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losing focus: bright (red) shiny objects.

i’ve never been diagnosed, but i’m pretty sure i’m borderline ADD. focus: it’s a foreign concept to me, which i struggle to improve on every single day. read about successful people and you’ll find that they’ve learned to hone in on something and focus intently to achieve a certain goal.  a challenge for me on a daily basis, and yet, somehow i manage.  i’ve learned to operate amidst organized chaos and it works for me.

fitlosophy is my passion. it’s what i do and who i am. i literally bleed red and baby blue. and when i started this company nearly five years ago, i didn’t just create fitbook, but i aimed to start something that was so much bigger. and, as with any start-up, sometimes it takes longer than you expect to realize your bigger vision.  today we’re one step closer as we launch our newest line of products, fittools by fitlosophy.

my goal in starting fitlosophy was to provide people with inspiration, motivation, and products that get people to their goals, sans obsession. our culture is so laser-focused on an unhealthy image of what it means to be beautiful. and after experiencing first-hand how it can strip you of your self-worth, i was on a mission to change that. fitlosophy may not change the world, but i’ll-be-darned if i’m not intent on making a large dent in our cultural focus on thinness. repeat after me: “i am not a number on a scale!”  

today is one of those days where i’m entirely happy to be distracted by bright shiny (red) objects.  these are our (new) creations that not only communicate our mantra to live life fit, but they fulfill a need.

goal weight body scale: yes, this sweet red thang doesn’t show you your actual body weight in lbs/kg – it shows your your progress toward or away from your goal. what a concept: focus on a goal, not a #.
focus on this: weigh only once a week – what’s important is the trend, not daily weight. your weight can fluctuate 1-2lbs each day depending on time of day, how much water you’ve taken in, or (yes, TMI) if you just haven’t gone to the bathroom yet!   

food scale: this digital darling is the key to conquering portion distortion. a few extra ounces here and there might be what’s standing between you and your goals. instead of getting calorie-counting-obsessed get portion-focused.
focus on this: make it a habit to have your food scale handy when prepping food so you can pre-portion. it’s a great way to (re)educate yourself on how much you should be eating…which is why we include a bonus food portion guide with the scale!

fit tool kit: measure progress millimeter-by-millimeter, inch-by-inch with our snazzy red body fat calipers and body tape measure to get a true read on your health.
focus on this: your body weight and BMI aren’t actually very accurate indicators of your health, so it’s important you monitor your progress via body fat and inches. don’t know how to use ’em? we arm you with a measureUP! guide inside each fit tool kit.

how will you reach your goals if you don’t measure your progress?

so today i’m focused. intently. on these bright (red) shiny objects that make my heart skip a beat.  what was an idea awhile ago, is now here. i’m sending them out into the big world to do big things. to make a big difference. and that is my vision. my absolute focus. no matter how distracted i may get by new ideas or creative ways to market – the one thing i’ve always been dialed in on is our mission.

to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world – literally.

now, it’s your turn. what’s your focus?  what are you absolutely 100% committed to? identify that one thing. the one thing that you could do for hours and time flies. that’s your passion. find that and focus on it. like crazy. and i guarantee that you will watch the life you’ve always wanted unfold in front of you.

passionately yours,

p.s. here’s a video on why we created this new line of products!


20twelve [wk5-7]: stress kills

stressed!?!? who, me? no. never. now, please don’t mistake this as a woe-is-me blog post. quite the contrary. but humor me for a few. to say i’ve had a lot going on in my life for quite awhile now is an understatement and the past few months it’s really started to take a toll on my lil’ bod. here’s a briefing…

  • started fitlosophy just over 4 yrs ago but have seen crazy growth in the past year with revenue doubling and number of employees tripling – this means long hours, sleepless nights…in a way its (almost) as tough as having a newborn. it’s literally my baby. (please moms, don’t hate me for comparing – God has a sense of humor and i’m sure i’ll be put in my place eventually and eat these words!)
  • the same year i started the company and as my career was takong off, my personal life took a nosedive (to say the least) , often times fitlosophy being the only thing that would get me out of bed each day. with that, my eating disorder which i thought id kicked to the curb nearly 7 years before came back with a vengeance. 
  • my weight has fluctuated from 112 10% body fat (competition) all the way up to 130 and 28% at certain points , all the while being very vocal, open and honest aboutt my struggles while running a company where the first thing people do is look me up and down to see if i practice what i preach.
  • just a year ago this month i stupidly busted my tailbone and was forced to sit the bench for a total of 6 months, with workouts suffering for another 3-4 after that….nearly dreadful for someone like me (most of you can relate). 
  • so why the sob story? through all this, i’ve been strong, powered through and took life by the reins, often turning to help only when i had no choice.

so ask me (please) how i never figured this out, but what a blessing that we launched 20twelve program..or i never may have reached out for help. over the past 6 weeks i’ve dialed in, cleaned it up, hit the gym hard, so it was a bit of a concern why not only was i not losing weight but i was slowly gaining! oy. those are not things i typically would blog. why would you follow my plan when i can’t even see success myself? that’s like being motivated by the spin instructor who can’t keep up with the class!  so, when you can’t do, teach! so i blog.

what finally drove me to reach out was when my quality of life hit a wall. for about the past 2-3 months it progessively got worse. i couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings, even after 6-7 hours sleep.  then once i did make it out of bed, i’d drag myself to the gym for less-than-intense workouts that used to be the norm for me.  then i’d go home, eat breakfast and literally fall back in bed.  it was hard for me to make it to work on time – and then on the weekends, little miss to-do list, go-go-go, would sleep all day on the couch. 

now many might describe me (or what they think of me) as the picture of health. ah, but this is the danger of only judging your health based on your outside appearance. thank goodness i workout, because i know know how my body should respond to exercise.  and when i was seeing the opposite, i knew something was wrong. i felt so horrible that i honestly didn’t care about what i looked like (ok, i did)..but not as much as knew i had to feel better.  how am i supposed to keep up with this growing little company, traveling often 2-3 times a month and needing to put in long days, if i can’t make it to the office before 10am? 

so off to the doctor for blood tests and a trip to (what i endearingly call) my “voo-doo” doctor, steve, who is a naturopath and also has his masters in nutrition, along with all these other fancy credentials. he came highly recommended and honestly all i cared was that he would tell me what was going on with my body.  after many tests, i wasn’t surprised when both him and my doctor confirmed what i should have known all along.  every single thing that came back was the results of: stress. 

i think we underestimate the (negative) power stress can have on our lives.  i, for one, don’t like to complain about stress because it’s a sign of weakness. and most of my stress (lately) any way is self-induced and i actually enjoy the things in my life that cause me stress.  i love traveling to close deals….i thrive on working late nights so i can feel caught up….i like waking up and working out early to fit it in my day, often sacrificing sleep.  but it looks like it may have caught up with me.  here’s what we found:

*levels of cortisol were extremely high:  this is a stress hormone found in your body, which is often correlated to storing body fat usually around your tummy.  this was one reason i was concerned about my weight gain. usually a few extra pounds settles in around my booty and thighs (mama’s got curves!) but never ever did i carry weight in my tummy! 

*underactive thyroid: so again, stress is the most common factor to causing thyroid disfunction…and this would be why i was experiencing fatique, wacky hormones, weight gain, and the one that surprised me the most: a slow metabolism. ME!  steve said my metabolism was much lower than it should be, obviously a result of the thyroid issues and a key reason why my body wouldn’t respond to exercise.

* adrenal fatigue: so apparently stress can wreak havoc on your adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing certain levels of cortisol and hormones…and when your levels of epinephrine are off in your body, this is a sign of adrenal fatique.  this is what would have been causing my moodiness (yes me!), again contributing to the weight gain, and basically having no energy whatsoever.

so all these things combined, it wasn’t a surprise to my docs that i had no energy. so, wonderful…what to do?  i am taking  a boat-load of (natural) pills to get my body back on track.  we’re loading me up with b-vitamins, drinking green-tea extract (to boost my metabolism), as well as a bunch of other pills that frankly i just don’t even know what they’re doing, but i’ve done it for almost 2 weeks and can see a difference.  i’m also following a specific meal plan.  why? well, apparently your body’s energy (the little that i have right now) goes to  digesting my food.  so i’ve done a lot of research on it and everything steve said made sense. and i was hesitant to even share it on my blog because i’m all about enjoying all things in moderation and not cutting out any one thing. but when you don’t feel well, you’ll try anything!  so here’s what i’ve been doing the past few weeks:

  • eating as much RAW food as possible:  from sushi, raw veggies, raw nuts and seeds, and steak cooked medium rare.  i’d heard about the raw food craze but didn’t know much about it…but i’m convinced.  apparently, this will help my body heal because eating raw takes up a LOT less energy because raw foods are easier to digest. so it saves my energy for other things, like living life!
  • no grains for a month: grains – whether whole or not – take a lot more energy to digest, so steve wants me to avoid all grains just for a month to let my body restore energy and also get the inflammation down. when i do reintroduce grains he said his top picks (in order) are: buckwheat, whole oats, and quinoa. (love!)
  • no dairy except raw, aged cheese:for a month…  not really sure why, except for he did say there are a lot of hormones in pasteurized dairy so he just wants me to avoid any dairy that’s not raw. except he did let me keep my cream in my coffee!
  • water out the wazoo: i knew this would be part of it, and i immediately saw an improvement.  minimum of 3 liters per day if i only have 1 cup of coffee and an extra liter if i have 2. so i nixed my 2nd cup of coffee.
  • only meat + fish: raw is preferred, but not necessary and for a month he wants me pretty much only eating meat (grass-fed beef, bison) and fish.  he’s not a fan of turkey (i need to find out why…i used to eat this in mass) and he’s okay with organic chicken, but again prefers beef and fish over poultry. 
  • healthy fats!: so aside from a ton of veggies, fruits, fish and meat, he wants me eating a lot of healthy fats coming from raw nuts and seeds, avocado, eggs, oils (olive, sesame, flax, coconut), and butter – like real butter.  of course you have to eat fats in moderation but i’ve seen a decrease in appetite after increasing my fats and (surprise!) a significant decline in sugar cravings!

ok so now that i’m done boring you, i just thought it was all so interesting…and what’s MORE interesting is that it’s working. so if you see my random facebook postings of RAW food…this would be why. more than anything i wanted to share just in case someone else out there might be powering through, stressing themselves out, and actually hurting versus helping their health.  usually when people say their gaining weight and they don’t know why, it’s because they’re consuming more than their working off.  so i must say, my lil’ fitbook has been a bit of a lifesaver in a way because it did reveal that i was eating clean and very lean, getting in my workouts….and something had to explain my new friend we’ll call the muffin top and my extreme levels of fatique.  so all complaining aside, i feel: grateful!  it may take time to be back to the new peppy lil’ me, but i assure you i’m well on my way.  hence the 2-day workcation to get caught up on work, but also relax and recharge!

anyone out there share a simliar experience? give me your tips: i’m all ears!
stressfully yours,


nyc: silliness, sippy cups + schlepping in stillettos

silly. silly, silly silly. that was book of mormon, which i thoroughly enjoyed my last night in new york city. those were some much-needed laughs after the day i had!  so with our sippy cups o’wine in hand, my hot date marcia and i settled in for the highly acclaimed broadway show, which was written by the creators of south park (boulder shout out!).  it was pretty amazing to have the show open and see that the star was the actor josh gad from the daily show with john stewart, and the movies ’21’ and ‘love and other drugs’.  he (and the entire cast) of mormon boys were hilarious, amazingly talented, and wildly entertaining. (do you like how i’m reviewing this as though the NY times might pick this up?).  but if could choose a phrase to sum up this show it would be: jaw-droppingly funny.  like some parts were so horrific and wrong that you couldn’t help but laugh, and at the same time have a tiny glimmer of guilt for laughing at all!  a few parts went a little far for this little conservative christian girl from the middle-of-nowhere, but i was absolutely able to appreciate the humor, story line, music, choreography…everything.  there was this man in probably his seventies sitting next to me and the entire time, marcia and i are just watching him and the elder member of the audiences…what was their reaction?  like this so isn’t something i’d take my momma to.  and when we walked out of the theater, still with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, i must say that i was mighty tempted to peek into the church right across the street and make sure God and i were still cool.  we’re good.

so my last day in the city: this was what i’d been waiting for.  i printed my presentations, slipped on my stilettos, and primped and prepped as i headed off to meet with (hopefully) new retailers.  oh-so-gracefully, i trekked from meeting to meeting with THE 25lb box of fitbooks, product samples, and promo materials, while toting my laptop bag, and rolling my suitcase behind me. classy, right?  the meetings were so close that there was no time to go back to the hotel before heading to the airport, so off i was.

meeting #1:  met with the senior buyer from modell’s, an east-coast sporting goods store with around 147 (and growing) locations. i loved learning that it was family owned & operated and the owner, to this day, is still highly involved in the day-to-day of his business and locations – probably a large part of their success.  outcome: the buyer really liked our line of products, specifically the fitbook, and our live life fit line (coming out soon!) and wants to test it in a few stores. i loved that he said “anyone that comes in our store with any goal would benefit from this product.” my thoughts exactly.  so watch for fitbooks hitting modell’s in times square soon!

meeting (attempts) #2, 3, 4, and 5: with so many companies headquartered in new york city, it would be silly to not at least attempt to get a meeting or at the very least get samples in the hands of important people.  the buyer at equinox will have a sweet little display of 10 fitbooks on her desk tomorrow and a live life fit tank top – my goal: try ’em!  if they sell, call me. (they will…i just know they will!)  then off to barnes & noble, paragon sports, and physique57…samples left with names on them. say little prayers that they land in the right hands!

meeting #5: 2 cabs and 1 train ride later from penn station, we arrive in farmingdale…as in like way outside the city.  but worth the trip for sure, i met with the head buyer at bed, bath & beyond and am happy to report that it couldn’t have gone better.  a previous participant in weight watchers, she immediately saw the value in a product like the fitbook. since we have very similar target customers, she thought it would make a great addition to their counter-top displays at checkout.  hello, prime placement!  outcome: testing fitbooks in 30 locations – and a few up in canada. did you know they have bb&b in canada? well, my fitbookers in canada probably do and will be happy to pick it up there instead of paying for shipping!

another meeting highlight: i was able to meet with the head of PR at soul cycle (my latest obsession – yes, i bought 2 shirts).  my little gift to her: 2 fitbooks with the soul cycle logo on the cover…how sweet would they be with yellow binding?  i then gave her my 2 cents on how  they MUST (not should, but must) open up an orange county studio so i gave her the scoop on the locations i recommended.  i’ll make it my personal mission to get this soulful spinning experience in my ‘hood.

finally, i must share details of my meeting with the fab 4 editors at SELF magazine. not only were they sweet to spend an hour just talking biz and life with me, um…it was hilarious.  mostly because meaghan murphy, the deputy editor is a crack up.  7 months pregnant, she arrives to the meeting tugging at her dress which she realized that morning was a bit shorter than the last time she wore it because the #babybump was hiking it up a bit more.  one of my proudest moments was when she exclaimed that she “swears by fitbook” because she used it to lose 45 lbs from her first baby and that she clung to it like a lifeline.  so obviously i was more than elated to show her  mama2b, our latest little bundle of joy, which will hit shelves next month.  randomly the conversation flipped from one topic to the next, them wanting to know my story behind the company, how i came up with the product, all the way to what we have coming up next.  and then somehow we ended up talking about my um, bra size.  i thought: “what better group of women to ask for a great recommendation for a sports bra than these ladies?”.  so one comment turned to the next and all i’m thinking is, “how am i in a meeting with SELF magazine editors talking about my boobs?”.  slightly entertaining.  meaghan’s advice that i must share: “once you go past c (cup size), you have to divide and conquer.”  as in encapsulation sports bras that “split up the girls” (like lulu’s ta-ta tamer).  ha-larious.

so cabbing a countless number of times, walking city blocks, and trekking by train, 4 days later i’m happy to report that the trip was a success.  even with no time for shopping or (intentionally) getting lost in the city that never sleeps, i  absolutely fell in love with new york city.



soul in the city

there’s something quite soulful about being one teeny tiny person in a big, big city.  new york city, that is.  this little country bumpkin (yes, it’s true) finds herself amidst the fast-paced, busy streets, and somehow among the chaos, it’s profoundly, well – for lack of a better word, soulful. [apparently that’s my theme so i’ll just stick with that!]

why, oh why, might you ask, am i here? on business. my once-little fitlosophy is now quite a-buzz with new opportunities and to say i feel blessed that it’s giving me these great opportunities to go and see new places is quite an understatement. 2012 is off to a great start with nyc in january and pittsburgh, detroit, minneapolis, and denver all in february!  so here i am, in the big city, having no clue how to get from one place to the next, but truly embracing just the experience in itself. so much so that it inspired me to, well – blog.

it’s been far too long, and over a wonderful dinner with, quite possibly one of the sweetest individuals i’ve met renee at abc kitchen we discussed just that. being a blogger herself (but a big-time one, not a random throw-my-thoughts-into-the blogosphere blogger like me),  she is the girl-on-the-go for  obviously i was thrilled to meet her and we instantaneously hit it off. over a wonderful (local, organic) dinner we nibbled on roasted baby beets with goat cheese, a grilled carrot + avocado salad, and then for entrees we each tried one of the fish specials (red snapper for me, cod for her).  quite possibly the most fantastic (and healthy) meals i’ve ever had, completed with of course a bottle of a bold red wine from spain.  this little firecracker of a blogger had the  most fascinating stories from the line-up of accomplished individuals she has the opportunity to meet through her blog, to her traveling adventures riding horseback in spain for two weeks by herself.  as only two healthy individuals would, we ended the fabulous dinner by packing in our um, antioxidants, by sharing the to-die-for chocolate cake (yes, antioxidants, that makes it sound healthy) and sipping the boldest, best coffee from what i still think are the coolest porcelain mugs i’ve ever seen.

after calling it a night, we ventured out into the rain and she ever so kindly shared a cab with me to ensure i got to my hotel in times square. note to self: know your cross-streets!   happily we will cross paths again…wednesday morning at 6:15am, actually, at soul cycle.  which is how i started my morning off today.

let me just clarify that THIS is how spin should be done. dark room, candle light, loud music, energetic but focused instructor that talks just enough to keep you going but not so much that you wish his mic would blow out. “string” was the spin instructor this morning at the w. 77th location of soul cycle. coming highly recommended, only the hope of an amazing experience could get this little tush out of bed at 5:30am (mind you, that’s 2:30am my time!) to spin.  and amazing it was.

the moment you walk in you’re in this zen-like space, complete with yellow grapefruit-scented soul cycle candles, inspirational quotes on the wall, and soul-cycle branded gear from lululemon + nike that left me wanting to forgo spin altogether just to shop!  being my first time there, they let me borrow spin shoes (mine didn’t make the trek being that i had to squeeze 4 days into 1 carry-on). the sweet girls at the front desk made sure i had my bottle of smartwater because they looked at me as though “you’re gonna need it.”  the attention to detail they take on getting you set up on your bikes is phenomenal – and yet so important if you’re going to ride for 45m non-stop.  all set-up and ready to go…the lights dim, candles flicker, music booms, and off we go.  45m later, sweat-drenched, and water bottle completely empty, i had at last experienced what i believe to be the only way spin should be done. a glutton for punishment? yes, i am.  i’ll be back there tomorrow morning for another dose of soul cycle.

with endorphins kicked in, i opted to take the scenic route back to my hotel – via central park. i proudly navigated my way (ok, with help from sweet brianna from soul cycle) over a few streets and avenues, making a quick pit stop at my beloved starbucks. and  then i saw it: central park.  rewind: my only experience of central park up until this point in my life has been via movies (you’ve got mail) and the episode of friends where phoebe + rachel go running through the park.  so to be walking amidst super tall, gorgeous buildings, which for sure i thought sarah jessica parker might walk out of at any moment, it’s an understatement to say that seeing central park for the first time at sunrise absolutely took my breath away. so from 77th ave, all the way to my hotel on 44th, i clung to my warm cup of coffee, freezing my hiney off but in sheer delight of it all. it was (yes), soulful.  just to be there, among the hustle bustle of new yorkers scattering off to work, parents herding their children onto their buses, runners and walkers treading through central park to start their day, taxis honking and sirens blaring.  for me, somehow among all that choas it was completely peaceful.  a bit reflective. like, how did this little girl (ok, so i’m 32 now…but i’m still only 5’2″ so i can get away with this) from the middle-of-no-where in colorado end up in this big city?  yes of course i’ve lived in california for 11 years now, but there are moments when i just step back in awe of it all. like how some days you are amazed at how days turn into weeks, turns into years…and one day you just realize how your life has unfolded much more beautifully than you could’ve ever expected.

pretty deep just for walking down a dirty street, right?

this is my one day to take in the city before the (welcomed) onslaught of meetings that start tomorrow. fitbooks in tow (hey, i’m here on business right?), i’m headed to equinox headquarters, modell’s sporting goods (who i’m meeting with on thursday), paragon sports (an amazing sport goods store…a candy shop for all things fitness), physique 57…and then maybe barnes & noble.  ya know, we go big.  with an afternoon off, i’m thinking i’ll take a trip down to the financial district, maybe over to soho and, then swing by the chelsea highline.  ooo…and apparently i need to go to eataly which is a local market for fresh breads, pastas, meats, cheeses…buonissimo!

so off to start my day of meandering through the city and ending the night at the highly-recommended sushi restaurant nobu with my friend, marcia, who will be my partner in crime for the rest of the week – well at night at least. then to bed early so i can wake up and rock spin again tomorrow morning!

any recommendations on where i must go? do tell. anyone wanna place bets on the number of times i get lost?  i probably won’t disappoint.

off to take in the city…i’ve only been here 14 hours and already i heart NYC.



day 21 of 28: plan c

at an incredible SMARTY event today, 150 women entrepreneurs (and 2 men!) from across southern california had the honor of touring the fantastic dermologica headquarters and hearing founder jane wurwand tell her fascinating story making her dream a reality.

the tidbits of brilliance were priceless, including to be authentic as she quoted the great oscar wilde:
“be yourself. everyone else is taken.” 

or sharing a life-lesson her mom taught her at a young age:
“life is not about balance. it’s about resilience.” 

then she spoke on the importance of having a plan c.  of course everyone has a plan a and some people have a plan b, but who has a plan c?  the truth

getting SMART! (see, i do where something other than workout clothes!)

is, in life or in business, rarely does anything go as planned. i speak of this often when i rant about my broken tailbone or my head cold that threw my little workout life into a tizzy.  but this applies to so much more of life. this lesson is something you’ll eventually learn, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a mother (right moms?).  jane’s example was one of finding a passion and you’ll know you’ve found that passion when you’d do it everyday for three years without ever getting paid.  you have big plans, ideas, and dreams…but along the way, you learn that plan a doesn’t always work out so well, so you shift to plan b.  and she humourously joked (in her eloquent british accent) that if plan b doesn’t work out that you might just think about plan c: give up and get a job!  half-joking and half-truth i think. there are many times that we have to look at our lives and wonder if we should keep doing what we’ve always done and possibly keep getting what we’ve always got?  or will one more time around result in a different outcome?  it’s a stretch, but let’s apply this to my gym experience this evening.

plan a:
head home RIGHT after work, toss back a quick protein shake, hit the gym by 5 to avoid the rush and knock out my seriously insane crossfit workout that i’d already neatly jotted down in my fitbook.  what a great plan! 

**plan averted: getting into the office later than expected after the SMARTY event, i wasn’t able to tear myself away until 6. of course i hit traffic, had to take little mylo for a quick walk and suddenly it’s 7.  (briefly) considering a quick jog instead of going to the gym at rush hour, i left for the gym before i could talk myself out of it. 

plan b:
hit the gym at prime time to do a workout that consists of running sprints on a treadmill circuited with pushups, pullups, squats, and sit-ups…5 times through.

**plan averted: with not one single open treadmill, my plan came crashing down.  and even if one opened up, i’d literally have to do my pushups, squats & sit-ups ON the $%&# treadmill so as to claim it so i could quickly do my next 200m sprint. while it would be quite entertaining, i decided it would not be the best option to play treadmill hog.

so you know how well i deal with plans changing. i seriously was pacing back and forth with this little conversation going through my head:“maybe i’ll circuit with the elliptical…but no, that wouldn’t get my heart rate up fast enough.  maybe i should take a spin class – but it doesnt’ start for another hour!  hmm…maybe i’ll go home, yes that seems like a good idea. ok, no ang you can’t go home silly…you’d have to blog about it!  seriously, why didn’t i wake up and go this morning? ugh!”

yes, this is what chaos goes on inside my head. and yes, i too think about just sauntering out of the gym because “it must be a sign that i’m not supposed to workout because the treadmills are taken”!  but thinking back about what jane said: i knew i had to be resilient and put a plan c in place. 

plan c:
quickly thumbing through my fitbook to see how i could rearrange my week, i decided to switch thursday’s workout with today.  low and behold the rowing machine was open (of course it was, who actually enjoys it!?).  30m on the rowing machine followed by a killer 20m ab workout: crisis averted!

so thank you jane, not only did you inspire me as an entrepreneur and business woman, but your wise words taught me a useful little lesson about staying on your toes.  we must be open to whatever life throws our way. always have a plan in place, but never underestimate the power of having a plan c.



day 16 of 28: sick…tired…and smiling!

rather than complain for the next 1657 words (you know i’m capable)…i will just say that the past few weeks have whooped me. we’re working on a game-changing project for fitlosophy and the head-honcho here is pooped. working nights and weekends too has caught up with me…and yes, i still love what i do.  we entrepreneurs, we’re kinda our own breed.  operating on little sleep, working long hours, and of course still fitting in (most of) my grueling crossfit workouts for the past 2 weeks: it’s taken a toll. sore throat, sniffly nose, and a headache….and all i keep thinking is “i can’t get sick!  like 3 more days and this is gonna be done, c’mon body – don’t fail me now!”.  i think the only reason i haven’t gotten full-blown sick is because i’m willing it away – and i have a very strong suspicion that when i finally stop long enough to rest, it’s gonna get me. so i’m loading up on zicam, vitamin c, water, and um, not so much sleep.  (do as i say, not as i do, right?) 

and why, you might ask, would one submit themselves to this?  well for me, it’s not torture – but a highly intense passion that drives me even whenever i’m exhausted. and if you have something you love as much as i love this little company, then you can relate.  i see fitlosophy maybe the way some people see their soul mates.  (stay with me here.)  i have wanted to be an entrepreneur since i was, well…born.  it’s part of who i am.  when i was little i thought i owned my dad’s business and was quite the little bigshot (or so i thought).  but then something happened once i left college and got a job: my mind was always turning with ideas. i wanted to own my own business, but what was i passionate about?  i knew from watching my parents how grueling it could be and had heard that you only want to do something you love – because there are some days you don’t like it.  so it took years for me to realize that what i was looking for was right in front of me.  so i “married” my passion for fitness with my desire to be an entrepreneur, and almost four years later…with a lot of blood, sweat & (lots of) tears: i’m still in love.

case in point: it’s all worth it for days like today that brought only good news, better news, and great news! 

  • target reported back to us that they are (quote) “excited about how well fitbook is doing over other products in its category!”  success is ranked on $PSPW (dollars per store per week) and then compared against similiar products.  so for our category, $5.30 is considered HIGH/GOOD.  yeah, my baby fitbook is averaging $5.78…well over the threshold!  our whole team was cheerin’ as fitbook is doing well at target stores nationwide after only 3 weeks….some stores reportedly sold out!
  • fitlosophy received our VERY first press coverage for the company in a local newspaper, the daily pilot.  fitbook has proudly been featured in mags like fitness, pregnancy, health, shape…but it’s always a quick blip…a recommended product (which we LOVE!).  but hello, 1/2 page feature on the company including pics!  not only that, but i love the message that was communicated – it truly encompassed what we’re trying to do.  meeting with the reporter, doing a little photo shoot…i must say i felt quite special and proud of all our team has accomplished. watch out entrepreneur magazine…i’ve SO got my eye on your 40 under 40 issue!
  • and finally, reminding me why i do what i do every day, i received a heartfelt email from a fitbooker who reached out to me asking if i’d coach/train with her over skype…she felt like she could relate to me, that i could understand her, and help her reach her goals.  the fact that she felt like she knew me…that she felt comfortable enough to reach out, means that i’m achieving the goal of creating a company and brand that is “real”.  this has been my goal all along. so while i don’t have time to sign each invoice with a “live life fit…love, angela!” in a red pen (yes i did this when i sent orders from my living room floor), we are still able to connect with our fitbookers and change lives.  and i will make time for her….because that’s why i do what i do.

so what does this have to do with crossfit? um, not much.  2 things: 1) i’m dying from the workout yesterday and 2) i’m gonna do everything in my power to not get sick so i can stick out the next 14 days. already seeing results in just this 16 days: i’m sold!

back to work…




my daddy: from flabby to fit!

it’s father’s day – and i miss my daddy…for a few reasons:

1)  even though we’re always close at heart, we’re 1700 miles apart. him in colorado, me in california.  so when everyone is celebrating father’s day with their dad, i’m sending his homemade card in advance (see this year’s card on the right!), calling 3 times that day just so he knows i love him, and sending at least one ecard.  sometimes when there are miles in between you literally have to go that extra mile…but then again, when you have a dad like mine – it’s worth it.

2) …and the second reason i miss my daddy especially this father’s day, is well, there’s literally less of him to love.  read on.

last december dad called me one day just to talk to me and tell me how frustrated he was with being a little overweight. and, like all people that i talk to of course i listen, try to provide guidance, but especially with family and friends you have to tread lightly.  people have to really want something for themselves – and while he’d talked to me before, i knew this time was different.  he got to that point that we all get to where he was just done feeling his belly overlap his jeans, tired of the shirt buttons being tight, and having no energy – not to mention his health.  the “wake up call” for him was that his doctor told him that according to his BMI he was “obese”.  you would have never looked at him and thought he was obese – maybe just 20lbs overweight, but according to his BMI – he was.

so just a few weeks later, santa brought dad a black ‘live life fit’ t-shirt (which, i need to send him a large now that the xl is too big!), a fitbook black, and a complete workout + nutrition plan. for his workouts plan i upped his cardio to burn more calories and then integrated strength training, which he wasn’t doing at all.  then every 4 weeks, we’d switch up the plan to keep him challenged mentally & physically.  for his nutrition plan, after extensive questioning on what foods he likes/dislikes, what his cravings are, and what worked with his schedule, i gave him a complete meal plan (plus a grocery shopping list for the momma).  and because my parents do eat out a lot, i gave him a complete list of all the places they eat out and 2 or 3 options of what and how to order at each restaurant.  we never muttered the word “calories”, but  instead focused on portion control, slowing down his eating (“no pre-loading the fork!”), and eating smaller meals more often.  his only requirement was he had to write down everything in his fitbook.  and while i spent about 4-6 hours with him while i was home for the holidays – after the plane left the runway, he was on his own.

over the next 6 months i’d help tweak his workouts, answer any questions he might have about nutrition, switch up his menu when he got bored – but really, he was solo.  i wasn’t there to make him workout.  i wasn’t there to watch what he ate.  once he completed a fitbook, he’d mail it to me…we’d walk through little tweaks he could make to see better results, and off he’d go.  he’d have rough days every now and then, like we all do – but what i saw this time was he was committed to this for the long-term, not just the quick results and give up if he didn’t get instant gratification.  

fast forward to the first weekend in june of this year. i flew home for my cousin’s wedding and when my dad got out of the car at the airport, i literally couldn’t believe my eyes.  he looked so amazing!  (here’s a photo of me with my handsome daddy at the wedding a few weeks ago)  over the next week that i spent with him, i quickly realize that this man had made complete lifestyle changes and that is why he was so successful.  here’s what i saw:

* usually when i go home my mom emails me to ask me what i need from the grocery store – “my food” as they call it because i eat so differently than my parents. they’re not unhealthy by any means but in their world, i take it to a new level.  i listed off what i needed and mom said they already have that stuff – that’s dad’s food now.  all i needed to special order was my “blue milk” as they jokingly refer to my skim milk – and i’ve proudly got them down to 2% from whole!  sure enough – i get home and the fridge is stocked with pre-bagged 4oz grilled chicken breasts, pre-cooked sweet potatoes, bags of spinach…it was heaven to see this change.

* when we had a family dinner at a nearby mexican restaurant, my dad ordered before me and all i had to say was “i’ll have what he’s having”…grilled chicken breast, fajita vegetables, light cheese, & avocado in a whole wheat tortilla.  it was like teaching someone all you know and sitting back watching them take flight!  he was making the good choices, on his own, and barely touching the tortilla chips.  who was this man?

* he’s been obsessed (yes obsessed) with his workouts.  they’re online, free, and they’re new everyday.  it’s called and i’m in no way associated with them – but of course i find out later that dad sent them an email telling them about fitbook.  of course he did – he’s the man that taught me how to do business!  so this website is free new workouts each day using the bodylastics resistance band system.  so my dad doesn’t have a normal “door jam” in the basement where he works out. so as soon as i get home he wants to show off his rigged up bodylastics system which is some combination of a 2″x4″, metal hooks to anchor and clip his resistance bands, and then of course he tim-taylored the board against the ceiling so it’s solid…..*grunt grunt* (that’s tim taylor from tooltime if you’re not well-versed in this language that frequents communications in our family). 

those lifestyle changes are what need to happen to see results.  so speaking of results, here are the numbers behind my dad’s last 6 months of hard work:

  • lost 18lbs and 9 1/2″ (with 4″ of that coming off his belly – his “trouble” area)
  • went from a snug-fitting size 36 jeans to a lose-fitting size 34
  • lowered his cholesterol by 12 points
  • reduced his blood pressure from 110/78 to 102/64

am i braggin? yes, it’s my blog & i’ll brag if i want to.  i’m beyond proud of my daddy and what he’s accomplished.  he has more energy and is enjoying life more  – a byproduct of feeling your best and reaching goals that you set for yourself.  so of course my conversation with him before i left this last time was how he was going to reward himself – something that everyone seems to forget.  so momma’s taking him shopping this weekend to by him a snazzy new pair of seven jeans – in a size smaller of course.  and his father’s day gift from me: this cool new contraption that i found through my girl kim lyons – a little all-inclusive resistance band system that is inside this case that opens up and is a step so you can integrate cardio into your workout.  it’s called the journey gym and i want dad to have one so when he travels he can take his workout anywhere – much more portable than a 9′ long 2×4!  (p.s. dad – hopefully you receive this in the mail before you’re reading this!!)

so if anything – i hope my dad’s story can inspire you that anyone can reach their goals…you just have to commit to 100%.  don’t say you’re going to try and start eating healthy & working out.  as nike says, just do it.  wishing all you dads out there a happy father’s day – ‘specially mine.  love you daddy – i adore you.

(or as daddy calls me – punkin’)


no butts about it.

it’s 8pm and i so should be prepping for my first-ever board meeting tomorrow.  i’ve still got financials and forecasts to fine-tune, and yet, i decide that now would be a fine time to blog.  there are just things you learn about yourself, and like them or not, you accept them because they work for you.  i’ve learned that writing inspires me – unleashing my creative side is therapeutic and when i’m working on something as tedious as financial statements, my little creative brain craves stimulation.  i also know that i work better under pressure – i always have.  maybe it’s the challenge or quite possibly it’s the adrenaline from the stress that fuels me, but whatever it is, it works.  and lastly, i procrastinate, which works fabulously with point #2.  i absolutely drive myself nuts sometimes, but i always pull through at the last minute. 

and so i blog. 

it was just over 6 weeks ago where i proudly posted about my brilliant butt-busting injury [falling flat on your a**: it happens.].  and just like i’ve learned how my brain ticks when it comes to work, i had the opportunity to learn about myself over the past 6 weeks.  while it was funny at first, it soon became not-so-funny when i realized that not only was i in major pain, but i had to deal with the possibility of the pain not ever going away.  this is coming from someone who’s sprained an ankle a few times – but that’s about it.  and it shouldn’t surprise you that working out and living an active life is a huge part of who i am.  so then it wouldn’t be a stretch to understand how heart-wrenching it was for the doctor to tell me to take FOUR weeks off from working out.  4. quattro…like a whole month. right after the tailbone  tumble i went right back to the gym and pushed through the pain, my doctor of course saying that i made it worse.  lovely.  so i was told no working out, not even long walks – just rest. even upper body workouts were out because they still put a strain on your spine which causes inflammation.  so i thought to myself: “4 weeks…i can do that…i can do anything for 4 weeks.”

the first week i was golden…i decided to cut my whole grains back just a bit but not really change much else. i was juicing in the morning, feeling fabulous all day, and on cloud 9 that i could go a whole week without working out and (mentally) still feel fab.  **UUURRRCHH*  that came to a hard stop at week 2.  and for the next 5 weeks after that it was day-after-day of absolutely no energy, a loss of focus on my goals, lower productivity at work, and i quietly slipped into a slight depression.  this wreaked havoc of course on my nutrition which made it even harder!  here’s how it should work: “i’m not working out so i shall consume less.”  my brain doesn’t work that way.  i get hard on myself and (like i preach all the time) – once i get down on myself, it’s all downhill.  did i chow down on cheetos?  no. not quite.  but i slowly started eating a few processed foods here and there…taking an extra spoon (read: heap) full of peanut butter even when i wasn’t hungry…and just not being mindful of my body at all.  i didn’t feel good…i felt all blubbery and yuck…just 4 weeks of not working out and i started getting soft. ew. am i hard on myself? yes.  but not because i gained any weight (you know my thoughts on using scales to determine your mood).  but i was angry with myself for doing something so stupid that lead me to losing the one thing in my life that makes me feel so great.  so if you can at all relate to anything i’m rambling on about, here’s what i learned over the past 6 weeks.

sometimes it’s ok to lose control
i realized that working out wasn’t just part of my lifestyle, but it became who i was.  it’s the one thing i can control. but then when an injury comes along that takes it away, my little world went into a tailspin. never facing this before, i didn’t deal so well at first.  but in my life i’ve seen that you can find good in all things if you look hard enough.  so by losing control in this area of my life i was able to learn more about who i really am.  i also spent the time that i would usually be at the gym developing stronger personal relationships which i don’t tend to do.  my day is packed from the moment i wake up to the moment i hit the pillow and i never miss a workout. but suddenly having 90m in my day free opened up time for new things. and lastly…i took advantage of the time to let my bodyrest. i didn’t really have a choice, but while i preach the importance of resting your body, i never really do it.  i’m totally a type a, thinks-she’s-in-control-of-everything kinda girl.  do i think god maybe used this time to teach me otherwise? quite possibly.

appreciate what you have
have you ever been so sick that in what feels like your last breaths before you die, you swear you’ll always appreciate being healthy if you can just feel better?  i remember having a nasty bout of food poisoning in italy (yeah, not a great place for that) and feeling so awful that i 1) wanted my mom and 2) vowed never to take my health for granted again.  but i’m human, and after a few weeks you forget about the past and go on about your day and soon take our health for granted again.  for the past 6 weeks i don’t know how many times i thought to myself: “i don’t understand why people who can workout, don’t.”  it makes me a better person: happier, healthier, stronger, more energized, less stressed, motivated…the list goes on.  hopefully this feeling doesn’t go away after a few weeks…but i vowed to myself to never just go through the motions at the gym again or just get through a workout just for the sake of doing it.  i begged to the tailbone gods that if only i could feel better, i would have a renewed appreciation for being healthy + fit.  don’t take even one day of being healthy for granted because we only have today and don’t know how many tomorrows we may get.  as my good friend + trainer jeff norcross said the other day: carpe minutam (sieze the moment).

reach out
1 is absolutely the loneliest number. and if we sulk long enough about our own horrible situation, we become horrible to be around.  i found that reaching out to others who were in similar situations not only brightend their day, but helped me to connect and boost my mood too.  case in point: i saw a girl at the gym working out with a full-on boot up to her knee because she tore ligaments in her ankle.  she told me she’d been told not to workout since january but she was finally hitting the gym, doing what she could with her doctor’s permission.  you could tell that just talking about it made us both feel better.  then there was  avery timely blog post by chalene johnson just the other day on the mental effects of an exercise-limiting injury.  not only is she a celebrity in the fitness world (hello, creator of turbokick, turbojam, turbofire…you name it!) but the fact that she could relate to what i was feeling gave me hope.  and this is like life.  we’re not meant to live it alone – and especially when you’re struggling the most, it’s important to reach out.

face the truth
hopefully i’ve lost most people by now so not too many fitbookers read this.  and if you are one of my loyal readers that somehow lasts through my rambling posts, bless you.  i must say i’m not proud to say that the hardest part of all with being hurt was the realization that the pain may never go away.  the 2nd hardest part was facing each day of not working out.  so guess what i did?  that’s right, i haven’t used my fitbook for 5 weeks (gasp!).  i can’t even remember the last time i didn’t have it with me every where i went!  it’s even MORE important to write down your food when you’re not working out (remember: you consume 500-1000 fewer caloreies!).  but no.  me, miss fitbook herself, couldn’t face writing in her fitbook. and i couldn’t figure out why for a few weeks.  i finally realized that every day i opened it and had to check the “oops i missed it” box for the workout was just one more reminder that i wasn’t working out. facing that truth hurt.  but here’s the beauty in me realizing this: i think i can now understand my fitbookers a lot better.  what it feels like when you just don’t want to face writing down what you ate that day….or that life got you down and you don’t want one more reminder that you didn’t hit the gym.  i can now say “i get it”.  so here’s the thing: i’m making it my personal mission to help you push through those days…to face the truth even when it’s not pretty…and by doing that you’ll learn more about who you are.

so those are my 6-week epiphanies.  even though i’m not 100%, i’m back to working out and couldn’t be happier. i can’t go all-out with my workouts like i did before – not yet anyway.  but i think i see another lesson coming out of this which is for me to learn to live in the grey area of life.  i’m usually all or nothing…and i can’t do all right now and i’ve learned that doing nothing isn’t an option either.  so i’m taking it slow but…i’m back.  it’s forced me to try new things, be a bit more creative, and really listen to my body.  pilates is amazingly therapeutic and my girl erica from core athletica is nursing me back to fitness on the reformer.  i just started boxing at l.a. boxing just doing the boxing (not kickboxing) classes which is intense without putting any pressure on the backside while getting out some aggression.  and i’m hitting the weights too but just being careful to keep my spine neutral (no split squats, lunges, etc.), hold off on any plyometrics for now, and sadly no running (yet). 

most importantly, my doc said: ice.   i found a new use for our fitlosophy sticky notes: this is my reminder on my freezer so i don’t forget!  i’m not saying i loved the last 6 weeks, but i’m grateful for the lessons i learned and look forward to healing fully…slowly but surely.  i absolutely got bucked off, but what i’ve learned in life is that it’s our choice to saddle up and go at it again.

giddy up!


fitness trends: my biased opinion

so after returning from the IHRSA (international health, racquet & sportsclub association) 2011 in san francisco, i must say that my creative juices are still on overdrive. this is not the case however when we set up and man a booth at these industry tradeshows – usually i need 3 days just to recover!  my whole purpose in attending was to 1) check it out to see if we want to exhibit next year (we do), 2) make connections with great companies that we want to partner with to sell fitbooks, and 3) play!  so rather than bore you with the business side of things, i thought i’d share my very biased list of stellar products that caught my eye.  seriously this show was like (sugar-free) candyland.  this is where all the product manufacturers launch the latest & greatest, the innovative & inspiring – so i took it upon myself to take pics and share my findings with fitbookers (and perhaps give santa plenty of lead-time for christmas). 

journey gym
disclaimer: my girlfriend, kim lyons, was up at ihrsa demo’ing this product (as seen in this lovely pic of her – fab job kim!) but honestly after seeing this little contraption at work, i was sold. this little go-anywhere portable gym is a step above all other resistance band products in that the bands are contained in this nice little handy travel box – oh, but wait…it’s not a box at all.  this little guy folds open and here-in lies the beauty: not only are there these great grips that make using resistance bands 10 times easier, but they are all pre-loaded so you can lift weight from 5 to 100lbs.  then – the little box transforms into this little step (think aerobics, leg warmers not required) so you can use the step for adding spurts of cardio in between resistance exercises.  but wait (no, this is not an informercial and i in no way get compensated – i’m seriously that excited about it) …my fave feature was that you can lie on your back on the bench and because it’s elevated you can do bench press or flyes to get in a chest workout which is tough to do with resistance bands.  i had the pleasure of meeting the creator of this nifty product and after expressing my love (for it, not him) i was more ecstatic to learn that they’re working to get these in hotel rooms.  how perfect is that?  so would’ve come in handy this weekend.  my favorite part was the infectious entrepreneurial energy that flowed out of john, the founder – meeting with like-minded people that have the same passion and ability to take action stokes my fire and ignites all kinds of ideas that i can apply to fitlosophy.  be on the look-out: i’m hittin’ him up to pack a little journey gym fitbook inside!

espinner bike
while it clocks in at almost four g’s, this high-tech spin bike is the mother of all spin bikes.  since this is my wish list, i’m adding it (a girl can dream!).  it features over 1 million different rides that you can follow on the 15″ high-resolution screen – plus it has a fan, built-in heart-rate monitor, and (my fave feature): a bulletproof aluminum frame.  i’m sure their thinking was to convince the consumer that it’s durable, but this only made me chuckle  as visions of a drive-by on spin bike filled my head.  not sure if my bike needs to be bulletproof in orange county, but i must say i will spin more comfortably knowing that my ride is prepared if anyone comes packin’.

this isn’t the newest product at ihrsa – kim actually picked one up last year to use in her home-gym, but this was the first time i got to play on it.  it’s sorta like an aerobic step meets the bosu all so you get the stabilization benefits of the air discs underneath, but a larger platform on top like a step!  i’m a big fan of doing almost any exercise on an unstable surface so you get a double-whammy of working your core while focusing on other muscles.  so you might do bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder overhead press, squats – whatever your little heart desires – and doing this on the unstable surfaces burns more calories and triggers those little teeny-tiny muscle fibers in your core to ignite.  i heart this and it doesn’t hurt that it’s red & black.  what great taste!

woodway treadmill
ok so this actually tops my want list, but of course i have fabulous taste because it’s also the most expensive. at right about $8k, the “curve” woodway treadmill is the top-of-the-line equipment which is why 97% of all nfl teams sport these non-motorized running machines.  here’s the deal: you burn up to 30% more calories because the belt is powered by your legs versus a motor, and due to the incredibly ergonomic surface, the woodway reduces the impact on your joints by about 90%.  so of course i had to try one.  at first wobbly step it was an odd feeling, but you get the hang of it quickly.  move forward and lean into it and you easily can break into a run…or move back a little to slow down.  unfortuately i wasn’t able to show off my cougar-like speed due to my injury, but i so wanted to.  kim came back from ihrsa last year raving about these – and now i see why.  so i’m letting santa know now that he’s got his work cut out for him to get this sucker all the way from germany and down through the chimney – but i’m a good girl and deserve it.

g-series fit
 i steer clear of all the samples at these shows because i’m not big on all the processed foods and it’s not my cup of tea to indulge in little pieces of protein bar that other people have rummaged through. ew.  i did however stop at the g-series fit because of the packaging (i’m a sucker for design).  however, sports drinks aren’t my thing because a lot of times they’re just calories we don’t need – and full of added sugars.  in fact, only performance athletes or someone working out for a period of one hour or more at an intense rate even “need” to replace electrolytes with a sports drink.  but this is a line i can get behind. each element in the series is for before (prime 01), during (perform 02), and after (recover 03) workouts.  but what i liked was that the macros were exactly what your body needs as far as carb/protein breakdown, and the calories were impressively low.  prime, the pre-workout snack, are these little bite-size, individually wrapped bars that are 180 calories & 6g protein with the main ingredient being almonds. then the perform sports drink is only 20 calories for the whole bottle of lightly flavored (yummy) watter injected with electrolytes for energy.  finally, the recovery drink is 110 calories & 12g protein and has a smoothie-like consistency and a tad bit of juice to restore glycogen stores.  the whole series would set you back only 310 calories to get in pre- during & post- workout energy to fuel killer sweat sessions.  i have to say…i’m on board (after my no-processed foods stint is over, that is).  i tried the drinks but didn’t taste the pre-workout bar but here’s an image of the ingredients to get a sneak peak. watch for them coming out soon….they are in my mind one of the most innovative lines i’ve seen that makes it literally as easy as 1-2-3 to equip your body for performance (without breaking the calorie budget).

efx wristbands
note: i’m not a big believer that if i wear a magnet or sport some energy-induced armband that i’m going to have superpowers…i think it’s partially full of you-know-what.  so, of course after taunting the poor guys working the booth that i didn’t believe it, they said they’d prove it. by golly – it worked!  here’s the thing – you can check out their website at to check out the “why” but all i know is they had me balance on one leg and hold my arms out – and while i must say i have a strong core, the guy was able to pull my arms down and i fell over…eventually.  with the wristband, nope.  i was rock solid.  ok so this isn’t gonna change your world, but first things first: they look cool.  then they have this embedded frequency that promotes energy flow.  so it MAY increase balance, strength, flexibility & endurance and MAY reduce stress, jet lag, swelling & motion sickness.  and you look cool doing it.  look at me happily sporting my red/black one!  you can get the wristbands or even hats, shoe insoles, sweatbands, necklaces…as long as the frequency is on your body.   my favorite: the efx doggy tag – mylo mommy was thinking of you!

so those are the best of the best that i saw at ihrsa 2011.  i have to share the worst.  it was quite possibly the funniest thing i’ve ever seen in my life. there is this mechancal horse-like object that is big & bulky covered in this cheap fuzzy furry fabric, complete with a mane & tail.  i seriously thought it was a joke, but no!  you get on the horse and the idea is that the movement mimics riding a horse and while you’re riding, you use a fake rifle to shoot ducks on a screen!  what is the fitness industry coming too?  this was like duck hunter meets bull-riding and they called it an exercise machine. the cost: $15,000.  let me clarify something from a little lady who used-to-be-a-cowgirl: for $15,000 you can go buy you a real horse (a darn good one – actually 2 for that matter) and get a lot better exercise than you ever will with this machine. however, if you want the sheer enjoyment of watching people look like fools, be my guest: this machine’s for you!

ihrsa turned out to be a great success – fabulous business contacts with companies like dotfit, anytime fitness, spending time with my girls kim lyons & devin alexander (yes, i’m the non celeb of the bunch) and i randomly saw our canadian partners from fitness town too.  the best thing that i walked away with is how important it is for me to get from out behind my desk and frequently ignite that little fire in my belly that i have for what we do at fitlosophy.  our mission and why we created fitbook and the company was to help people live better lives.  while part of running the company is managing operations, overseeing marketing, and ensuring our customers are happy – the most pivotal thing i need to do i stay passionate.  that passion will only result in better business decisions and ultimately products and experiences for our customers.  so thank you ihrsa – we’ll see you in los angeles in 2012 – but in our red ‘live life fit’ tanks with fitbooks in tow!


#’s to make your heart skip a beat!

i don’t like #’s.  i’m more of a creative, marketing-minded idea person and numbers just aren’t my thing (ask my accountant!).  i’m not number-illiterate by any means, but give me the choice between looking over inventory and production numbers and creating our fun monthly newsletter and i’ll take the newsletter any day!  but because numbers are a key indicator to the health of my business, trust me i’ve learned to “love” (relative-term) them enough so that i can continue to do what i love.  ignore the numbers…and adios fitlosophy.

the same goes with our health. there are key numbers that we have to know, understand, and monitor – regardless of how mundane it might be.  so let’s look at these numbers as the “financial statements” of our body – they are the key indicators of our overall health.  know these heart-healthy numbers ( and keep them in check…and your ticker will be in tip-top shape to enjoy the things you love in life.  because at the end of the day, this whole “being healthy” thing isn’t about what size jeans your wear – it’s about living life…and being healthy allows you to do just that.  alright…sharpen your pencils and take note:

30: # of minutes of exercise you should get per day at least 5 days per week
5:  # of servings of fruits +  veggies you should munch on each day
1500: # of mg sodium you should limit your intake to daily
200: max # your TOTAL (LDL + HDL) cholesterol level should be

130: max # your LDL (bad) cholesterol level should be – even lower if you’re at risk for heart-disease
 lowest # your HDL (good) cholesterol level should be – the higher the better (men should aim for 40)
120/80: # indicating your blood pressure – lower is better
150: max # your triglyceride levels should be
18.5 – 25: # that indicates a “healthy” BMI (body mass index) – calculate yours!
1-2: # of alcoholic beverages you should limit yourself to daily…1 for ladies, 2 for the gentlemen
0: as in zero, zilcho, NADA tobacco products…cigarettes, cigars (yes, they’re just as bad), chew (ew!)…all of it – bad.

phew! consider yourself educated and if you DON’T know your numbers, sign up and GO RED and you can get a free heart health kit and take their heart check-up online!  so now that your math lesson is over…let me give you a few more numbers to noodle that i’m overly proud to share.  …….drumroll please……. HERE are the official results from the 2nd annual BLOG YOUR HEART OUT day on february 11th!

25: # of total bloggers who rallied to blog about heart disease on BYHO day (that we know about! didn’t email us? send your link!)
12,683: # of people who read about BLOG YOUR HEART OUT on BYHO day via one of the 25 blogs!
480: # of women who chose to GO RED on BYHO DAY who then told 2400 MORE women about heart disease via the tell 5, save lives initiative.
22,946: # of tweeps that heard about #BLOGYOURHEARTOUT via twitter from the team of 5 BYHO bloggers and the @american_heart team.  [this doesn’t include all of OUR followers retweets, so the number is FAR beyond this – love the power of viral social media for a good cause!]
95,653: # of facebook fans that heard about BLOG YOUR HEART OUT via facebook from our team of 5 (sweet) bloggers and the american heart association’s fan page.

[learn more about our fab 5 bloggers…must-follows for sure. and a BIG shout-out to our tiny but might team that turned out these impressive numbers, if i might say so my self!]

lastly…if it weren’t for YOU…for reading blogs, tweeting & retweeting away, and telling 5 of your closest friends and family about heart disesase…there would be no reason for us to put our hearts into this.  so we shall give back.  we’ve chosen 5 bloggers (aside from our fab 5 BYHO bloggers – sorry ladies, you’re part of the official team) who we felt really encompassed what BLOG YOUR HEART OUT was all about.  each of those 5 bloggers will receive a FREE fitbook to giveaway on their blog to YOU!  so…one more drumroll… are the blogs you need to follow NOW and watch closely over the next few weeks (and follow on facebook + twitter) so you can get a fitbook to get (and keep) that bod of yours fit!  the winners are….

kerri from kat does diets (@katdoesdiets on twitter)
erica from knocked-upfitness + coreathletica (@coreathletica on twitter – or @knockeduptfit if you’re a mommy to be!)
jody from truth 2 being fit
shanna from my favorite everything (@myfaveverything on twitter)
jennifer from tiny oranges (@tinyorangesoc on twitter) 

congrats ladies…YOU ROCK!  post your fitbook giveaway in the next week – and blog to your little heart’s content.

with that, my head is rattled from all these numbers so i really must move onto something creative…like finalizing edits for the new and improved fitbook junior going to press next week!  have i mentioned how much i love what i do?  be watching your inbox too for our monthly newsletter coming out next week, packed full of recipes, a 14-minute do-anywhere workout, and quite possibly a 14% off promo for YOU!

with all my heart,

p.s. i really intend these blog posts to be brief – how ever do i go on for so long? beats me!

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