  you know me too well, but no. however this hamster wheel is exactly the experience i had this morning during my 30 minute workout: “chelsea”. 

i get bored easily. i’m distratcted by bright shiny objects and have a tendency to get off track when i’m not stimulated or challenged mentally.  as i stated yesterday, however, crossfit has challenged me probably just as much mentally as physically.  the workout today seemed simple enough: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats on the minute, every minute for 30 total minutes.  so 30 sets. but my thought was that i’d have rest time so this would be cake!  why i ever thought such a silly thing is beyond me. mind you, i had to do 10 pull-ups instead of 5 because you double when you “modify” – the modification in this case being assisted pull-ups.  as soon as i did set one i knew i was in for it.  time for set 1? 53 seconds. la-de-da, i got a glorious 7 second rest before having to hit the next set!  what? i so didn’t sign up for this. 

so i’d say about by set #12 i was so mentally fatiqued from repeating the  S A M E  D A R N  exercises over and OvEr and OVER!  i swear to you that all i could think of was those poor little hamsters that run their teeny tiny legs off, quickly, but go nowhere – nowhere at all.  i was getting mentally fatigued from the repetition – and well, physically fatigued for obvious reasons.  and that’s when the mental part of crossfit kicks in.  when you get to a point where you just can’t give anymore, you just push through and prove yourself wrong.  there’s a beautiful thing about being a crossfit newbie: you don’t fear some of the workouts because they seem harmless at first glance. my naivete has transformed into a very real respect and possibly a tad bit of fear knowing that every time i will be either psychologically challenged, physically beaten down, or – more often than not – both.

300 pull-ups
300 push-ups
450 squats

[in 30 minutes]


in the zone today (pun-intended), i made a killer post-workout breakfast: pumpkin protein pancakes (get the recipe – subscribe here before tomorrow!).  they were filling, scrumptious, and a perfect zone/block ensemble. the rest of the day included: coffee (of course), (oops i missed my first snack!), lunch with spinach, ground turkey, avocado, cucumber & tomato salad, an afternoon snack of greek yogurt, frozen pineapple and a handful of peanuts, and dinner was an egg-white omelette with black beans, veggies, cheese & 1 corn tortilla.  dessert as i blog? frozen grapes!

supposedly it’s 80 at the beach this weekend. so i’m zonin’ in on my nutrition the next few days so i can sleekly sport the bikini.  after, of course my friday 6am workout that jeff norcross described as “insane” (heaven help me) and 8am pilates on saturday. only 4 days left of the 28-day crossfit challenge. if you want to keep your trim summer bod that you worked so hard for, don’t start slackin’ once there’s a chill in the air and layers of clothes to hide under.  kick it in gear now! 

now pardon me while i retire to the couch to do absolutely nothing – this little hamster is wiped!


day 23 of 28: misery loves company

question: what do you do when you realize that is highly likely that you will find a “reason” to not workout?

a. cross your fingers & hope for the best

b. start thinking of the good “reason” (read: excuse)

c. phone a friend

well, admittedly i’ve tried all three.  but last night as i jotted down the workout for today, i literally had tears in my eyes in anticipation of the torture that i knew was ahead. so, i chose option (you guessed it), c!  i texted my friend & trainer jeff last night to see if i could convince him to workout with me at 6.  i should have clarified that i meant “PM”, as in not before the sunrise, but he was only available at 6AM.  so at the crack of dawn i meet him at the gym, we warm-up (which his warm-ups are almost a workout in itself), and then prepare for: “roy”.

oh roy.  roy, roy, roy. let me introduce you:

  • 15 deadlifts
  • 20 box jumps (24″ box)
  • 25 pull-ups
    (5 complete rounds, for time)

ok so deadlifts with jeff isn’t like a 45# bar…oh no, you pretty much max out but not so heavy you lose form. so mine was 85#…his was, i don’t know like 2x as much!  then might i remind you that in crossfit if you have to “modify” anything, you have to do double. DOUBLE!  so needing to do assisted pull-ups, that’s right – i got to do 50!  24″ box jumps…cake (or so i thought).

and they’re off!  knocking out the first set of deadlifts, a little confident i might add, i swiftly move over to the box and…nothing.  nada. mentally i wanted to jump on the box, but i went to jump and my glutes and legs were telling me otherwise.  i stared at that darn 24″ box (mind you, i barely top 5’2″) – it was my nemesis. jeff kept telling me to go, and usually in front of him my ego will force me to get through my fear or pain.  not this time.  it took me a good 30 seconds to get my feet off the ground after balking about 5 or 6 times. after the first jump i got in a groove but by the last reps i had almost ate it twice.  my poor booty was  quivering, the muscles were so tired!  after finishing, i waddled as quickly as possible over to the assisted pull-up machine where i had to eek out 50. yes, they may be assisted, but mind you that does not mean easy.  resting half-way through, i see jeff doing 25 straight pullups as though he could have been doing them in his sleep. cake!  round 1: done!  how many more?

regroup: set 2 and onward i lowered to a 12″ box, which meant i had to do double.  seriously my heart rate was through the roof: 40 box jumps FAST.  and meanwhile jeff & i are neck & neck…yes, i had to do double of 2 of the exercises but his were twice as hard: 24″ box jumps and he was doing the pull-ups on olympic type rings: killer!  by set 4 i told him that i just wanted to either lay down & cry or quit  .rarely do the words “quit” or “can’t” come out of my mouth (especially in front of him!).  he corrected me, mentally kicked me back into gear, and together we pushed each other through the last 2 sets, both finishing right around 23m.  i was dead…dead, i tell ya!  and this sounds horrible, but the only thing that made me feel better was seeing him right there with me, dead as a doornail. ok, he wasn’t quite as bad as me.  and so this proves the old saying “misery loves company” to be true, in a very literal way.

i needed that – badly. regardless of the physical benefit of working out THAT hard, there is a total mental shift that happens when you accomplish something that literally & physically seems impossible.  i will give crossfit props for being probably just as much, if not more, mentally challenging as it is physical.  you’ll have a workout where you have to complete 5 rounds and being so dead after round 1, you seriously start to get psyched out.  the sheer number of reps in some of these workouts:  it’s inhumane. the intensity levels are through the roof, and while i’ve seen physical progress, i’d say i’m benefitting just as much mentally for being able to fear, dread, do, and then be able to say i did 250 pull-ups, 200 box jumps, and 75 deadlifts today.  so what did jeff have me do before i left? that’s right: 25 box jumps on the 24″ box…just so it didn’t conquer me mentally.  and i rocked ’em.

yay me. and yay jeff: thanks for being miserable with me.


day 22 of 28: breakfast of (zone) champions

there’s always that lingering question when i crawl out of bed at 5:30am: to eat or not to eat before my workout?  there are many schools of thought on this, but i’ve always followed this logic: cardio is okay on an empty stomach – and you tap into fat stores faster without calories in your body to burn off first.  and always eat a little protein/carb combo before doing any strength training…you want to build muscle, not burn it!  problem is: i always wake up hungry. it’s incredible.  i can’t even sleep in on the weekends without my growling tummy waking me up. so knowing that i had only cardio to do today, i chose to forgo breakfast, stomach growling and all.  again, an adjustment to my routine – there were no treadmills available (again!) so i hit my beloved stepmill (really, i do love it). 30 minutes, dripping sweat, done.  little foam rolling, train a few clients and i was out.  leaving me famished.

so needless to say i was stoked to try out this recipe that i saw from muscle & fitness: peanut butter protein pancakes.  even more stoked when i looked at it and noticed it was zone/block friendly!  trust me, love the zone but day after day of scrambled eggs, black beans, avocado & a corn tortilla OR oatmeal with fruit/nuts, i was ready to shake it up. and so, i did.  here’s this scrumptious recipe, courtesy of muscle & fitness :

  • 1 tbs peanut butter (i love laura scudders or justin’s nut butter)
  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • splenda or stevia to taste

combine all ingredients in bowl and mix until smooth. spray pan with non-stick cooking spray and turn on medium heat. pour batter onto pan and flip when slightly firm or bubbles form…remove & enjoy once done! 
nutrition:  362 cals, 16g fat, 27g pro, 31g carbs, 5g fiber

ok i admit…i drizzled sugar-free, calorie-free, nothing-natural-about-it walden farms syrup on top…maybe 2 tbsp. it just seemed wrong to eat my pancake dry.  however you could go with agave nectar or real maple syrup, which is PACKED with antioxidants – but watch the portion, it’s also packed with sugar.

so that kicked off my beautiful fall morning: workout and healthy breakfast, followed by a hot cup of coffee. i need to bottle that feeling so that i can remember that when i dread stepping my toes onto the cold floor at 5:30am. it’ll be worth it!

make it a great day!


day 21 of 28: plan c

at an incredible SMARTY event today, 150 women entrepreneurs (and 2 men!) from across southern california had the honor of touring the fantastic dermologica headquarters and hearing founder jane wurwand tell her fascinating story making her dream a reality.

the tidbits of brilliance were priceless, including to be authentic as she quoted the great oscar wilde:
“be yourself. everyone else is taken.” 

or sharing a life-lesson her mom taught her at a young age:
“life is not about balance. it’s about resilience.” 

then she spoke on the importance of having a plan c.  of course everyone has a plan a and some people have a plan b, but who has a plan c?  the truth

getting SMART! (see, i do where something other than workout clothes!)

is, in life or in business, rarely does anything go as planned. i speak of this often when i rant about my broken tailbone or my head cold that threw my little workout life into a tizzy.  but this applies to so much more of life. this lesson is something you’ll eventually learn, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a mother (right moms?).  jane’s example was one of finding a passion and you’ll know you’ve found that passion when you’d do it everyday for three years without ever getting paid.  you have big plans, ideas, and dreams…but along the way, you learn that plan a doesn’t always work out so well, so you shift to plan b.  and she humourously joked (in her eloquent british accent) that if plan b doesn’t work out that you might just think about plan c: give up and get a job!  half-joking and half-truth i think. there are many times that we have to look at our lives and wonder if we should keep doing what we’ve always done and possibly keep getting what we’ve always got?  or will one more time around result in a different outcome?  it’s a stretch, but let’s apply this to my gym experience this evening.

plan a:
head home RIGHT after work, toss back a quick protein shake, hit the gym by 5 to avoid the rush and knock out my seriously insane crossfit workout that i’d already neatly jotted down in my fitbook.  what a great plan! 

**plan averted: getting into the office later than expected after the SMARTY event, i wasn’t able to tear myself away until 6. of course i hit traffic, had to take little mylo for a quick walk and suddenly it’s 7.  (briefly) considering a quick jog instead of going to the gym at rush hour, i left for the gym before i could talk myself out of it. 

plan b:
hit the gym at prime time to do a workout that consists of running sprints on a treadmill circuited with pushups, pullups, squats, and sit-ups…5 times through.

**plan averted: with not one single open treadmill, my plan came crashing down.  and even if one opened up, i’d literally have to do my pushups, squats & sit-ups ON the $%&# treadmill so as to claim it so i could quickly do my next 200m sprint. while it would be quite entertaining, i decided it would not be the best option to play treadmill hog.

so you know how well i deal with plans changing. i seriously was pacing back and forth with this little conversation going through my head:“maybe i’ll circuit with the elliptical…but no, that wouldn’t get my heart rate up fast enough.  maybe i should take a spin class – but it doesnt’ start for another hour!  hmm…maybe i’ll go home, yes that seems like a good idea. ok, no ang you can’t go home silly…you’d have to blog about it!  seriously, why didn’t i wake up and go this morning? ugh!”

yes, this is what chaos goes on inside my head. and yes, i too think about just sauntering out of the gym because “it must be a sign that i’m not supposed to workout because the treadmills are taken”!  but thinking back about what jane said: i knew i had to be resilient and put a plan c in place. 

plan c:
quickly thumbing through my fitbook to see how i could rearrange my week, i decided to switch thursday’s workout with today.  low and behold the rowing machine was open (of course it was, who actually enjoys it!?).  30m on the rowing machine followed by a killer 20m ab workout: crisis averted!

so thank you jane, not only did you inspire me as an entrepreneur and business woman, but your wise words taught me a useful little lesson about staying on your toes.  we must be open to whatever life throws our way. always have a plan in place, but never underestimate the power of having a plan c.



day 20 of 28: a royal kick in the keister.

oy. that’s how i feel after a week of being sick, stressed, and sans workouts. and i’m sorry, but when you’re sick, a can of tuna with sliced tomatoes, avocado & olive oil is not exactly comfort food.  if you’ve ever read any of my blogs, i’m rather notorious for being all or nothing. and this week: nothing. blah. ew. blech!  painfully honest, yes – but let’s face it: i’m human just like every single person that reads my blog. whether you read this blog to be inspired…or even if you just  read for the sheer amusement of my wordy insights into my own little world, here’s what i hope: that through my honesty you (humorously) find yourself not alone. no matter whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom juggling 10 things at once, a middle-aged dad pulled in all different directions, an athlete at the top of your game, or an overweight and depressed soul wondering how to break the cycle…no matter who you are, we all have tough days. and i only hope you can relate to the ups and downs that i too go through.  trust me: i have days where i feel like a failure…a hipocrite even.  who am i to run a fitness company or seek to inspire others when i myself fall every now and then?  ah, but this is what makes me human. i’ve had so many people ask me how i can understand how they think and feel when what they see of me is a picture on the website showing off my 6-pack abs and size 2 body.  and like most things in life, you can’t always judge a book by its cover.  there’s so much more to me than being ‘fit’.  just like someone that is 50lbs overweight.  your exterior does not define who you are, yet everyday we are judged based on this and we  even do the injustice of judging ourselves.  as though i’m less brilliant, any less successful, less loving, or even less compassionate if i weigh 3lbs more than i did yesterday. so why, i ask myself, is this so common?

i get emails, facebook messages, and tweets quite often from fitbookers that are saying the same thing…reaching out in an attempt to connect, hoping that something i say, write, or do will transform their thinking. and i do try.  not because i think i know how to fix people…but because i can relate.  because i think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings, and do the same things they do. and over the years i’ve been blessed to have healed so much and in that healing, i find fitlosophy as my outlet to help others.  and i’d be dishonest if i didn’t say that through helping others, it truly gives me so much more in return.

here’s what i know to be true: a diet, workout program, nutritionist, a personal trainer, or even i cannot do anything to change the “physical you” if you first don’t address the “emotional you”.  i truly don’t see being overweight (or even underweight) as being the problem, but merely a symptom of what lies within. being unhappy with one’s self just manifests itself in different ways in different people – a common one being their physical wellbeing.   what am i getting at?   most people think: i’m unhappy because i’m overweight.  and i would argue that they’re overweight because they’re unhappy.

so why now do i dump this deep dialogue on you? um, well it wouldn’t take too bright of a person to figure out that maybe, just maybe i had a rough week. anytime i get even a tad bit off my schedule, the control freak in me goes off her rocker.  working myself entirely too hard and not getting enough sleep led to getting sick (go figure!) and the only positive i can take from last week is that i was smart enough (for once) to not keep working out while i was sick.  and what bothers ISN’T that i didn’t workout (ok, maybe a little), but how it throws me into mental mayhem. 

but i remind myself of this:

“it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down.  what matters is how many times you get back up.”

so with sniffles gone, head cleared, and goals set…i’m back!  (again.)  i’m heading into the last week of the 28-day crossfit kickstart program and frankly, i’ll continue doing these type workouts long after the 28-days has passed.  it’s completely re-defined my idea of what it means to be fit.  so if you’re needing a royal kick in the keister, please join me. won’t you?

monday: today’s WOD (workout of the day) from crossfit…trainer jeff did it in 34:01 so i’m thinking i’ll be lucky to break 40m!
5 rounds for time: run 200 meters, 20 pull-ups, run 200 meters, 20 push-ups, run 200 meters, 20 sit-ups, run 200 meters, 20 squats

tuesday: 30 minute beach run

wednesday: “roy” – do 5 rounds for time
15 deadlifts, 20 box jumps (24″ box), 25 pull-ups

thursday: 30 minute stepmill + 20m ab workout (planks, leg raises, med-ball crunches, pikes on exercise ball)

friday: pilates

saturday: “chelsea” – do the following on the minute for 30m (so 30 rounds total!)
5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats
PLUS 2000 meter row

sunday: REST!

oh and i’m actually CRAVING the zone **** (i don’t use the d-word).  if you recall, i’m doing the 2-block plan, meaning that each of my 5 meals are 2 “blocks”, consisting of 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat.  here’s a nifty food planning guide if you want to know how this works!  i’ll be posting my meals this week – and you can also go back and view the first 19 days of this challenge too. 

closing thoughts: we may not be able to change the past, but we always have an opportunity to shape our future.
choose wisely.

live life fit!

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