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i did it.  in true angela-style, i am an absolute procrastinator: all signed up with 12 weeks (yes, one fitbook) to train. and not one day more.  nonetheless i signed up for my (very first) orange county half-marathon.  my love of running goes way back to when i was in high school and started going on long runs on the back roads in the country.  it was my escape.  whether it was a scorching hot summer day or a windy misty morning, i craved hitting the ditch-bank behind my house and scampering for miles, hearing nothing but my feet pound the dirt.  and while i somehow loved the isolation, i also adored my long runs with my dad who would hop on his bike to keep me company and ride alongside slowly. i’ll never forget: he got me my first subscription to runner’s world magazine and that was the beginning of my love affair.  one that would continue throughout high school, into college, and well into my adult years. and then almost two years ago (wow how time flies), yours truly gracefully broke her tailbone – in two places. [note: the author does not wish to revisit how this injury occured to avoid any further humiliation, so if you wish to know, you must read “falling flat on your a**: it happens”]  that not only quickly ended my running, but put my entire heiny on hiatus for a good year.  and even now i have days where it might hurt, but i’m officially declaring myself healed and in celebration of that i’m doing what i’ve always wanted to do for years. run a half.

and here’s my why: it’s 3-fold.

  1. for my boys: partly inspired my business partner + dear friend,  he is running the boston marathon in october to celebrate his 60th birthday!  his energy is infectious and seeing him set such a definable goal and be working every day toward it excites me.  plus, he’s paving the way for me, giving me tips, tools + a training plan.  then somehow i bribed my boyfriend to sign-up for the half with me too, and it’s on.  now i’m trying to convince both of them to run with me a few days a week.  i figure having someone to entertain me will make the miles will go by faster…so between the two of them, there will be plenty of miles to cover.
  2. for my HEART:  as part of BLOG YOUR HEART OUT 2013, i’m having the proceeds of my half-marathon go to the american heart association to further spREaD the word about heart disease being the #1 killer of women. plus, as part of this marathon you can choose to supp
  3. ort kids run the o.c. which pays for one child to run, as well as supports the cause of inspiring kids to fitness.  both causes near + dear to my HEART: women + lil’ ones. and i will run my half WHOLE-heartedly for both.
  4. for me:  it’s been awhile since i’ve started + finished something that truly made me proud of me.   and i want that. that satisfaction of saying “this is what i’m gonna do” and do  it.  so, this is what i’m gonna do!

i mean frankly, i’m just proud of myself for signing up:  it was one of my 2013 #iamMORE goals.  i’ve had the browser open to the registration page for 4 weeks. and i finally clicked, paid, and it’s on.  no turning back.  so exactly 12 weeks from now, on cinco de mayo, i’ll be a runnin’ son-of-a-gun. i may be limpin’ across the finish line, but i’ll be smiling (and perhaps sipping a skinny margarita) to celebrate my accomplishment!



break it down, make it happen.

inevitably, as soon as i set a goal, this panic sets in. like, “what have i done?”.  did i just bare my soul on my blog for the world (ok, that’s a mild exaggeration) to see?  oh yes, yes i did. and just as everyone that has momentum going into the new year, i set the goals, wrote my post, and the hyperventilating soon followed.  it wasn’t the goals so much that overwhelmed me, but the process of setting my goals made me think of all the things i want to/should be doing in my life.  and that’s a good thing.  but as a result of this, it dumped 22 actionable items onto my already bulging to do list.   far be it for me to just set 2 or 3 goals. oh no, that’s not my style. i go big or just don’t go at all.  22 goals across 6 categories (financial, career, faith, fitness + health, personal development, and family + relationships).  some are BIG (train for and run a half-marathon) and some not-so-big (read my devotional every day).  and yet putting my dreams out there and then not having a plan to reach them just stressed me out.  til now.

someone brilliant came up with this idea of taking big goals and breaking them down into smaller, more achievable ones. the same applies to any type of goal so here’s my method for breaking down my LIFE goals and then taking small steps each week to achieving them.  the reason resolutions don’t work? they’re too lofty, not sustainable, or down-right unreasonable: “i will not eat sugar ever again.” yeah, i’ve tried that one. feel free to ask my neighborhood goldenspoon how that one’s going!  so, here’s my 3-step plan to BREAK IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN. [grab your goal list and join me, won’t you?]

  1. make it purty, print it out.2013goals
    keep your goals top-of-mind and the best way to do that is to post them where you’ll see them – every single day. the mere fact that you’re seeing your goals each day will keep you focused on that same go-get-em feeling that we all have at the start of a new year. mine is posted on my fridge, front and center.
  2. plan your actions.
    for every goal on your list, there is at least one step that will create forward momentum toward reaching that goal. but if you create an action step for every goal right now, hyperventilating from action overload ensues. look at your goals with a big-picture perspective and identify which ones you need to start now and which ones can be revisited at a later date. for example, if you want to learn to surf and it’s january, no need in stressing about something you could revisit in june. so for those goals, go to your calendar, smart phone, or even the ol’ paper planner and mark those on the calendar so you can free your mind from thinking about it til’ then. then, you’ve cleared some of the mental clutter so you can focus on your NOW actions.
  3. take action NOW [weekly].
    for those goals that require attention now, identify 1 action item per week. that’s it.  just one. these baby steps will add up throughout the year and you’ll be surprised the progress that can be made by applying this method.  so go down your list and ask yourself, “what’s the one thing i can do this week to move this forward?”.  add that to your weekly to-do list. (FYI i use a combination of outlook and workflowy to manage my to-dos).  then create a HABIT that every week when you’re prepping your food and cooking on sunday nights, you spend 10 minutes jotting down the next round of action steps for the week ahead. create a mental cue in your head that sunday night means prepping food, planning workouts, and preparing for the week ahead – and that includes revisiting your LIFE goals.

so i won’t bore you with how this applies to all my goals, but i’ll take my fitness + health goals and break ’em down to show you what this looks like for me.  here are my goals and notes for how i’m either taking action NOW (this week) or making note of when to revisit that goal.

  • identify and sign-up for a half-marathon in january; then train for and complete my first half-marathon in 2013
    i already identified that i want to run the OC half-marathon on may 5th (skinny margs to celebrate, anyone?) so my action item this week is to actually register for it. next week’s action item might be to start researching a training plan and then calendar when to start training!
  • try 1 new fitness activity per month that i’ve never done before (bikram yoga?) and cook/create 1 new healthy recipe every week (and blog about it!)
    this is an ongoing behavioral change, so this is why having it visible is important. each week i can see whether or not i’m on track. last week i tried a yoga sculpting class (hot yoga) which i’d never done before, so…check!  but i didn’t try a new healthy recipe (or blog about it…my apologies). so this week, my actions will be on sunday to 1) identify 1 more new activity i want to try in january and get that on the calendar and 2) find a recipe and add the ingredients to my shopping list for the week, then i’ll have what i need to make it for the week!
  • complete a 12-week hard-core workout program  (with my super hot trainer boyfriend) to get my body fat (back) down to a maintainable 15-18% to regain my commitment and self-confidence
    since i’m training for the half-marathon through may, this is a LATER goal. i may be working toward this goal during my training, but to specifically complete a hard-core 12-week program, i’m going to add that to my calendar for may (after the half-marathon) and whaddya know, we’ll wrap that 12-week program right in the middle of bikini season!  brilliant.

so i’m off to break down my other LIFE goals, and then (ya know), go make ’em happen.  success, after all, isn’t about making one big giant leap, but more so about taking smaller, consistent, baby steps in the right direction. positive momentum.

share: what are your action steps for the week? or, if you need help breaking down a BIG goal, tell me and i’m happy to help!



i am MORE: goal-setting for LIFE

fitness is a PART of my life, not my life in its entirety. it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) define me. i came to the realization recently that if my happiness is dictated by the size of my jeans or the number of the scale, i’m severely limiting my moments of joy in this lifetime. someday i will marry the love of my life and that may bring little babies (someday). will i miss out on one of life’s joys because i’m obsessed with the inevitable enlarging of my derriere and complete obliteration of what once were called abs?  this realization doesn’t mean i’ve overcome or mastered this. it means i’m aware. aware that my life has completely revolved around health/fitness/nutrition/body-image for the past 5 years since starting fitlosophy. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE what i do. and yet part of my occupation is to maintain this physical appearance that at least partly communicates that i practice what i preach. and i do, but i’m human. i stumble. and then i get back up again. but what i’ve realized is in the process of focusing intently on this one area of my life, i’ve partly lost touch with who i am. what makes me me.


[pardon me as i toot my own horn in an attempt to make this point]
 i am a smart cookie. i have a big heart. i’m really creative and a bit crafty. i can be funny, or at least i crack myself up. i love intensely. i love to laugh. i have ideas out the wazoo. i am witty. i love to read.  i love writing.  i am most me on a horse or with my family. i am loyal. i love coffee, wine, chocolate & froyo. i am softhearted. and i am feisty. i love God. and my family.  i am extremely driven. i have crazy-big goals. i work hard.  i love learning.  i really do love working out.  i surround myself with positive people.  i love helping others.  i am learning to love myself.

yes, i am MORE than a # on the scale.

and with that i’m revisiting me. my goals that make me who i am. and yes that includes, but isn’t limited to, fitness.  see if i just talk about goal setting in your fitbook and completely look past all the other areas that make YOU wonderful, i’m doing you a disservice.  there’s a time and a place to get hard core about your health goals.  but there’s also a time and a place to realize that a myopic approach doesn’t always result in reaching your goals.  sometimes it just becomes your obsession.  day-in and day-out defining yourself by your physical appearance may just be what is standing between me/us and reaching our true potential.  can focusing too intently on one area of your life be the problem in itself?  i think of it like this: i have all these other (6 to be exact) extremely pivotal parts of my life that truly bring me joy. and if i’m only focusing on setting goals in ONE area, i’m missing out on maximizing my happiness.  if i was setting and reaching goals in my personal growth and putting more energy into my faith, could that inadvertently positively affect my health? absolutely.  so it’s with this enlightened mindset that i’m going beyond just health + fitness and setting LIFE goals for the new year.  i don’t do resolutions – those were made to be broken. i use the fresh start of a new year to reflect on where i’ve come over the past year, revisit my 5 year plans, and then reset goals in each of these areas of my well-rounded little life. and regardless of which aspect of your life, here are my 4 guidelines for effective goal-setting

whether it’s your fitness or your finances, your faith or your family, no goal can be met without carving out precious time to give it priority in your life.  i can say my faith is important to me, but then say i don’t have time to go to church.  i might say that i’m trying to save money, but i don’t take the time to make a budget and revisit it often.  time is our most valuable asset – it’s that which we give to those we love.  so if something is important enough to set a goal, shouldn’t we give it a little (time) love?

any goal, especially a big 1-year or 5-year goal, can be intimidating.  the most important part of setting a goal is to think big, then be more specific as to how it will change your life daily, weekly, and monthly. yes, this is a fitbook concept, but it applies across all areas of life.  if i’m wanting to save for a house and i know that i can save $6000 per year, i break that down into $500/month (which is only $16/day) and it becomes a bit less intimidating. then i take the action of setting up the auto-withdrawal (monthly will suffice!) so i put action to my plan.

not all goals require an investment, but i’ve found that where my money goes, my heart follows (matthew 6:21).  so whether if it’s my faith, i may need to revisit my tithing.  if i’m serious about reaching a fitness goal, that might mean paying out the money to lock in a commitment to a marathon.  often times with my health goals, i’ll use these “investments” as a reward for reaching a goal – it’s a motivating way to earn something that will further you toward your goals. regardless of the type of goal, you’ll find that when you put money into something you value the outcome and will be more committed to its success.

never underestimate the power of people.  those positive people who will always push you to be your best version of yourself. spend time and energy to bring those people into your life and even MORE time and energy to keep them there. whether it’s a workout buddy who you can get on board to kick off a 12-week program, a friend to go with to a weekly bible study, or a group of business colleagues to get together monthly for a mastermind meeting, surrounding yourself with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals might just be the one element that gets you where you’re going.  operating individually, often times we get frustrated or distracted; get a team or even just one person in place that knows your goal(s) in one or all areas of you life.  encourage them to share their goals, ask them to be ruthless in holding you accountable, and ask for permission to do the same. then (see point 1 above) make time monthly to revisit your progress!

so what are the 6 areas of focus? so glad you asked: here are ones that i’ve identified as necessary for me being the well-rounded individual i want to be. i’ve shared (some) of my goals below partly to give you an idea of how to set your own goals, but partly (selfishly) to hold me accountable!


  • buy and read dave ramsey’s “total money makeover” by the end of january
  • save 10% of my income on the 1st of the month via auto-withdrawal, every month this year
  • contribute 10% of my income to my 401k every month
  • spend 1 hour per month re-evaluating and adjusting my budget on the 1st of each month


  • identify 3-4 likeminded entrepreneurs and establish a mastermind group by the end of january that meets once per month
  • double fitlosophy’s revenue  and triple net income with the majority of incremental revenue split 70/30 between services/licensing and new products, respectively
  • commit to writing 1 hour per day (blog/book) and pitch book proposal to 2-3 agents in Q1; publish book by 2014


  • identify home church by end of january to attend regularly (while also seeking/attending others!)
  • tithe first 10% of my income to my home church
  • serve once per quarter at a faith-based community event to give back
  • find a weekly bible-based small group (by the end of january) that meets at least every other week 
  • read jesus calling devotional app daily

fitness + health

  • identify and sign-up for a half-marathon in january; then train for and complete my first half-marathon in 2013
  • try 1 new fitness activity per month that i’ve never done before (bikram yoga?) and cook/create 1 new healthy recipe every week (and blog about it!)
  • complete a 12-week hard-core workout program  (with my super hot trainer boyfriend) to get my body fat (back) down to a maintainable 15-18% to regain my commitment and self-confidence

personal development

  • read 1 book per month
  • complete 1 course through uc irvine’s MBA program (audit as an alumni)
  • go horseback riding once per month and find local reining instructor to complete a series of lessons
  • take 1 spontaneous trip; un-planned adventure

family + relationships

  • plan 3 trips home to colorado to see family and coordinate 1 family trip either in california or somewhere fun
  • meet girl friend(s) for dinner/drinks/workout once per month to maintain important relationships
  • go on a double-date once a month, alternating each month between him/me planning so it happens!

so there are my goals. notice that they’re s.m.a.r.t. (no i’m not saying i am, my goals are!).  they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (which i won’t go into in detail now but here are some resources for you to set effective goals if you’re so inclined).

so, now that you know my goals, what are yours? take this week/weekend to think about where you are now and where you want to go. write ’em down. make it purty and print it out so they’re top-of-mind.  (then make ’em happen).  but more importantly, recognize that you are SO MUCH MORE than what you look like. so much MORE than a # on the scale.  so fill-in-the-blank. what’s your “i am” statement?

comment…share…commit to be MORE.


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