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angelawelcome to my blog where those that know me can see my random thoughts, rambles, and insights about my life, and my business [fitlosophy].

i started my blog as part of reaching my personal goal of competing in my 1st figure competition (which i did!).  while i’m pretty down-to-earth about fitness and nutrition, however i realized that in order to practice what i preach i needed to push myself to the next level.  peruse my blog to get insight into what it takes to prepare both mentally and physically for such an endeavor!

while taking a little hiatus from blogging, i returned for yet another 12 weeks – this time for a cause.  in support of the american heart association and go red for women, fitlosophy and a team of bloggers (including me!) launched BLOG YOUR HEART OUT as we blogged our way through the betterU program.  and my most recent 12-week blogisode series (because apparently my mind works in 12-week increments…go figure) is a 12-weeks to a summer bod challenge.  this is designed to push you (and me) both physically and mentally so we can proudly sport our healthy, fit bods not just this summer, but all year round.

to view my most recent posts…click on the links to the right!  to learn more about fitlosophy and fitbook go to – or be a fan of fitbook on facebook and follow @fitbook on twitter.

finally…as you meander through my personal musings i hope you are struck with even just a fraction of the joy that i get from writing this silly little blog.  you will see that i put my heart and soul into it and through this i’ve quite possibly found my second love: (next to fitbook that is)  writing.  feel free to interact – engage – ask questions – comment…because my passion truly is in positively influencing the lives of others!

so enjoy – and live life fit!

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